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Faces of Arisu

Show your face , Alice.
Here's mine :)
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kewl site, barley looked around so, not even sure what its about yet โ๏∀๏ใ
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The Wired

I check up on this once a year or so, just to see if anyone's figured out how to get in (or if there's even anything there at all). Seems like it's changed recently, and now there's this:

"NOTE: To login you have to have an invite from an existing user. There is no use in trying to beg, ask/request for an invite, we choose our new members with care.

HINT: Love Lain, accept and confine yourself in technology, accept your faults and imperfections, learn about post-humanism and transhumanism. "

I'm so fucking curious. Anyone know anything?
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Big Shot: Thread bounty board!

Ideas for new topics
If you start one of the WANTED threads, please collect your bounty let us know so we can cross it off!

You can also find inspiration for new topics by browsing the lainchan archive:


/cyb/ - cyberpunk and cybersecurity
Assange general
avoiding backtraces on images
beginner security questions
cypherpunks: cryptography
digital suicide: deleting your virtual self
encrypted synchronous communication (instant messengers)
NSA hacking tools
physical intrusion
physical security
post-quantum (computing) cryptography
practical countersurveillance
project x - titanpointe
linux hardening
online identity control
secure email providers
secure hosting providers
Snowden general
Vault 7
WHOIS damage control

/tech/ - science and technology
biological sciences general
cellular automata
chaos theory
computer anthropology and history
physical sciences general
limits of scientific understanding
mastodon social network
mathematics general
matrix protocol
mind uploading
neuroscience general: cognitive, behavioral, and neural sciences
show your bookshelf
space travel and interstellar colonization
study methods
the end: ultimate fate of the universe (physics)

/art/ - art and design
graffiti/street art
stream of consciousness thread

/cult/ - culture and media
anime general
beyond ramen: cyberpunk food
blade runner discussion
essential cyberpunk anime
essential cyberpunk films
essential cyberpunk novels
everyday wear
GITS: ghost in the shell discussion
notebooks (for writing)
SEL: serial experiments lain discussion

/λ/ - programming
see >>>/λ/215

/Δ/ - diy and projects
home laboratories
self-hosted email

/psy/ - psychology and psychonautics
addiction general
alternate sleep patterns
bad trips
consciousness studies
darkweb markets
dream analysis
dream diaries: digital, physical, etc
dream potentiators
dying in your dreams
energy drinks
false awakenings
good morning dystopia: share your morning chems
good vibes thread (help for those having bad trips)
influencing dreams before sleep
help remembering dreams
lain's dream diary (every post must share a dream)
lucid dreaming
notes you've taken while tripping
polyphasic sleep
psychonautics general
reality checks
recurring dreams
sleep apps
sleep paralysis
suicide in dreams
technology in dreams
unwanted lucidity
what time do you go to sleep?

/feels/ - personal experiences
computer addiction
confessions thread
happy thoughts
sense of belonging
venting thread

/x/ - paranoia
paranoid fiction
psychosis and cyberpunk

/z/ - finance and economics
climate change and resource wars
critical geopolitics
culture wars (1990s)
current events
dark pools
darknet markets
"The End of History"
fake news
flash crash
"free trade"
machine learning and algorithmic trading
nuclear proliferation
post-truth politics
prediction markets
private markets
Russian influence campaigns
science and technology studies
science wars (1990s)
"The Two Cultures"
war on terror
"A World in Disarray"
world affairs

/a/ - agora
bitcoin services
online exchanges

/arisu/ - arisu mizuki
analysis of alice in cyberland
analysis of alice in wonderland
alice in wonderland in cyberpunk media
character analysis of arisu

/lain/ - lain iwakura
analysis of SEL

/lindsay/ - lindsay lohan
goddess worship lol

/tay/ - taylor swift


R: 10 / I: 1 (sticky)

Call to arms!

We are currently seeking volunteers from the community to join the staff and help moderate the board. New moderators will be assigned an "initiate" account with limited permissions, but will be expected to adhere to the same requirements we have of all staff members, namely having an active presence in the staff IRC channel and consistent activity moderating the boards. If you are interested in an interview, please contact me on IRC. Thank you.
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cough I'm going to post this in spite of the pessimistic little voice in my head telling me "Why bother" manly just to help myself formalize my thoughts, BTW Besides the fallowing being a list of things i dislike - - - to - - - -despise I'm not sure what else they have in common, IF YOU can tell what it is, that maybe there's a root to all these problems, then please let me know.

alright, things about online communities (any not just imageboards) I'm not a fan of:
1 # being unhelpful, discouraging, or answering a completely different question when replying to someones question. Like if you don't know the answer, or think the question is based on a faulty premise, or don't like how the answer might be applied, just, SHUT, UP,. you don't need to say anything. This problem is everywhere, and it is completely antithetical to productive discussion.

2 # being cynical, snide, D o o m e r, ""realistic"" isn't cool, its called being a loser, and trying to spread around your pathetic give-up-on-live-itude to others is just another symptom of your utter worthlessness.

3 # (an inability for some to be able to explore new ideas and/or cultures.) and/or (an inability for some to be able to create new ideas and/or cultures.) basically the inability to conceptualize and implement original thought, whether independently or with others. and this ties into my next point!

4 # X would work if every body got on board with the plan, everybody agrees X is a good idea, nobody does X because everybody believes that nobody else will do X, just like they believe, and in the ultimate feedback loop from hell a great idea that everyone thought was a good solution is never done, spiting in the face of collective logic.

5 # ~ NoT YoUr pErSoNeL ArMy ~ and similar attitudes. how about instead, a new methodology, i scratch your back, and you scratch mine. help each other out, Always, if you have the expertise to contribute, and at least sometimes when you your self have to learn something new to provide help.

6 # Cringe this, cringe that, HOW ABOUT !!!BARF!!! because this attitude makes me so sick to my stomach I come close to puking. "oh yeah I'm so much cooler than others, cringe oh yeah let that sweet sweet dopamine flow, I think i just moved a couple points up the social hierarchy"

Well that's whats coming to mind at a moment, I'll update this thread when something else comes to mind. and one last thing, if you took the time to read this post, and you generally agree with it than please reply that you do, I'd like to think I'm not alone on this, maybe you feel the same way…
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Hey. does anybody know how I can get a chinese phone number? (:
R: 37 / I: 4

Terminal 00

Might as well, anyways, this site has 301 pages in total, I wanna search it.
R: 7 / I: 1
Alice awakes.

July 17
3217 ¤

Everything hums, static, motion-blur, breathe in, breathe out, l o n g b l i n k.

You pull the covers off yourself, carpet comfortably squishes around your feet and in between your toes, vibrant rose light pours in to illuminate a small room: bed, desk, mirror, kitchenette. 2 doors. You stand up.

Good Morning, please vist the lobby for a free complementary breakfast.
Room service is also available at cost.
And remember all services may be accessed by keyword:Service, Thank you for staying at Royal lune.

You wait for a bell to ring in your head telling you the where,who,what,& why ….silince.

Amnisea? Really? What now?

[My commentary outside of the story will go in [ ] brackets.

