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Kalyx ######

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I feel like people are reading my thoughts and are purposefully tormenting me. Is this called being a targeted individual? I don't have people come to try and kill me, but i really feel like my patience is being tested. Am I ill? Is there a hive mind that anyone can tune into like a radio?


No. Some people are extremely good at reading body language, you could be telling people stuff without them knowing it.


>Some people are extremely good at reading body language,
It's funny to compare the skills that I and my siblings were taught as kids, compared to the skills my friends' parents taught them. My friends would get really good at things like woodworking, or fishing, or playing the guitar, or cooking, or fixing cars - skills their parents had, and were eager to share with their kids.

My parents (now retired) were both cops.

There were basically three skillsets that they taught to their kids: nonverbal/nonphysical intimidation, reading other people, and preventing other people from reading oneself. Imagine the end result of the evolutionary process of a house of two sharp cop parents and three sharp kids, refining all those skills over 20+ years under the same roof.

It's a lot of fun being able to turn otherwise calm and controlled people into nervous gibbering wrecks who telegraph their every thought, just by looking calmly at them. (It helps that we all have eyes that are the same as Cillian Murphy's.) It's like a having a real-life superpower.


File: 1568245748574.jpg (171.75 KB, 1024x1540, 1497828854305-1.jpg)

you plan to take that path as well? and be a cop that is.


Oh heck no. My little brother did, and he's good at his job, but the working hours are totally chaotic. I went the path of accountant-by-day, wannabe-cyberpunk-by-night. Not terribly exciting but the hours are predictable.

Sis became an executive chef. She rules over her kitchens like a drill sergeant rules over his barracks. Makes a big bro proud.


Sounds like you'de be a valuable friend to have, while good luck with life and all that.

File: 1520813835162.jpeg (47.28 KB, 399x551, AliceLiddel.jpeg)


Exactly what the title says. Feel free to elaborate on what they might signify as well. I view weird beliefs/delusions similarly to dreams. They are affected by current stress levels, past experiences, and various other things, so we can see into our subconscious and deeper selves by examining what we believe in. Some of these analyses may be a bit reaching, but as long as I can gain some insight into who I am, what does it matter? I'll start.

> In middle school, I believed that all my friends hated me and wanted me dead, and the only way to win them back was to befriend one of the popular girls in my friend group. (aka cliche teenage drama)

I had only one true friend in elementary school, and we did not go to the same school. Middle school was the time when I had finally obtained some friends. Perhaps I still felt walled off from others but never noticed until the anxiety surrounding my social life forced me to act out.

> I don't exist

> I am a figment of someone else's imagination
> The world is a simulation
> other forms of solipsism/reverse-solipsism
Not sure where this came from, but maybe the belief that everyone hated me actually lead to me thinking I was actually gone. Or perhaps the feeling of isolation from the above belief had me alienated from everyone else.

> Some mirrors are "safe mirrors," and some are "unsafe mirrors." For example, the mirror in my room is "safe" and I can look into it safely. However, the mirrors in public bathrooms are "unsafe"; if I look into one, there is a chance something will come out of my reflection's eyes and kill me.

Could be an extension of the nonexistence belief. If my mind tells me that I do not exist, then simply the act of doubting my existence proves that I exist. I have to make these paradoxical realities "fit," and so my subconscious concludes that, while I exist at the moment, I should not exist. Somewhere along the line, my subconscious decides that my existence is self-destructive. (This is because I do not believe that everyone else is out to get me. Exactly why I went down that route, I don't know.) Mirrors represent some kind of identity or self-awareness, so my reflection is out to kill me. Exactly where the "safe" Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It's the absence of God.


I had a strangle delusion that this would be a good chan with good conversations and communities.
Turns out its only cringe.


Oh look- the realness has arrived!


Same, the sad reality is just that there won't ever be any interesting or good chan because people who are smart and older than 21 will for the most part be busy with other things. The only people you will find here are children or adults with no lives. The jump into having a real life is realizing that there is nothing left to be found in the imageboard realms.


> The only people you will find here are children or adults with no lives.

Which are you then?

