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Kalyx ######

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Has Alice seen Altered Carbon, the new Cyberpunk Action/Neo-Noirish TV Show? Seems like something arisuchan would really dig.

For me personally it mixes the classic, neon Blade Runner aesthetic with a story that attacks slightly more modern problems with a really interesting premise and plot.

It sort of falls apart near the end, personally, but its worth watching just for the fact that not a lot of good /cyb/ is produced these days.


File: 1518177145255.jpg (618.82 KB, 2400x1186, serveimage.jpg)

Yeah I'm watching it, currently at episode 6.

It's pretty nice, cool visuals. Would have liked a few more athmospheric scenes from the world like they had in Blade Runner or GitS instead of Kovacs just rushing through everything but aside from that I like it.

With really convincing VR why do they still have so much real sex though?


Same reason instant coffee still hasn't replaced traditional brew.

You can get pretty close, but it'll never be the same. For some instant coffee is enough but others are still willing to pay for the real thing.


Is it based on the book of the same name? I have it but I haven't gotten around to reading it yet.


Yes, it is. I'm not sure how loosely.


So what themes does this show play around? The reviews for this show critics being pretty disappointed in the cybperpunk genre with this show, GITS, and Blade Runner 2049 (Not for its quality, but the lack of attention).


Cool. I'll have to read that here soon then, seems neat.


What it really means to die, mostly. The show focuses on a neck-embedded chip that lets people swap bodies whenever they please, and the consequences of that - namely, immortality.


>literally what asswipe fiction by literally who author
>gets on screen
>gibson, bethke and azimov barely even make into audiobooks and radio plays


A hell of a lot nicer to Islam than the book is.

In the book, Kovac's is tortured in virtual by being put in the body of a young Islamic girl and brutally raped over and over again by the Sharia morality police.

It also goes over his war on the planet of "Sharia"

I found it really interesting.


Stop making up things and telling us your sexual fantasies, /pol/onide.


Ontop of this Kovac's history is totally wrecked.


No, Envoys, where tools of the protectorate. Elite Soldiers sent in to fuck everything up.And they did, Quell comes in much later as a JAPANESE woman who died.

The story is fucked up there, god knows where they will go with that. Its wrecked, Quell RD'd in the original story, now shes "backed up".

The story is wrecked. I am so disappointed.


/pol/ wants me to hang.

Islam want to teach me base diving without a parachute.

I'm not a fan of either.


It's pretty good

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