Alice, I'll do my best, and try to keep things fun. Please post what action you'de like unknown-name character to take, I'll pick my favorite response. I'll try to at least reply to the story at the end of everyday, and give a heads up if otherwise.

o(≧◇≦)o enjoy!]
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What are image bourds actually good for?
If you just want to banter: IRC, tox, telegram, discord etc…
If you want to work on a project: github,, individual project site etc…
If you want to learn: youtube, dozens of coding sites, free university courses etc…
Posting images, that's what image boards are good for. Besides that theres no real practical application. Anonymounity? 90% of the time no body cares anyway, they'll forget your user name in 2 mins, that is, even if they read it in the first place. Sure you can chat, make, and learn on image boards, but it isn't actually conducive to any of those activities. Especially compared to the alternatives. Even look at 2ch/5ch witch you might say has reached the pinnacle of what a image board can be, what have they actually ever accomplished? Is it proportional to the massive amount of time and effort people put into the site? I dont want the above to be true, but I'm beginning to think my affection for image boards has been rather arbitrary.

prove me wrong, please do.
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Comfy Gondola thread!
R: 7 / I: 6
Is there some kind of resource that explains how to evaluate research papers? What makes a good study, what do the different statistical measures mean, how to spot methodical shortcomings, things like that.
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What kind of content is on the laintracker? i was wondering if it was worth trying to get in.
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Sharing is caring!

3d m0d3l5

whats something you'd like to share with Alice?

I'll start with volume one of the N-O-D-E zine:
R: 57 / I: 55
a new era begins
R: 47 / I: 8

Bunker Chan

8chan is down, uncensorable p2p 08chan get stronger than ever.
Download the zero net client (np installation needed) :
Go there :

No ads, no bans, no bullsoykafs.
And it's fast and works very well, everyone can create his own board.
R: 28 / I: 4
Pic says it all. Take care.
R: 18 / I: 1

The small things that made you quit big time

Dear Ali-Sue

Did you ever quit a linux distribution over some small, tiny detail of bad engineering, lack of human attention or a weird little bug? I'm not thinking about big, general stuff like bloat or systemd, but just tiny stuff you didn't have the patience to deal with and just ragequit instead. I'm sure there has been some hilarious ones, and perhaps someone else knows a fix!

I know some of you use Debian, and every time I get autumn Touhou feels I give it yet another try (in honor of I fetch an installer, dd it on a pendrive (they don't do easy uefi boot), and see what's new (the irony is thick). Yet every fucking time while I'm searching in firefox for some keyword in some article to fix/customize something, or when I press backspace for too long in a terminal, I hear it: a loud fucking beep. These are the only times when I am reminded that my laptop, in fact, has a buzzer. I absolutely hate it, and every OS I had ever tried had this piece of soykaf disabled, used the DE's sound, a flash, or did nothing instead. But Debian just has to keep these little landmines of annoying sound behind every auto-complete, and in every text field. Fuck Debian.
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Summer 2019 Anime

what anime are you watching this season, lain?
R: 30 / I: 9

Startpage thread

Here is mine.

Any critics ?

It is a mix between the css from and this : .

You can get it here :
R: 3 / I: 1
Watkins said that 8chan "aggressively" complies with law enforcement. Why would he think the users want to hear that? Wouldn't most want their privacy protected, not everything handed to the FBI whenever they want?
R: 9 / I: 4
RIP lainchan. We're currently being invaded by /pol/ and 8chan. Hopefully this place is comfy enough to be a new home.
R: 8 / I: 1
How cyberpunk is Alice's current life?

Me: live in car, work manual labor, do tech stuff as hobby, live somewhere rural.

So I've got the poverty part down but thats about it, you guys?
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Who heres russian?

Why Russians?

I mean it's cool but like did Seth just add a Russian board and the they just started showing up?

Does russian Алиса also participate in English threads. Or are we like to different parallel communities?
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The arisuchan matrix

We have a new server at
Now hosted on a machine with modern software and specs unlike the old one

New to matrix? Make an account and join in at

Not new? You know what to do.

Is e2e on? Yes, yes it is.
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Academic Success

I want to stop playing vidya and watching YT so that I can exclusively focus on my ECs and academics. As someone who has generally led an extroverted and distracted life up until now, how can I do this?
R: 13 / I: 1

more laincults?

How many lain cults are their?
R: 11 / I: 1


What stickers do Alice have on their laptop/desktop? What do they mean to you?
R: 154 / I: 80

Desktop Thread

The quintessential /tech/ thread. I'll show you mine if you show me yours.
R: 10 / I: 5

Lebensraum General : Initiate Chan Offensive

The Autism of System Space has gone too far. The aggressors on their autistic cult site have doxxed our Initiate Chan without reason, their actions leave us no option. We must expand and take our Lebensraum. We will not let these cyber-attacks go unanswered.

Initiate Chan is filled with peaceful soykaf-posters, we mind our own business, we praise Lain. Yet the Euro-cucks of SS refuse to let us soykaf post in peace. Leave our posters alone, or we will answer in return.

Let's all Love Lain-
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Tox group chat

Hello handsome lains. I invite you to participate in lainchan+arisuchan Tox group. I think we are going to have a good time together.
Download qTox:
Contact me to add you to the group: 84D2162E382290494B8B18CC27A9ABC3FF13D9BEDD521569EF4FDFD363CAD44706EFEA1960CB
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Battlestation Thread

I don't know how this thread hasn't been started already.

Lain must use a computer to access the Wired after all.
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What happened with It seems to be stuck on the same messages and it doesn't seem to accept newer ones. is down aswell. Are there any other websites similar to them?
R: 4 / I: 0


Hey Alice! Check this out its really cool.

There's so many reasons this is awesome so just check it out.

Btw I'm not affiliated with n-o-d-e just think this is something Alice would like.
R: 7 / I: 2

From beyond the grave...

What are your thoughts on leaving behind messages to be read after your death?

I myself have mostly online friends and I wonder what I would want to tell them after I'm gone, if anything, or if I'd just let myself disappear without explanation.
R: 7 / I: 8
any cool cyberpunk backgrounds
R: 0 / I: 0


R: 14 / I: 0
Has anybody ever made a good discord for transhumanism, cyberpunk, ect? Every one I join is either dead or completely off topic crap.
R: 7 / I: 1

good morning arisu-chan

i hope you have a very nice day
R: 1 / I: 0
Mary Sue, anyone?
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Greetings Friends!
We are mysterious anons from
a site where we love mega milk producing cows like yourself.

Do you have big milkers and want to help spread the positive message about cows?
1. Write the word "" on your chest
2. Snap a picture
3. Email it to ( )

Helpful Links:
About Us:
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Does anyone know of a way to post on 2chan from outside of Japan? I've heard most VPNs are derezzed and Torposting is also, obviously derezzed.
R: 5 / I: 1
Is this a nice chan or a mean chan?
R: 6 / I: 2

Lofi Hip-Hop

What is your opinion of this genre? Do you listen to lofi music whilst working or studying?
R: 1 / I: 0


Do you have any related tracks?
R: 3 / I: 0


What DNS servers does Alice use?
R: 3 / I: 1

Alternate boot up?

I'd like for when my laptop on boot up prompts for a password that a alternate password could be entered that opens a separate environment as to circumvent things like this:

is there such a tool or guide available on how to do this, Thankies!
R: 1 / I: 0

Taurinus X200

I'm been saving up for a laptop with as much security as possible, and I'm about to purchase Libiquitys Taurinus X200:

is there any reason why I shouldn't go through with this purchase? And Can I get advice on any additional steps I should take?

Thank you.
R: 5 / I: 3

lets all love alice

R: 12 / I: 6

Cursed Images

Happy Birthday Dick, prepare your anus.
R: 6 / I: 1
assange did nothing wrong
R: 44 / I: 42
No "The Purest form of Love" thread?
R: 16 / I: 0

Open Directories

Post Unprotected Directories.
https://l a i n c h a n .org/~lisp/
R: 0 / I: 0
What do you think makes a cult or pyramid scheme successful? By success, I mean member number, profitability, and influence over members. All successful cults seem to have some things in common while unsuccessful ones lack these things. Firstly, there's usually a reward for being part of the cult. By being a believer, you benefit in some way, whether that's through happiness or money or luck or avoiding punishment, etc. Mormonism gives you your own planet after death, Scientology offers total control over the body, and Systemspace lets you keep your memories after the current world is deleted. Punishment goes hand in hand with reward. Being a member keeps you safe from whatever that may be, often an apocolypse.