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each post shares a dream (or two :) )

2017 April

I wound up in a ship under heavy rains and in stormy seas. An impossibly strong humanoid monster had killed several members of the crew and injured a few that we managed to bring to the safety of the ship's bridge (modeled like Hapsburg throne room without a throne). I was treating two crew members that the monster injured for a concussion. The monster managed to fuse them at the shoulders, creating an extra-wide twinned-human. The newly formed twinned-human was lost in an ecstasy of mutual love between heads. We then called the monster to slay it. It went immediately for the newly twinned-human, and so I charged it. Right before I made contact with the monster, several compressed file designations (.zip, .7z, .tar.xz, .rar, etc) appeared around it, layered over a bunch of hex. The dream ended abruptly.

2017 May

I woke up in sitting on a porch high above an Italian-esque plaza. I looked down at a single figure, slowly jogging up the center of the plaza. The figure started to flap its arms, slowly at first, then faster and faster until it came off the ground. It then stopped flapping and adopted a stance reminiscent of a yoga locust pose (like super man but with the arms placed behind the back and fists placed at the base of the spine). I got so excited I went inside in hope that I could tell someone what I'd seen. One of my old friends told me, "I didn't bring you here just to freak out and disturb the party." I then woke up in a bed in the middle of water, felt the fear of drowning, and then woke up again.
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I was in a restaurant eating with my family. I had left my shoes and socks outside so I went to get them. I ended up in this weird semi endless staircase with my brother. The goal was to make it to the bottom. I can't specifically remember how it was designed but I remember having to jump over obstacles and crawl and hanging while holding steps in order not to fall off. We met a bunch of guys who told us that we should just go back to the top and leave the place. Apparently some old guy got to the bottom and complained to the creator about how he almost died. We journeyed back as a group but got stuck somewhere and I woke up


Sorry, I don't remember my dreams at all.



i had a dream, where i woke up in a hospital, and saw someone i know among the medical staff give me a nod as if to confirm "yes, its a dream". i immediately understood what i had to do. so i jumped out of the like 4-story window, out of which the nurses looked at me running across the street in front of a cinema to find myself disguised as an old bald man. myself understood i was after him so he started running as well until the crowd picked him up and i had to force MYSELF through them to connect with myself, after which i woke up.

pretty matrix desu


The king was in danger. This much I knew. Little else mattered at the moment.

Our convoy was proceeding quickly, as quickly as one can saftely when driving down a winding mountain road that is. Motorcycles as the rear and front gaurd, trucks and cars in the middle. On either side the trees towered over us. A pretty site but I kept my eyes where they were needed; on the twisting asphalt ever emerging from around the next corner.

A few years later things had quieted down. My friend nudged me and I noticed him. An elusive expression on his face, sad but not. you know what I mean, standing a few paces behind our group. At the time I didnt know him then but I felt I did. Our house became our fortress, a comfortable quiet space against the darkness outside. The ceiling always a little too short in the main hallway. The amber lights glowing from their nooks.

File: 1566158777041.jpg (95.03 KB, 785x442, alice_wallpaper.jpg)


A while ago I found this research paper here titled "How to operate your brain", but I can't find it anymore. Does anyone still have it?


Sounds like a buzzfeed article


File: 1566988511040.pdf (161.44 KB, how to operate your brain ….pdf)



Nice find
Tldr for right now but it looks like it discusses our multiple brains and how they interact

File: 1536447811005.jpg (119.6 KB, 1507x459, osv1ujr.jpg)


Why is people rude?
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>Why is people rude?
Either to build up themself, or to kick down someone else. It's purely crab-bucket mentality.

A more interesting question is why people will so rapidly jump make excuses for poor behavior, trying to present it as having some kind of social benefit or educational value.


Learn grammar, dumbass.


File: 1566633308108.png (531.34 KB, 798x897, stop bullying.png)


Y'all are either autistic or very snobby.


Just immature enough to not be able to produce interaction without some sort of low hanging trick

I imagine I would become rude IRL if, like it happens online, nobody gave a crap about what I say

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I see tulpamancy mentioned semi-regularly so I have to ask, Is Alice a tulpamancer? If so what's you're story? If not, I am, I started three years ago and have two tulpas and regularly let them possess my body, AMA.
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I'd like an invite to one of those groups, e-mail me if one day anyone stumbles on this (that's a real mail address I swear)


r/Tulpas has a list of them


im not sure if its the same but a couple years ago i made weather an entity with a personality and a voice and a name and i used to talk to it very often, now i we barely chat but it doesnt seem amused or upset by it.


