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Kalyx ######

File: 1494098457770.jpg (80.13 KB, 440x645, 10H4N.jpg)


I'm curious if anyone else dresses in black-and-white monochrome, like protagonist of Pattern Recognition. On your average day I'm wearing a CPU (i.e., a Cayce Pollard Unit, or a complete outfit assembled of greyscale attire) consisting of a black cropped moto jacket, asymmetric charcoal tunic, black maxi skirt, black wedge sandals, and black satchel handbag. While I quite enjoy the aesthetic, I will add that my doing so is not only for superficial or cosmetic reasons. I feel that in working as a designer one will (unconsciously) attempt to avoid clashing too violently with the rest of one's visual field. I think it is inappropriate to allow your attire to influence your work so dressing in greyscale eliminates any risk of this. So this brings me to ask, what is lain's everyday wear like?


Neutral-toned sneakers and socks, blue jeans, neutral-toned polo shirts (long sleeves in winter), and no logos anywhere. A clean shave, a tidy haircut, and good hygiene. No-one gives me a second glance. And I like it that way.


I dress in monochrome, though I do own five blue or navy articles of clothing, and wear them sometimes. Underwear does not count.
I usually wear a black sweater or gray blazer with white t-shirt (or a white or dark gray t-shirt or shirt if I want just one layer), black jeans and black sneakers of the most common varieties. I have a black backpack with minimal amount of lines or straps or zippers or pockets, and the type seems to be very popular these days, so I get bonus points to blending in. For weather conditions, I have black pea coats and a black/gray/navy parka (still not sure what color it is, but I like it, because the blueish hue makes it more of a 'yet another boring jacket' and breaks the distinct all deep black hipster urbanite impression, and, since the parka is quite long, there would definitely be that look if it were black).
I like sweaters, they are covering and have zero folds, shapes, buttons or anything else catching attention, which just makes me sad that the sweater weather is about to end for a couple of months.
I particularly despise writings/patterns/logos on clothing. T-shirts with designed words and letters that mean nothing. Stupid shapes, zippers, applications in weird places. Anything just to prevent something from being simple and normal. It is hard with sneakers though, this soykaf is very heavily branded, so I sometimes settle for visible or semi-visible brands on shoes and being a walking advertisement.


Not black & white, but I definitely dress in grayscale most of the time.
Most of my clothes (even my home clothes) are some dark shade of gray. When I go out, my outfit is usually black pants and a gray t-shirt (about 50% in the white-black scale).
I do have some colored clothes though, but they are usually all dark colors, mostly wine. I wear them rarely, only when I "dress up".


I'm usually wearing black jeans, black shoes and black/gray shirt. I don't have any big reason for doing it. I just feel comfortable in black and I have no fashion sense.


File: 1494313005595.png (650.55 KB, 990x749, ClipboardImage.png)

This is my friend's wardrobe. I think she fits your description.


Navy Blue,
Work pants, work soykaf, steel toe boots.
high visibility jacket on cold days.

Nothing says invisible like "Oh hes just the plumber/technician/tradesman"

I'm fucking invisible to normal people.



Holy cow, she IS Cayce Pollard.


This is the way to do it. The whole point of the "grey man" concept - which, while not the original context of this thread, is really the most cyb way to get around in life - is to avoid being noticed. Taking your attire to any extreme, even a "neutral, bland" extreme, makes you stand out in a crowd.


Yeah, wearing all black is super noticeable. I just wear gift shop t-shirts and I get noticed a little: which is okay since being noticed a little is more "normal" than looking like you're trying not to be noticed.


I don't care about being invisible, I just dress like I do to express myself.


To each their own. If you've got an aesthetic that works for you then good on you. I just personally don't like the attention that atypical attire garners.


But I dress as plain as anyone, just in gray.
I literally wear just black pants and a gray t shirt, I'm not standing out, but not either trying hard to blend in.
But yeah, some people want to blend in as much as possible, that's okay.
Anyway, nobody really cares about you, you are usually one more in the crowd, why try extra hard to achieve something you can get without trying at all?


What if you look at it from this angle:

You dress flashy and noticeable, so everyone will assume you're just a normalfag citizen following the latest fashion trends but you're actually a lain. Hiding in plain sight so to speak; misdirection.


File: 1495888354870.jpg (111.59 KB, 900x965, cc5ed8cd5229e282af12a0ffae….jpg)


I just realized something. Cayce is pronounced "Case". Gibson gets self-referential.


yeah i find having a monochromatic/grayscale style is really easy + looks good.