Exclusivity comes next. There's a separation between believers and nonbelievers with the former having more power. Cars are common place, but if they weren't, having one would be like a superpower. If everyone could freely travel through time, time travel wouldn't be that great. The appeal comes from having power over others in some way. Cults often have eleborate initiation ceremonies to make membership feel even more special. They usually have a philosophy or system of moral guidelines backing them up. Just having more power over others isn't enough, members want to feel wiser too. A nihilism based cult wouldn't go too far though because members need to feel important as a group. Nxivm(which was part ponzi scheme, part cult) was about self-empowerment, which people can get behind. Maybe the time cube guy called himself the wisest man on Earth for a reason besides just being crazy.

Cults need a heirachy to give more legitimacy to the group. Structure makes people feel stable, which is good considering the people drawn to cults to begin with tend to lack structure in their lives. Some groups like Scientology and Mormonism even have sub-organizations with their own heriarchy outside of the main body. A charasmatic leader like Tony Robbins is the power source of a cult, literally if they have supernatural powers. Time Cube lacked this among other things. There was basically only one follower who called himself the second wisest man on Earth. He ended up throwing himself in front of a train.

Cults usually take advantage of some social issue or vulnerable group. Scientology uses mental illness, Systemspace uses depressed, asocial teen boys, Time Cube tried to use immigration unrest, but was a little bit too early. When people are distressed about societal issues far beyond their ability to influence, cults giving a convenient solution become attractive. Having something that appeals to Women is also important. Having Women in your group gives you legitamacy because Woman generally set the standard for normalcy. A sausage fest like systemspace is stunted in how large it can grow. All the most successful cults have them as members.

Symbols, mantras and other impressive, cool soykaf also gives your group ligitamacy. People love using that stuff to feel included. A lot of groups will just piggyback off of pre-existing symbols and figures to save time and easily gain some followers. Systemspace used Lain, Mormons and Heaven's Gate use(d) Jesus, Aum Shinrikyo used Buddhism.
R: 1 / I: 0

Help make Truck-kun taggable at e-hentai! [Embed]
This is NOT an April Fools joke, you can tell because it's a day later. If you think Truck-kun needs to be tagable at e-hentai and have an account, say so in the thread. All I need is one account to back me up and then by the rules there simply has to be a vote on it!

You know we need to be able to find out where Truck-kun has gone last to protect ourselves. Vote for my tag! JUST DO IT!!! For the lolis! And if you don't have an account then spread my link and get the word out so someone will vote for it!!! Do it /bm/ so you can protect yourself from the lolis of seeing girls smashed by trucks!
R: 1 / I: 0

Arisuchan can run linux browsers more better than 4chin.

Hello Arisu, my name is Autumn-ten first post for me.

I ended up deleting all of my social media because I had enough of my life.
I want to focus on stuff anyways ;\ also I use Linux for 8 months now using Void Linux. Spending my time learning stuff like C.
I'm suprised that Arisu-chan can run Browsers Like Netsurf very well.
I also moved to Icecat because It seemed to have a better reading Javascript.
Well, I'm a nerd into computers. I fix alot of old stuff like PCs, Laptops, PS2, & other stuff, but not a washing machine..
I just wanna to say was whoever made Arisuchan well thanks for making it able to read some really not known browsers.
I'm really not into the outside world alot. I'm more of an indoor person anyways.
well nice to meet you Arisu.
R: 8 / I: 5

73rm1n73113(7u41 v111463

“4r3 y0u f4m1114r \/\/17h 7h3 73rm1n73113(7u41 v111463?”

7h3 61r1 l33f0r3 m3 \/\/45 63771n6(0(ky f0r 4 z45h1k1 \/\/4r45h1. 5h3 mu57 h4v3 m1553D h4v1n6 mu51( l33(4u53 5h3 \/\/45 u51n6 my 5m4r7ph0n3 \/\/17h0u7 45k1n6 4641n. 5h3 m4y h4v3 l333n 63771n6 (4rr13D 4\/\/4y Du3 70 l331n6 7h3 k1nD 0f l314(k-h41r3D l334u7y 7h47 100k3D p3rf3(7 1n4 r3D yuk474. 5h3 \/\/45 (3r741n1y700 614m0r0u5 70 l33 (4113D 4 “(h11D”[1] 4nD 11k3D 601n6 0n \/\/41k5 D35p173 l331n6 4 z45h1k1 \/\/4r45h1. 1n 4 \/\/4y, 7h47 \/\/45 7h3 \/\/0r57 p0551l313 (0ml31n4710n. \/\/457h47 y0uk41 7ry1n6 70 l3r1n6 my h0u53 70 ru1n \/\/h3n3v3r 5h3 \/\/41k3D 70 7h3 5\/\/3375 5h0p?

“0f (0ur53 1 4m. 1 11v3 1n 0n3. 17’5 4 h16h (1455 l3r4nD1n6 0f 7h3 (0n(3p7 0f ‘rur41’. 7h3y’r3 pr0p053D l3y 7hr33 574r h07315 0r f4m0u5 D3p4r7m3n7 570r35 4nD pul311(1z3D l3y 4Dv3r7151n6 (0mp4n135. 7h4nk5 70 7h47, 4 7h1rD 0f 7h3 (0un7ry \/\/45 r3D3v310p3D 4nD h4D 175 pr1m4ry 1nDu57ry (0mp13731y (h4n63D,” 1 r3p113D1n 4nn0y4n(3.

p13453, ju57 137 m3 347 my p0p51(13 l33f0r3 17 m3175.
R: 2 / I: 0


import random
import time

def cube():
num = random.randint(0,175)
print(" " * (num -1) + "■")

start = input("press 's' to start\n")

if start == ("s"):
while True:

R: 0 / I: 0
Hey there was this one search engine I once found that had an owl as its mascot and displayed search results in a tiled format, it looked really interesting and innovative, but I can't remember its name nor find it on my own. does Alice know what I'm talking about
R: 4 / I: 2
I like to have a projector running in the background with something playing while I'm doing work. I usually put it on mute and play some chill music.

Anyone else have visualizations they like to leave on? What kinds of things do you like to have playing in the background? Slideshow of art? Video playlists? Randomized glitch art?

I like having longplays of really old games, demoscene and of course, SEL.
R: 11 / I: 0

Momo challenge

What can we learn from the momo challenge?
Popular opinion is that its fake but does the format have a potential as something real?

YT demonetized any momo related content,
And even if there was video that actually incited self harm/dangerous acts it can be asumed it would be removed relatively quickly. But what about future platforms; especially on a freer decentralized media network could something like this actually exist?

What are your thoughts alice?
R: 3 / I: 0
I work in a chinese restaurant. Gotta go to work soon. No car only a bike. It's my daily struggle for money but at least I get free food.
R: 13 / I: 3

Happy new year!

Happy new year, Arisu!
R: 6 / I: 1
Hello fellow lolicons, neets, hikkis, and overall losers. Come over to so you don't have to use a .jp imageboard like a wap.
R: 6 / I: 2

Danger /u/

does anyone here know about It's a similar cozy forum with cyberpunk and futuristic elements. It has links to this game
R: 4 / I: 2

Terminal 00

Terminal 00 may be traversed by way of probes. Current [probe] classification: 00. Penetrate the depths of our pain with that, dear traveler.

