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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

File: 1543455785150.jpg (20.06 KB, 300x231, serial_experiments_lain_sc….jpg)


Over the past few months I have been cooking something up called the LainPack, its full of all things Lain, some rare! Its about 2 gigs. Here is the download: I think its time to release something I call LainPack, its a collection of all things Lain, including some rare things. This is just 0.5, so expect more in the future. Download here, its large!: https://six10(dot)pw/

Please submit anything you want in the pack, this is just 0.5!


Here is a clickable link:


This is so cool, can you make more packs around other topics too?


One of the regulars at megachan (rest in RIP) had a similar Lain folder, about as large too. If you could find that and add it, wow… there's no way to find those guys now though.


I recently updated it to include the show. Next release will have all broken avatars gone and the banner section gone (since its broken too)


This is really cool, thanks. Looking forward to version 1.



What are its contents exactly?


Link is broken


Some people have reported the link works fine while some reported it doesnt work. Try going to my main page ( and right clicking the link and pressing "save as"


it does, however, appear to block downloads as with wget.

additionally, the link in the op itself is deliberately broken, so copypasting it will not work.


I am quite new to web dev. any idea how to fix the wget problem?


If I have OP's blessing, I don't mind hosting it on my VPS with unmetered gigabit.


does it really? curling it works fine for me.
unless op already fixed it.


File: 1543858747954-0.png (414.86 KB, 1755x439, Untitled.png)

some images dont seem to open and I get an error? anyone know why? says that certain files arent supported but they are listed as pngs and jpgs in the lain avatar folder


you got bamboozled
enjoy your trojan


They were downloaded from Internet Archive so some are broken. Will be removed next release


That would be great!
Never changed anything


Updated! New link too:
This will be the link for future versions. Didn't include it but this is 0.9.
This includes…
MAJOR folder restructures!
Deleted broken images!
and more I probably forgot


>That would be great!

I have shared a copy of the latest release here:

Direct HTTPS download, wget, and curl should all work.

I added the version number back because, as others have pointed out, I feel it is important that the filename change with each release. That way people aren't compelled to re-download something they have already downloaded just to check if it has been updated.

I would suggest that for each update you release the new version, delete the old version, and have the 404 redirect to a page that has both a changelog and a link for the latest release. There is much less ambiguity that way.

Thanks for all of your work, Alice! ^_^


Thank you! With next release the link will stay the same but it will redirect with a file that displays the version.




1.00 is almost done, just looking for LPR-390. If anyone has it, reply!


LPR-390 has been found, thank you Curse!


1.0 is out! Note that I do plan to update it with more finds after this, this is just what I think is a complete state my original vision is. Also, the file shows the version now.


I went ahead and updated the mirror to version 1.0. It can be found at:

I may add a link to it on the main page so people can see if and when new releases come out. I'll let y'all know if I do.

Do you mind if I ask why you chose to host it as a rar archive? I would think Alice prefers 7z, tar, or tar.gz.

Thanks again, Alice!


Ill change it to 7z, I just chose RAR cause it was in my file context menu

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