My normal 'base' outfit is a light grey button down shirt and black chinos, but sometimes I swap in dark blue jeans when the chinos need to be washed.


For the last ~10 years, I have worn basically the same outfit every day.

Its not greyscale, but it is quite standard. When it started it had a degree of variability, since then the range of acceptable styles has shrunk.

As of today, I use four tops, each the same colour and only slightly different (two are thicker and warmer, two thinner), and two bottoms, which from a distance will appear identical, though they have some outward differences.

I have been considering major restructuring of my wardrobe for at least the last seven years. One day, probably.


Thrift stores are your friend. Bountiful amounts of clothing in various sizes, styles, and colors which can be purchased on the cheap or just flat-out shoplifted incredibly easy if you're into that sort of thing.


infiltrate all of meatspace



I used to dress like this isn't a phase mom, this is my life and get out of my fucking room!

These days I just wear Levis, Chuck Taylors, and blank T-shirts (usually in grey, black, or blue), with a grey Jansport backpack. All my clothes have the labels ripped off and that's about as weird as it gets. I've kept my off-beat haircut, though, so I'm not entirely grey. I look relatively normal unless I'm in a business setting. I need to get better at dressing for those situations.

The problem with monochromatic wardrobes for me was that it attracted too much attention (likely due the fits). Beyond that, it was hard to find replacements. I'm a simple person. I like to keep things the same all the time when it comes to clothes. I can pick up a new pair of jeans nearly anywhere or a pack of t-shirts when mine wear out.


I have three plain white tees, a pair of black jeans, a pair of black sweats, and a pair of cherry red shorts. I have a pair of red chucks and black etnies maranas, and one black hoodie. These are the only clothes I have to my name since a few months ago, and it feels GREAT!

I feel like a cartoon character who always wears the same outfit. I'm not sure why I get great satisfaction out of this.


Having a uniform is fun, tbh. I used to always wear black pocket tees, jeans, and white sneakers.

Nowadays I got techwear-pilled and do the same thing except with black pants, black shoes, and a goretex coat.


File: 1502808548993.jpg (47.02 KB, 600x600, lunar.jpg)

University student here
>t shirt or henley ( grey, navy, black, maroon/burgundy, one olive henley)
>black/navy/maroon/burgundy buttonup
>greyish-navy blue bomber, hoodie if extra cold ( grey or black)
>black jeans/tech sweats
>lunarepics(comfiest shoes I've ever worn(pic related))/combat boots in winter
>black dad hat if hair is unmanageable
>greyish-blue watch cap if 2 cold

I prefer darker hued clothing, doesn't necessarily have to be grey + black.
I also remove megahueg billboard-esque labels and tags since they annoy me/ make my neck itch.
I try to thrift if something gets worn out, but there aren't usually basics that feel comfy/fit well for me.
I don't really wear anything with a graphic unless it's some event I went to/ got for free from said event like a con/competition/club event.
I don't have a large wardrobe so I usually end up wearing a similar outfit every day. I don't think I draw too much attention, but I'm fairly aloof, and I don't really notice if I do or not. I don't usually get looks from people when I'm paying attention, but I'd prefer to dress in a manner that is comfy to me rather than invisible to most others.

Mostly I just wear underwear/robe/sweats/loungewear/nothing since I don't leave my room unless I have to.


That's almost exactly what I wear…
Except outside of summer I usually wear long sleeve baseball tees and sweaters.
And during summer I wear a swissgear backpack.


I hope this question isn't too off topic, but where do you get your pants? I am very short and underweight, so everything has always been too loose or too big for me in some way. I don't care much about fashion, I just want clothes that fit me.


You can get them tailored if you order direct from Levi's.


Don't own white clothes.
Rest is, with very exceptions, black and various shades of grey, along with a few dark blue, dark green and brown items.
Few purple too.
No visible brand anywhere (most of it is from the "basics" part of the stores anyways), except for a pair of DcMartens.

Pattern Recognition is one of my favorite books, even though I already enjoyed wearing black and grey, as much aesthetically than practically before reading it, but it has ordered a little the view I have of my CPUs. And taught me how to remove brands better.


I do dress in mainly black and shades of gray but it's not from any intentional cosplay of Cayce Pollard, I've just dressed this way since I started picking out my own clothing as kid, long before Pattern Recognition was even written.

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