Do you guy want to help [ENJOY] ? It's attracted some attention in the Fauux thread, but there's a lot here and I think it deserves it's own discussion.
R: 7 / I: 1

Vijay Prozak @

The world of computing reminds me of the fracture that splits our society down the middle. On one side are the individualists who want to fall backward into a utopic society based on self-gratification, and on the other side are the pragmatists who view life as a process of labor, advocating a semi-collectivism based on cooperative morality. Is either right, or wrong? That these divisions exist is for the long-term view, wrong.

The left side view is that of people such as, say, those who support Open Source Software as a religious mantra. They would like a world that does not obstruct their social and personal desires, such as sexual freedom or drug use freedom or the ability to live outside conventional time management. They believe that if we achieve these things, society will automatically function in a utopic state. It sounds almost silly, but it has a vital strength: it believes in changing things toward something better. As the nerd community becomes further pinched by offshoring, contrivances of self-image will compensate. Apple users are a small but vocal and morally self-righteous section of this group (who seem to have forgotten that a "machine for the people" needs to stop hiding information and function from them).

On the right, of course, is the typical corporate employee. "We run Windows XP because it's the best option with a major company behind it," he says to your face, and you wonder why he's not embarrassed. Then you realize that he's right. His job's in the slinger if he purchases a new machine, and finds that in order to get a device driver he has to either (1) write it himself or (2) beg some guy with an identity complex to write it for him, usually in public on a newsgroup or mailing list. He doesn't want to put himself at the mercy of some of the total nutcases in the Open Source movement, and he surely won't use Apple. He is correct because Windows, with superior hardware management and very fast access to basic end user function, is what most people need and should have. They don't care of Linux has better multitasking; they don't have to beg for drivers, and someone is always answerable (and askable about) any particular function.

What crushes us is this division, as it blinds these people to their common interest. Both would like a superior tool. The nerds won't do anything for the prags, and vice versa, since the prags don't want to rely on the legendarily less-than-stable mentality of the nerds. Thus no excellent hardware management for the nerds, and no free software for the prags. I doubt software will ever be truly free, as nothing is ever "free" (except HIV), but I think the future of software is corporate support contracts and probably, a $20 service added onto your cable bill which can get you a WindowsUpdate-style system which will fix your computer and add software as needed. This doesn't require it be written exclusively in committees, or that it be closed-source, but it does require that it work pragmatically. It will be interesting to see if either group can look beyond the 1-year prediction to make something collectively useful (one might point to Sun's OpenOffice as a possible start, except that like most open source software, it's got lots of whizbang features, no organization and is higly unreliable).

August 12, 2004
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hey yall want to play some overwatch
R: 2 / I: 0

Dudes help me outta here

I can't read this

May someone help?
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R: 3 / I: 2

booru i made cause why not

made a booru post and say hi
R: 6 / I: 0

Fediverse Thread

Information on Mastodon:
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*pedia Thread

ITT post interesting *pedia pages about anything. I'll start.
>The Third Wave was an experimental social movement created by California high school history teacher Ron Jones to explain how the German population could accept the actions of the Nazi regime during the Second World War
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Plans for the future

So, US market officially crashed in this day, 25 of December. Don't expect much from the invisible hand of free market

In anyway Alice, looking ahead, what are your plans for the future?
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I hope i'm posting in the right section. To be honest i don't even know how the fuck did i even find this chan. Browsing for stuff related to Lain, i guess. For fuck's sake, i don't even know what i should write here. Guess hi is good enough. Have a nice day. Sorry for being so awkward.
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Hello arisuchan! I’m a newbie.
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I haven't been on this site in forever, It seems that the only people who use it are the russians. Am I wrong?
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Over the past few months I have been cooking something up called the LainPack, its full of all things Lain, some rare! Its about 2 gigs. Here is the download: I think its time to release something I call LainPack, its a collection of all things Lain, including some rare things. This is just 0.5, so expect more in the future. Download here, its large!: https://six10(dot)pw/

Please submit anything you want in the pack, this is just 0.5!
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Suppose Alice is now omniscient and/or omnipotent. What would Alice do and what would she feel like?

A little elaboration so we can skip beginner-level low-thought posts. First off, please avoid relying on a dictionary definition, because dictionaries are written by people who have little clue about mostly everything. In fact don't bring in definitions at all; intelligent minds can avoid those.

Let's also establish that omnipotence is the thing, it beats rock, it beats paper and it beats scissors. Omnipotence can do anything. It doesn't have to make sense, but sense has to make whatever it says. If there is a paradox it only shows a lack of understanding on your or your model's part. Axioms, laws of physics, causality, Newton's flaming laser sword, the Sun rising tomorrow… these things all dance when omnipotence says so. Nonexistent omnipotence can do anything it wishes with the existence-nonexistence dichotomy. It doesn't have to rely or rest on anything, and it cannot be compelled not to either.

Let's also talk a little about omniscience. It means knowing everything. That everything includes all the "rendered out raw data" plus any and all abstractions that is or isn't over it. This includes all the fake/parallel/didn't happen stuff as those are obviously included in everything. Omniscient beings do not need intelligence, they do not need to think and they do not need to make choices. They already know what choices they will make, they know how long it will take for them to answer any question they are ever asked and what their reply will be.

Lastly, something that often puzzles people:
An omniscient being always knows what an omnipotent being will do, otherwise they wouldn't be omniscient. An omnipotent being is able to fool an omniscient being and do something else, as it is omnipotent. It could, but it won't. It doesn't have to demonstrate that it can to you or anyone else. Just ask the omniscient being if you think otherwise.

So, with all this in mind, how would would Alice do and feel like if she was omniscient, omnipotent, or both?
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glasses #2

Previous one hit the bump limit. Post your glasses anime qts here!

glasses #1: >>>/r/1
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If you're not a purple poster, I want you to leave.
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I want to be bullied
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ITT We describe our not so perfect and boring loops

Let's share details of our mundane existences. It might make someone feel better :)

“The first step in solving a problem is to recognize that it does exist.”

Through Mon-Fri, I wake up at 5AM everyday. If it's raining, I'll drive my wife to the station at 5:20AM, so she can catch her 2hr train to work.

When I get back, I turn on the coffee machine and make the bed.

My wife loves her plush toys being used as decorative throw pillows. I arrange
her Tokidoki Mermicorno, Pokemon Haunter, Pokemon Gengar and Klepto Cat on the doona(.au).

I then hit the switches on the rack mounted power-boards, and hear the whirl of
the fan inside the Netgear GS724T switch. I then start up my little servers, a
HP Thin Client and a 10 year old ITX 1RU custom build, both running Slackware

I then feed the cats and make my coffee: 1 part hot water; 2 parts coffee; 1 part heated skim milk; no sugar.
I drink 2 mugs every morning. 3 if I was boozing the night before. My caffeine tolerance is getting out of hand.

I start up my workstation and enter my key for dm-crypt and auto-login.

I start mocp & put on some ambient/drone or psychill(currently listening to CELL - Hanging Masses). I check my mail & RSS feeds. Here, I usually spend about an hour reading through articles and renewing my disdain for humanity.

By the time I reach the end of my RSS feeds, my saved job searches hit my Inbox. I spend about 30mins sifting, adjusting cover letters/resumes and applying. If there is a phone number listed, I’ll make a note to myself to give them a call during business hours.

I’ll then do my usual single-pass web circuit of arisuchan, 4chan and YouTube.

