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Ever since I opened up William Gibson's Neuromancer I was fascinated with the idea of mixing flesh with technology. The idea of going as far into these "Black Clinics" (Underground laboratories, clinics, and or hospitasl) to get the most cutting edge of treatments, and unregulated biological modifications is something I want to learn more about, follow developments in our world, and how to contribute.

This thread is meant to be a general for the idea for now. Post anything relating to modification and genetic manipulation.


File: 1520533054785.jpg (115.15 KB, 620x639, kowloon-city-of-darkness-b….jpg)

In another thread the OP linked to this radio show about the walled city of Kowloon. One of the parts that stuck out to me was something very similar to a black clinic. Medical students outside the walled city would travel in, to practice medicine. Without the licences to perform these surgeries the doctors allowed students anyways for the experience.


>doing medical treatment of oneself's body without any kind of possible insurance
Only if you want to be sold for organs after putting into sleep with nitro gas, because nothing stops underground clinics from doing so, especially if you're no one to them.


File: 1520806190843.jpg (45.57 KB, 700x394, http_//com.ft.imagepublish….jpg)

China already started working with biohacking. Why can we get that over here in the US?


Like any other illegal enterprise, they would rely on reputation and word of mouth, possibly even only admitting patients with a reference from another longterm patient. That's how they'd build a clientelle and make money. Why would you let someone with no licence AND no reputation cut you up in the first place?



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