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Kalyx ######

File: 1497795983676.jpg (396.69 KB, 1658x933, q-e4LlW;RJxeh,ejVq1yRF.jpg)


If there was 2nd season what would it be about?


File: 1497799527956.gif (213.64 KB, 500x351, 1471181998188.gif)

It would be about the children who use the wired worshipping their one true god lain of the wired.

Or it could just be despara.


File: 1497799754517.jpg (115.79 KB, 767x1024, MOTUC-Despara-1.jpg)


That would be awesome.


Lain, as God of the Wired, has a very hard time controlling her new powers. Her mind begins to unravel as her every unconscious and subconscious action ripples across the Wired and through meatspace, causing the mental anguish of billions. Arisu must take up the mantle of savior anew and lead the world in a psychic experiment to control the Lain that lives in us all.


File: 1497810589698.gif (2.12 MB, 399x271, 991.gif)

If there was a second season it should be separate from the canon of the first.

It should have each episode be it's own self contained short story that borrows from the themes of the first season but uses them to tell unique story's of different tones and genres.


I don't think lain should be a character or even important to the plot of the story, because her story already happened. I'd rather have a deeper exploration of the themes / world of SE:L. Maybe short stories like >>679 suggested.

lain deleted herself at the end. she would no longer be god of the wired. right?


Fuckng Despara, fuck shes hot in the comic.


File: 1497884924007.gif (151.18 KB, 200x200, 1454471721959-4.gif)

No I believe lain only deleted the memories of herself from everyone, she is still a vague omnipresent god of the wired in the background.


As it says in the series: she never existed if she was not remembered.


perhaps we can get some background stories for the characters involved in s1


what if lain remembers? the loneliness stemming from this immense isolation could make for an interesting story.


I guess I just feel like the last scene seemed suggestive of other possibilities. lain still exists, and meets arisu, who has a vauge feeling of recognition, if I recall correctly. This suggests two things, first lain still is somewhere, and second, she is not totally forgotten.

As such, we do not really know what the end state of the show and the world is. Did lain ever exist? Does she exist now? Is she only alive on the wired? Did the memories really get erased, or did she deliberatley allow arisu to remember?

Making a sequal, a good sequal, would be I fear, very difficult. part of the beauty of the story is that it ends, and that afterward we can imagine all of these possibilities from what we have seen, what taste we have witnessed. Adding a second section risks answering too many questions, which the first part carefully, and rightly, left ambiguous.

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