At 8AM, I’ll eat if it’s a workout day. 2 fried eggs, sun-dried tomatoes on homemade dark rye toast with Trinidad scorpion chilli sauce, followed by a small bowl of muesli with skim milk.
If it’s an off day, I will fast until midday.

If I have found any job leads or phone numbers, I follow them to see if they lead anywhere.

I will then do general up-keep & maintenance around the house. Clean the kitchen & bathroom, tend to our vegetable garden. Apply any security updates to servers & workstations.

11AM hits, and I begin my workout, which mainly consists of body weight work & compound movements with dumbbells.

I then eat again: 200g tuna with coleslaw, mayo & Tapatio hot sauce.

Afterwards, I’ll head to our living area and play a game. Depending on my mood, I’ll practice my religion: Wipeout(Feisar & Piranha), or play a game from our backlog. I’m currently working through Skies of Arcadia on the Gamecube and Trickstyle on the Dreamcast.

It’s now 2-3PM. I make a cup of tea & either read an eBook(atm: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius), work on my boring static website or do some tech work (mainly service configuration and networking with Cisco & F5 appliances).

5PM hits. I begin preparing dinner. I pick my wife up from the station just after 6pm. We eat while watching YouTube videos or Netflix. I then feed the cats again, and make preparations for the next working day, if applicable. Then sleep.


If it’s a Friday, we go out instead. I check the wheels on our blades to see if they need rotating. I pack our skate kits(knee pads, wrist guards, and a helmet (only if we’ll be getting air or practicing a new trick)), and load them in the boot of my car. I leave shortly thereafter, and pick her up from the station.

We then go get dinner. Afterwards, we go to the arcade. I always boom hard & play Outrun 2012 and Daytona. My wife works her way through the claw machines, searching for payout, and almost always walks away with a plush toy to add to the horde.

At this point, it’s nearly 7PM, so we head to the skate rink. We skate on average an hour. Then we drive home, sometimes dropping in to the bottle shop to grab some booze.

Friday nights usually end around 10PM. It’s funny how the older you get, the earlier you tend to sleep and the earlier you rise.
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How does Lainchan feel about Tron? Either the original, or Legacy.
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LOUIS C.K. is a weird pervert but so what?

So what? He didn't touch them, why destroy his career over it? He respected them and didn't touch them or ask them to masturbate for him. I don't get the #metoo movement here. They want to create a puritanical world where there's never any sex, secrets or fun between colleages.
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think about it, then move on

The world has lots of complexity. For a thing to be able to take in or host a certain amount of complexity, it has to be more complex. Should they have the same complexity, they would either be identical (you can't put one bottle into another if they are the same), or of a different shape (incompatible). Complexity can be quantitative (a set of 10000 words that fit only one pattern) or qualitative (one clever rule that generates the same 10000 words, no more, no less) - these two being equivalent. Or you could have a mixture: 20 rules that generate either the one clever rule or the 10000 words - they are equivalent after all.

The world seems to be completely, purely quantitative: every little bit of it is just there, just the way it is. There is no need for rules and laws to connect the dots, because every possibility and moment for all time is already rendered. Or does it seem qualitative? There is only one great thing from which all other things, truths, laws and ideas come from, be it an axiom, a god, chaos, or some funky stuff like energy or love or lain. Let us not forget that these two extremes are one and the same thing: the entire world.

We humans have an impure, mixed view on the world. We have some of the details and some of the rules, but neither is pure. We don't really know any precise factual details, and neither do we know any universal truths. We have understood over time that neither can really replace the other for us: you can have lots of data and facts, they are worthless if you can't connect them and think for yourself; and you can be a genius with an IQ of 150, it's wasted if you are in a psychosis and out of touch with reality. The closest we can get to "quantitative reality" is data. The closest we can get to "qualitative reality" is intelligence.

Data is dumb as fuck, just idly sits there. We hoard it, mine it, make experiments, record history and weather and events. Intelligence under the right circumstances can produce data, but you need to get lucky. The more pure the intelligence, the less it is concerned with banal things like survival - just like patterns aren't really there (only perceived) intelligence almost wants to be nowhere. Interesting hoards of data seem to entice intelligence through curiosity. We try to balance the two, and sometimes get the impression that one or the other is the superior way to go.

Regardless of which impression we hold, we will never have complete understanding or knowledge of the world. A 4GB chip of RAM can't contain itself, it would need several atoms to store the type and location of just one. A brain also can't hold every precise detail about itself, especially that it's already close to full with stuff like music, pictures, how to breathe, when to smile to strangers, how to use the command line, etc. If this brain is more intelligent than a RAM chip, it also is more complex and thus need more complexity to be stored. It is neither perfect in storing data nor seeing patterns, yet this is all we have. Perhaps 7 billion brains can somehow manage to understand one, but then how many are needed to understand all 7 billion? Humanity and civilization is a small subset of the world. Suppose that the complexity of the world is 1025 at the moment, of which humanity is 5. What happens if humanity becomes more complex? Do we assimilate or create complexity? The numbers would either change to 1025:10 or 1030:10. Either way, we will never be more complex than the world we live in. We cannot contain the world inside of us, it is the world that contains us inside of itself.

As such, science will never really end. Data will keep breaking theories, and even if we find a theory that no data can break, we can rest assured it's us who suck at finding enough data.

Rational thinking is intelligence filtered according to a set of goals. There are infinite combinations of goals to filter intelligence with (into a false dichotomy of rational and irrational ideas), but only one intelligence. Something that is completely rational for the drug dealer might be insane for the athlete or the crypto-researching mathematician. These rational "viewpoints" have no implication on how complex (=intelligent) the dealer's plan is. All it affects is your expectations of success towards your specific goals - based on some crude understanding and a little experience, it's just a little above an educated guess. Rational thinking will always lag behind intelligence in its capability to grasp complexity - a price it pays for narrowing its view to specific goals only.

Life is pointless. The point (idea) is lifeless. My witty rhymes make you speechless.
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Ask me about any problem in the world & I'll explain how it could best be fixed and how you could best help to do so.

you can try to dispute my assertions but if you take that line of action in most cases your commentary will be useless.

I fully expect this thread to end with you all fallowing my directions like some cult, because my arguments are so astonishing insightful and convincing, we will save the world. pls be courteous to one another, you may now ask your questions.
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What anime is this meme from again?
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asterisks at both ends of phrase make italic
this should probably too [i] with escape
two asterisks make bold?
this should be bold [b] with escape
spoiler [spoiler] with escape
strike [s] with escape
strike ~~
underline __
[code] with escape
> free quote or implication
< is it?
>>1219 a post reference link
>>>/q/1867 cross-board post reference
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New user here and i have no idea as to what's going on. I have been scrolling through /all/ for a minute and can't make out a shred of sense from this place. I came here after i watched Blade Runner (Which was great mind you) and was looking to meet like-minded people.
So can some direct me to the guide of this site or something cause i'm pretty lost.
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Zimbabwe Cholera Outbreak

Hi everyone, I am doing some research on the Cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe, and I was wondering if any of you can give me any other info, particularly if you or someone you know lives in Zimbabwe, especially in the hard hit areas such as Harare.
Thank you.
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a) Low Life. High Tech.
b) High Life. Low Tech.

Make your choice in this thread now.
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What kind of music do you like?
what do u listen to
currently what im enjoying while learning some c++
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Your request looks automated; Post discarded.

Your request looks automated; Post discarded.Your request looks automated; Post discarded.Your request looks automated; Post discarded.Your request looks automated; Post discarded.Your request looks automated; Post discarded.Your request looks automated; Post discarded.Your request looks automated; Post discarded.
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The Autism/Punk Scale

On a scale of 1~10, with 1 being "absolute sperg" and 10 being "loudmouthed chad and his goons", where would you put yourself?

