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Kalyx ######

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Perhaps you'd also be interested in this. I sure am, as I love MUCKs.
A MUCK, MUD, or MOO is a type of text-only virtual reality. You can write your character, write rooms, write items, and program them to do different things.
On .org's /r/, whiteline posted the following:
>I have set up a LambdaMOO server, tentatively called LainMOO
>the address is port 7777
>SSL is now running on port 7797


You can connect with a telnet client.
You could also use netcat, or a MUD client like tinyfugue 5, which comes with builtin TLS.


LambdaMOO? Neat!

It's really a shame that MUDs are mostly kill these days.

I miss competitive HellMOO.


I'd just like to make it known that I have the Wind-Up Lain hostage


What payments are you demanding?


Nothing, I just like having her in my pocket.


I signed up for Sindome recently. It's a Cyberpunk MOO set in a massive /cyber/ arcology called "The Dome."

Check it out:



I'm happy to have players. The introduction puzzle is currently a bit hard or non-obvious but I'm working on making it less grognard.


Hey I want you to know that I love MUDs and I will connect to yours to support it's userbase, but I will not have time in the next weeks due to real life occupations (ha ha, what is real life anyways).
I hope it stays up. This is such a cool theme for a MUD, it's as if Lain was created to be played in a MUD (among other many things).
Let's all love lain.


This isn't dead, i'ts just sleeping.



Pretty much. I've had a lot to deal with over the previous month. The server does have a new domain name,, courtesy of TheStranjer.

I'll also be more active on the server for a while going forwards.

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