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A lot of cyberpunk franchises suffer from having too much Cyber and not enough Punk. Is there a spectrum of how much Cyber or Punk a cyberpunk book, movie, tv show, or video game is? Cyberpunk 2020 is more Punk than Cyber, SEL is more balanced between Cyber and Punk, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the modern Deus Ex games are a bit too much Cyber and not enough Punk.


Atari Teenage Riot is the perfect balance between the two.


Too much for what? The important parts of a story, including the message, are more important than tropes and genre checklists. How the "cyber" and the "punk" add to the story is what matters.


I agree with you, actually. I guess it also depends on the lives of the characters being depicted. You might be getting more of a Cyber than a Punk perspective if the main character is a cop or a detective working for a corporation, as opposed to a hacker working for himself (or a criminal organization).


If you look at punk (and other) subcultures in the contemporary real world in less advantaged countries you'll see something like this. Kids who don't get a permit for their concerts and even steal the electricity for it, that sort of thing. They're online too now. In North America there are still dirty kids riding trains with musical instruments on their backs like there always were only now they also carry sillyphones and keep a photo blog of their travels.

In cyberpunk fiction, the lowlife element is always there but as part of a larger mosaic. Think of the poor people living in storage lockers in Snowcrash for instance. Perhaps you're looking for stories told more from the perspective of the people living in the shadows of the towers of glass and steel. I can't think of anything offhand.


Thanks for mentioning these guys, I just started listening and they're sick.

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