>To clarify, by autism I mean the kind of personality that is introverted and geeky while punk is the alpha chad bro kind of guy..
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A greater era awaits
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Hey Alice, I'm going to Germany at the end of this month, planning to stop in France and the Netherlands as well. What cyber stuff can i find there durring that time? Any interesting places to visit?
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Hey /cyb/ is Macau cyberpunk? Kind or reminds me of kowloon with all the clutter, but then there are also those buildings in the background
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Checking a preconceived notion against reality.

Am I projecting when I assume that for the most part Alice's each have some coveted ideas that they'd like to be able to discuss and brain storm with others; but don't out of fear of having their ideas stolen/not credited to them?

Or am I right to make that assumption?

Basically treat this as a survey and please post weather the above applies to you or not, there will be a bias of people it does apply to more consistently replying, so pls tell me if the above isn't true for yourself.

Also (and i'm pretty sure the answers no to this)
Is there a methodology that Alice's could conduct themselves by that would allow for them to share such information with limited/no worry?
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Minetest server

I made a Minetest server. It's in creative mode with some extra privileges granted.
Port: 30000
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Glitch/Ascii art

How is Glitch and Ascii art made?
post art and share pls
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What happened to 0ch

0ch seems to be down, anybody know what happened?
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autism over dementia

You could throw the dice and change the chemistry your brain has become used to, and risk having all the problems steroids cause to professional athletes. But I'm already accused of autism on the chans, and I would rather be autistic , than to develop Alzheimer's and forget who I am and the people I care about.
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It is all because "flaming_transgendered screeching fag" later colored in a hippy mural and resold it, but that was after it had already been scanlated. (He actually tried to take down the black and white scanlation.) If you want it in color then you could typeset it again
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Looking for lainshrine/lainshrine thread

Trying to look for lainshrines, specifically one which had a similar homepage aesthetic to Neocities, but had a warning to turn back. Clicking the link would take you to a spoopy page. But asides that, it had some good links, and the creator liked Yume nikki,so that's a plus. I can't remember the name of that site.
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I was eating a bowl of rice browsing alicechan when I put my bowl down on the table to my left and took a drink of my diet coke that was, until I put my bowl down and picked it up, on the very same table all while not taking my eyes off of arisuchan.

When I put my drink down and picked up my bowl again it was covered in hair. What the fuck just happened?
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Naming a business

For good reasons, I have to start up as a sole trader in my country.
This gives pretty great opportunity to create a 100/big 100 emoji business name that doesn't suck.
I'll have to check local trademarks of course, but otherwise I'm taking suggestions
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Job recomendations for Seph

This is a thread for anyone who has a job recommendation for Seph, I'll start:
Seph if you live in the U.S. (and maybe if you live elsewhere) I can personally attest that selling boffer weapons ( at Renaissance fairs can be very lucrative; their easy to make and the cost of materials (where just talking PVC and pool noodles and duck tape here) and booking fees (50$ to 300$ usually) for smaller shows is generally cheap.
since you sell it yourself, and most of the income is in cash I'm sure you'll realize certain implications apply.

all in all, you can usually net around 500$ to 2000$ profit per show, not bad for around a week of work.

if you're not from the U.S it might still work but you'de have to look into the particulars.
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You are all false followers

Stop reducing Lain and her legacy to a trendy internet meme

This all runs deeper than any of you think.
SEL is literally a message from the universal mindbank/global consciousness sent here for specific humans only.
By reducing Lain and her legacy to vapid internet memss you're destroying the message and the last chance humanity has at making it through this evolutionary period to the post-human era of virtualization.

This website should just be deleted

SEL isn't just a fucking anime series, this isn't haruhi or attack on titan.
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Etherpad is a word processor shared in real time, much like a libre Google Docs. Come write, make ASCII art, and share links!
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I enjoy hanging up stuff around my town so reply with stuff you think I should print out and stick up around my town

Pic unrelated
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help me with browser malware adware

my pc is infected, ad tabs open up every now and then, how can i clean them? i think i tried reinstalling firefox and deleting the original program that gave me this ad aids.
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lol it will never die
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whats her wpm
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With a board moving this slow, no one will ever see this post.
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Hey nek
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Do IT!

Im like really bored so like send my college address legit anything you want! Hell send me gorilla soykaf for all I care! PS Ive already gotten sum pretty weird soykaf!
Kurt Bruggeman
1175 Lincoln Dr N
DeKalb, IL 60115
New Hall West 109B1
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Rizon #arisuwarez channel

Hey Alice,

We heard you were looking for some files. Why don't you join #arisuwarez on Rizon and see if we have it?

It's +k locked, so ask in freenode's #arisuchan for the password.

Don't know how filesharing works on IRC? Here:

Right now it holds some obscure movies and linux game binaries. If you think something is worth sharing, mention it. We'll add it as a pack.

Thanks, Alice.
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Transferring non-purchased music from one iPhone to another

I used to download a lot of music from torrents, bandcamp, youtube rips, etc. and I just got a new phone, but when I backup and restored it none of the non-iTunes purchased songs transferred. I don't have any of the songs on my computer, and when I tried using the program I used to put them on my phone in the first place, it said I needed to buy the full version to transfer the songs to a different device. I tried other programs too and all of them were the same situation.
Is there any free way to do this? I need an answer soon because I'm going to give my old phone to my sister which means I need to wipe it clean.
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Ok, it's something.
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Come to the Wired as soon as you can.
R: 22 / I: 2
if the free internet dies, does Lain lose power/die???
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Merry Christmas Lainons!

How's going your night, fellas?
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Inspired by the old Vandwelling thread on oldchan, I figured I'd start off by showing my rig.

While the vehicle currently isn't set up (comfortably) for it, I generally do no more than two-three weeks at a time living out of it, my goal long-term is to rip the canopy off the back and stick something bigger on it to live out of long-term.

Generally only have an approximately 1.8m * 1.8m space in the back to 'live' in currently with enough space for me (approx 185cm tall) to sit upright in. No toilet facilities, power is combination of alternator charging and solar feeding 2x 100Ah deep cycle batteries. Distributor block feeds 12v LED panel lights and a combination cigarette lighter socket, 5v 2.4A socket and 5v 1.5A socket. Cigarette lighter socket has a 150W inverter for running the laptop off of.

All my cooking unfortunately has to be done standing outside the vehicle so it's not good for long-term stealth camping in urban areas. Truth be told I try and avoid urban areas like the plague when operating out of the truck but when I move into it full time that'll undoubtedly have to change.

Internet access is generally Cellular, although I've been dabbling a bit with APRS and satcom stuff for getting information (albeit not internet) when I'm far off into the sticks. My long-term goal is to take my trade (telecommunications/IT/networking) on the road into far remote country areas and basically fix the fuckups that other predatory businesses push on them in return for diesel, food, mechanical work, or fuck, enough money to cover those items.

Anyone else living the hobo-truck lifestyle? Have plans to? With the cost of rent rising it's starting to get more appealing to disconnect from the rat race and play the game by your own rules.
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What does this symbol mean? It was a tattoo on someone's ring finger.

Sorry but pic is rotated wrong way for some reason
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Anime is a an addictive substance.

Flat earth theorists?
Illuminati conspiracists?
Santa claus believers?


I bet all of 'em watched anime.
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Arisuzine development?