Hello, if you or anyone else here wants to talk about these subjects here is my tox so you can add me D1A7111BA8319E9566659640F58D73EA183991F43F427737C30A0183E368FC1F3058280F844B


Take your meds

File: 1493911675368.png (247.61 KB, 600x600, ClipboardImage.png)


Hey lain,

Does anyone have any info on microdosing with magic truffles? I'm especially looking for dosing and frequency info for fresh magic truffles.
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And you have no idea where I was sourcing my RCs, so I don't believe you have any reason to accuse me of taking something I wasn't.

Unless you're strictly talking about the shrooms. And to that I say, you're right. I dont know exactly how much I was taking. Doses vary, even in the same batch.
However, its not hard to take a little bit and realize it was too much and then shoot to take less next time, or vice versa. Microdosing isn't an exact science yet. Besides, at doses that strikingly low (less than a gram) its all just barely perceptible regardless of potency and physiology (unless you got some good soykaf, but even then my point still stands).

I'm not a professional, I don't have the specialized equipment or knowhow to test exactly what I'm getting. But I have years of experience with various psychedelic drugs, and I've gotten decently good at reading how my body is reacting to taking psychedelic drugs. Of course take what I'm saying with a grain of salt. This is the internet after all.

OP all I'm saying is ymmv


Shameless plug i know but perhaps you are interested in my topic, the one about altered states of consciousness and how we could map it and about other stuff. This has been tackled by psychological researchers as of late and it might as well give a certain kind of proof to Jungian psyche theories.


> san francisco is know for being a drug addled heroin infested soykafhole for leftists to fester in

Is it 1997 or something? SF is ultracapitalist yuppie central now.


make capsules. Microdosing straight mushrooms, it's impossible to know how much you took because the psilocybin density varies within the mushroom.

I have microdosed LSD, I find it to be a very effective anti-depressant and mild stimulant but it does change your perceptions more or less permanently. I think for the better.


There are a lot of researches that support your opinion actually. they're pretty interesting to read through as well. Google it.

File: 1565105448557-0.png (107.44 KB, 954x361, unknown.png)


Hi. I just wanted to spark a discussion. If anyone has the psychological field as background, would you mind answering me in something. Could we map the altered states of consciousness in clusters and interconnected functions that are supported by physiological evidence through brain scans etc. A similar way of how we analyse normative states of consciousness through bio-cognitive theories. In the picture i have attached, i was talking to a friend about it and I kinda explained to them my thought bubble. What i want you to do is to offer your opinion and to mention to me if you had experiences of Possession, and how important it is for you to have agency (to be in charge of your own actions). That is all.


what would you gain from it


Before getting to the objective one must delve into the subjective. To find the switches that linger in "darkness" and connect us all. Personally i would just satisfy my curiosity. I want to research this.

File: 1563929917615.jpeg (142.69 KB, 1008x720, F45169B0-2123-404B-A5BE-8….jpeg)




File: 1552606093052.jpg (32.2 KB, 720x460, 4efa397a1b829545ceeb2a5a63….jpg)


hello arisu,
usually, it takes me a couple hours to fall asleep because i have an issue where i count from one to sixty repeatedly and compulsively. last night, when i went to bed, i laid down my head and forgot where i was. My body was overcome with this sense of dread and the more i tried to remember was the more information about my setting i lost. i forgot who i was, where i was, why i was there, and who my roommates were. i had to get up and look around the room a couple times to calm down. when i went back to bed, it happened again. maybe i was on the verge of a dream, but i envisioned a sidewalk in a crowd of people; i was there, lost in a sea of people. when i reopened my eyes i still thought i was at the sidewalk, but for some reason everything looked like my bedroom. My heart started racing and it felt as if i would die if i couldn't remember where i was. i heard my roommate's voice and that reminded me of what was real. i then slept soundly.


Hello. This is bad that you can't enjoy sleeping and can't calm down before sleep because of these problems. It is really important that you are well rested and for that you need to calm down and be
positive before sleep so you can start the new day with strength and positivity. It is recommended to meditate before and after sleep, so maybe that will help you. I hope that in the future you will feel
better and have peace when sleeping! :)


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Get you some Trazodone boi

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