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Kalyx ######

File: 1555891548172.gif (195.81 KB, 1922x797, oldScreen.gif)


no one exists in this world
except for one
nothing is ugly or beautiful
known or unknown
but merely that one
every arrow launched
is from the same bow
every word uttered
is from the same tongue


File: 1555891598403.gif (327.43 KB, 1000x943, nymph.gif)

unknown existence
undiscovered beauty
that's how you are
so far
one dawn
just like the sun
right from within
you will arise


File: 1555891657146.gif (123.66 KB, 254x644, 1551940492580.gif)

where did it all go
the dancing the love and the music
could it be that none was there
or was but all
went to the vanishing point

it is better not to be skeptic
look at Moses' magic cane
one minute a cane the next a dragon

or was it a dragon first
and as it devoured the world
within its existence
it changed to a cane

every situation is
like an arrow
when it is gone my friend
seek and find it in the target

though a pearl
has stolen a grain of sand
from the nearby shore
a wise diver will seek it out
in the depth of the ocean floor


File: 1555891732524.gif (60.2 KB, 400x611, tumblr_stop_stealing_my_sh….gif)

once again
i broke free of the chains
of the wicked traps
of this world

once again
by your youthful love
i was saved from
this fraud-filled wizard
we call life

running day and night
i finally had to cut myself off
from this deadly routine
leaping free as an arrow
from the grip of the cosmic bow

now i have no more fear
of grief and anxiety
i've learned to compete
with death itself

i lived through my wits
for forty years
now at sixty-two
finally hunted down
i am free from struggle

bread becomes blood
blood transforms to milk
and now
that i have my wisdom teeth
i am in no need for more milk


pret's good.


*snaps fingers and plays the bongos" Pretty fucking neato.


fine and dandy
the good kind

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