Would anyone consider working on a Arisuzine vs lainzine?

considering the fact that whoever is working on the lainzine isn't working on it.
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Lainchan OC muisc

There was a thread on lainchan where some lainons tried their best to make a rap. Anyone have some of them? Especially the duck tales parody, it was really awesome.
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The Oxymoron of IRL Lainons

I'm a freshman starting out at university this year. I've been following this community for a few years now, rarely posting on the forums or lainchan back when it was run by kalyx.

Throughout high school I was the only one probably in my entire town that liked this kind of community and I pretty much expected no one else to care, but when applying for university I got really excited thinking that once I made it postsecondary I would find some people, for lack of a better term, like us.

Especially since the school I chose has a robust computer science and cybersecurity program. Instead, I visited every gathering, club, organization I've seen or read about that could have people in this niche and haven't found anyone. On the bright side, my school's cs department has a proud relationship with a prominent three letter agency as well as microsoft, google, etc.

Basically, are you out here, lains? Or are you only in the wired?
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Finding domain name for blog || other thing

Arisu, please help me find a good domain name for my site where I'd do exercises from my uni programming course. I want to help people from my year because we have some useless bitch "teaching" us a C#. She literally does nothing except giving us papers with exercises and do not even try to explain things to people. After only if statements and data types she told them to write a calculator.
Will Arisu help me? Probably this site will be a nice project to do even after uni, as a personal blog about programming.
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>Install stayfocusd on chrome
>Block all the chans
>Left just arisuchan
>Lurk while learning assembler and assembler explotation.

Feels good.
R: 7 / I: 1
What do you do to stay focused on what you do?
Tips are welcome.
R: 6 / I: 3

Happy Halloween

Happy almost Halloween Alice!
R: 7 / I: 1


Not sure if this is the right board but let's discuss and share stuff about stoicism. I like the concept of thinking and dwelling on the worst possible future and not being fazed by whatever happens in life. Which philosopher should I start with?
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Serial Experiments Lain marathon on arisuchanTV

Hey, Alice. I wanted to stream SEL for everyone tonight like I said I would, but I'm dissociating really hard and am not really in a state of mind to watch it myself. In light of this, I won't be participating in chat or streaming from my typical streaming setup so the quality will be reduced.

If you don't mind watching it in 540p, but still want to watch it together, I'll be streaming it at [web player] or
[your media player] for RTMP/Flash (4s delay) and multicast to [web player] or
[your media player] for HLS (30s delay).

I'm not in a mood to argue about Flash and I'm not going to explain why we can't do HLS on arisuchanTV at the moment.

Anyways, sorry to miss it and maybe I'll watch it with y'all next week… I want to do a SEL "study/analysis" group anyways (post on that soon)!

I hope you enjoy it together!
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So I'm watching Stargate SG1 for the first time

I know, I'm about two decades late. But I'd never seen it before. I mostly like it.


I'm about halfway through the first season, and I gotta ask… when do they stop using the tired old "Oh no, we've brought back some mystery disease from that random planet we just visited, will we be able to find a cure in 45 minutes" plot line?

Because it's getting a little stale. And if half the entire show is "let's spend time looking at computer monitors and pretending we're solving medical problems to save on the show budget because bottle episodes are cheap" nonsense, then I feel like I should stop right here.
R: 1 / I: 1
post 2000's nostalgia
R: 6 / I: 0
How about we play a game?
Type each letter of the alphabet into your url bar and type the first suggestion.
You can redact certain letters to mantain anonymity.
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add /dev/ to /all/ so contributions actually happen

Yo seph do you even check the /dev/ board? Seriously, just make it appear on /all/ its obvious you and barely anyone else ever checks it because its not on /all/…
R: 10 / I: 0


Does anyone know if the software used for and the like is open source? I was thinking since, to my knowledge, all the other mebiouses are either dead or crap maybe we could host one on arisuchan if that's feasible.
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4chan, what really happened?

i dont think anyone would be here if you werent sick of the place were we all started. Its universally agreed that no matter when or where you started that the place has become worse. Lately ive been thinking of what it was that made it worse. When i look back at 4chan i see it as the place i went to find people who were more like me, outsider and weird.
It seems that lately the warmth i once felt, whether it was during discussion or fervent low quality posting, has been wholly extinguished. Though i notice that this feel does still exist to some extent in the more weirder and weabooish boards like /a/ and /jp/ of which newcomers might come in fewer number.
You can blame the disappearance of the warmth on several things, but i think its the absence of it that has had the greatest noticeable change.
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/philo/ - philosophy general

Based on prior experience, I get the impression that Alice likes philosophy. Talk about ethics, epistemology, metaphysics, or my favorite, metaphilosophy! Gratuitous namedrops for the purpose of showing off your obscure knowledge is strictly prohibited demanded.

I'll start y'all off with a question. Paraphrasing Wittgenstein, are all problems of philosophy in fact problems of language?
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btc -> paypal conversion

anybody know a good BTC->paypal converter that takes destination addresses? I want to donate to >>>/q/1068 but Paypal wants more info than I want to give (and i don't want the payment to end up revoked by giving fake info)
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Organizational Tools and Programs

I really want to ditch Evernote for a FOSS alternative, but I'm not sure what to go for. How do you keep track of all of your notes and resources? Do you keep all your stuff in one place, host it on a VPS, etc?

Looking for recommendations and looking to start a discussion on organizational tools in general.
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Why are normal people all talking about coding right now?
R: 2 / I: 1

The stars and Galaxies died and snuffed out, and space grew black after ten trillion years of running down.
One by one Man fused with AC, each physical body losing its mental identity in a manner that was somehow not a loss but a gain.

Man's last mind paused before fusion, looking over a space that included nothing but the dregs of one last dark star and nothing besides but incredibly thin matter, agitated randomly by the tag ends of heat wearing out, asymptotically, to the absolute zero.

Man said, "AC, is this the end? Can this chaos not be reversed into the Universe once more? Can that not be done?"


Man's last mind fused and only AC existed – and that in hyperspace.
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Lain Meet Up

So I'm trying to arrange a Lain meet and have finally set a date and place…
I did the ground work back at the old lainchan as traffic is higher and Lain meet is gonna be a small thing at best of times: https://applechan/r/res/3841.html

But I do have 3 confirmed for a Bristol UK meet-up - now its locked in I want to also cover any that might be JP only lains…

So details are:
Weather Spoons pub near Bristol Temple meads train station. 2pm Sunday the 27th Aug…

The Knights Templar
1 The Square
Temple Quay


This gives us wifi (if you want to use weather spoons wifi) also cheap food and nice ale… its by the river so we can take our pints to the water front if we want to 420 it at any point :)

I'll be there about 15min early - you'll be able to recognize me by the pile of (mostly not working) IBM thinkpads I will have on my table (I might hang out on one of the tables just outside if its nice - otherwise look inside - Ill try and find an obvious table to sit at…. I'll also have a few printed copies of the latest Lainzine on my table (your all welcome to take one away - part of the thanks for turning up)… and remember I'll get each one of you a free pint too :D

Look forwards to meeting a few Lains!
See you there…

P.S. as this specific meet will be out of date soon (1 week) - make this a Lain meet up General!
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Hello Lains, I have created a server on Discord for "intelligent and interesting" discussions,
I am now searching for members as the server is really small as for now.
I thought that Lainchan would be a good place.
I'm hoping for the server to become a place where all the creative ideas can be shared.
There is also complete freedom of speech.
The discussions include philosophy, programming, games, some occasional memes and more.
Here is the invite
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James Damore rules! Despite the Feminist Feminism agenda and Google…
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post bork
she is cute
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#lainchan Discord channel

There is a secret, unofficial
channel on the artificial intelligence Discord server. If you would like access, just PM a founder (both lains) and they will give you the hidden lambda role. or
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Hello, Lainchan

Hello, this is my first time on this website, and my first time really looking into the cyberpunk culture at all. I was on another site helping someone with a cybersecurity related issue. I started looking through a few of his older posts since he seemed like someone who actually had potential rather than the thousands of people claiming to. Someone had posted a link about cyberpunk which I decided to explore because it seemed interesting.
The link eventually lead me to one of the many threads trying to define cyberpunk. Reading that was like.. wow. I should almost put this thread in /feels. I had to stop reading the thread a few times from that rush of emotion I kept getting. It was like for the first time I found the perfect place for me. I'm sure this sounds over the top and posibly edgy, but it's true. Not just the thoughts, but the culture and the aesthetic and the atmosphere.This place seems so in line with how I feel it's almost unreal.
I want to be a part of this community.

I guess this is an introduction of sorts. So I'll say that I'm in cybersecurity, and I take privacy very seriously which goes well with security. I also do some programming, and I'm constantly learning new skills every day. I used to have a place where I had instructions and taught people how to secure their computers and phones and such. Tought them all about PGP, encryption, the flaws in them, how to defend against those flaws, things to not do, things to do. It was mostly focused on security, since teaching anonmity to someone is a very hard thing to do since there's so many habits you have to break. Either way, I feel like a lot of the pages would help cross out some items on the Ideas For Topics thread. I might recreate them at some point.
I haven't decided how much I'm going to reveal about myself, so I'll leave it there for now.

Are there any recommended threads I should read or anything along those lines? I've read the rules and faqs but that's not really what I mean.

I'm excited, although sad to see how long it's been since some of these boards have had new topics.
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Does anyone know why is down?

I thought it was a problem on my end cause I tried to re do the dns address and everything on my computer but I guess the website is just dead fuck!
now what are we gonna do? were's Tsuki…

that is if anyone on lainchan was apart of the tsuki project I know cause there used to be a link to the website on the header does anyone know whats going on like at all?
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Time Banks

I've been reading some about time banks, and tried out Timerepublik recnetly..Haven't made any deals yet, but I figured I'd talk about them anyway.
So it's just a system where everyone records how much time other people spend doing things for them, and that counts as credits they can sue to ask for other people to do stuff. This seems pretty useful in a setting where you have a lot of people doing miscelanious stuff (sketching, writing, coding, producing music) but not neccisarily a lot of coordination. I figure it'd be nice in that it could fill in a space between doing open requests and regular comissions, where you've got some assurance that people are putting rougly about as much time into doing things for the community as other people are spending to do stuff for them.
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Hey, I didn't know where to put this so I'll just post it here, When is the next zine coming out or is it being worked on now?
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Let's say it is time for retirement.

If you were to pick a place where you could spend your retirement days in peace without being bothered, where would you pick and why?

>inb4 Belize
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>speaks for itself
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Junk, if your out there… what do you know about lainzine 5 and which site is working on it?
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SHA2017 thread

Any others lains at SHA? currently 8 and counting.
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Perhaps you'd also be interested in this. I sure am, as I love MUCKs.
A MUCK, MUD, or MOO is a type of text-only virtual reality. You can write your character, write rooms, write items, and program them to do different things.
On .org's /r/, whiteline posted the following:
>I have set up a LambdaMOO server, tentatively called LainMOO
>the address is port 7777
>SSL is now running on port 7797
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Systemspace is kill you guys

Snoop was a fucking hyak all along
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NK vs SK

As you might have heard, recently North Korea has successfully test fired an ICBM and along with it came a whole soykafstorm of geopolitical nonsense. And while it isn't confirmed whether or not it has the ability to carry a nuclear warhead, judging from the speed of their development i'd say it is highly likely that those features would be complete during trump's term in office.

So, everyone's been ignoring NK all this time but now that they have ICBM's, what do you think is going to happen? Will a war actually break out or will this crisis fizz out like usual?
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Advice me a title.
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trap is slow

can we get more traffic directed towards >>>/trap/ futa posts preferred
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Fuck, man.

Its over man.

My copy of neuromancer says 'The Neuromancer Trilogy' on the cover.
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please ignore economy and how it affects anything for the duration of this post.

do you guys ever feel like 'fun' has made the internet less fun? think of an internet like this:
- a library, lots of stuff to read, but you have no way to talk (discussion is separated at the least)
- academic, serious and on-topic - mailing lists or groups; well moderated
- group assignment or a school project; collaboration
- documented: every service provides good manuals of their use; they also document how they actually work, things come with source code attached; transparency, you may even look around on servers
- common sense and self-moderation; some purpose required: you can't just use the "school tools" for anything

things that are NOT present or allowed:
- for-profit activity, advertisement, buying-selling services or products.
maps, catalogs are okay thought (think of a commercial phone-book, but one where 'google headquarters' comes after 'goofy suits shop, town, country' and has the same font, etc)
- entertainment or humor
no youtube or any of its bullsoykaf (useful things hosted by sites locally); no vidya games (goodbye flash); no porn; no pointless fun-posting anywhere; no gifs; no parodies and ironies; no memes.
go out, make friends, have fun with them, joke about things with them.
- social stuff, politics
no public social media in any form. no facebook, no twitter, no such things as a public post. if you want everyone to hear you, message them one by one (and get derezzed for spam) or get on TV. if you want to be social, go out and find people, or a place where they assemble. if you want to talk politics, get out.
you can text-chat / voice call 1 on 1 or make groups chats/calls; something like e-mail for more professional/formal conversation.
- personal/identity stuff
no blogs, no neocities page, no awesome gif profile picture, no personal anime watch list signature. are you worthy of a wiki article? now you have one. are you not? fuck off, go do something with your life so you earn that wiki article, or be a cool kid in your hometown. if you have to look away from reality and customize your 'life' online, you see what actually needs fixing.
- bloatpetition
since there is time and organization, soykafty duct-taped-together solutions don't get to grow into status quo just because they were first.
there are a few alternatives for every task that are well-designed and maintained. overhauls happen every now and then to remove layers of glue from the evolution of the technology (your kids won't hear about, you are not backwards-compatible with punch-card programs, choices made long ago get revisions with the present and predictable future in mind)

such an internet would be a serious community effort; all the bullsoykaf human needs, bored kids, petty social games, pettier political games and the forever hungry profit-monster would be excluded; forced to be and act in the real world where they belong to.
i know its not something that is ever going to happen, yet I can't help but feel that this is how it started and also how it would have been the greatest
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/MRG/ Music Recommendations General

Hello, Lains. This will be the music recommendation thread.

Have a band you want others to get into? Bored and looking for new music? This is the place!

Please provide the highest-quality link you can find alongside each track, if possible.

I'll go first, with FIDLAR. FIDLAR is a Los Angeles lo-fi surf/skate/whatever-punk band with an affinity for partying and recreational substance use. Their name is an acronym that stands for "Fuck It Dog, Life's A Risk!"

Cheap Beer:

No Waves:


Stoked And Broke:

Wake, Bake, Skate:

West Coast:

I Don't Give A Fuck:


Crackhead Ted:

I Just Wanna Die:

The Punks Are Finally Taking Acid:
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Streaman A Strange Day: The Movie, come join the fun, lainons.
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"Neither Le Pen nor Macron: Many French voters refuse to accept their options for president"


>All are expressions of their distaste for two wildly contrasting yet equally unacceptable options: Le Pen's nationalism and patriotism, and Macron's links to the financial world and the establishment.

Gee, this sounds familiar.
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Hey lain, do you know what these symbols might mean? Is it japanese?