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What can we learn from the momo challenge?
Popular opinion is that its fake but does the format have a potential as something real?

YT demonetized any momo related content,
And even if there was video that actually incited self harm/dangerous acts it can be asumed it would be removed relatively quickly. But what about future platforms; especially on a freer decentralized media network could something like this actually exist?

What are your thoughts alice?


How did this even come back, didn't this fade into obscurity within like two weeks last year?


Creepypasta is literally a part of internet culture. Helicopter snowflakes and internet retarded are pretty good at directing public discourse to worrying about this because a couple kids react poorly to it, instead of looking at the individual's emotional needs and society as a whole around them. Videogames are not responsible for school shootings, D&D does not make people worship Satan, and Momo is not responsible for your kid's self harm. But blaming those things sure is easier than talking to your kids and moderating their internet usage.

This is another straw on the emotional public's back on the idea of a free speech internet. That said, YouTube is free to do whatever the hell they want with content they host.


>Helicopter snowflakes and internet retarded
Do you mean Christian, conservative mothers?


You don't need to be Christian to fall under that definition

Yeah… I think your right, I wonder if thats just how things have played out or if theres an agenda that uses this as a means to shift puplic opinion against internet freedom.


person A: snowflakes spread rumors.
person B: you mean christians?
person C: not all snowflakes are christian.

person A: people who eat a lot of sugar get diabetes.
person B: you mean fat people?
person C: not all fat people are people who eat a lot of sugar.
<N.B. Diabetes is in fact linked to obesity, not to eating too much sugar.

person A: muslims have many wives.
person B: you mean mormons?
person C: not all muslims are mormon.

person A: <X> does <Y>.
person B: <a specific type of X> does <Y>
person C: not all <X> are <a specific type of X>
<N.B. This generalization does not describe all forms above.




The worst is always more look at then the best a thing can do.


peeps are using it to scare children.
And I heard someone actually listened to this soykaf and commited suicide.


its a hoax. parents who fell for it spread the news and now everyone thinks its a lot more serious than it is.


It's obviously a hoax that got milked by so called 'youtubers' for views, I'm surprised it came back into the spotlight.

I think why these hoaxes got so widespread these days is that people don't do research on their own and just share anything that fits their view mixed with people not understand technology.

Where I live, police often has to announce that claims spreading through parental whatsapp groups or facebook are fake like a 'killer clown' trying to abduct children, a child being sexually harassed etc etc.


> I'm surprised it came back into the spotlight.
I think what happened is that it slowly seeped in into the mainstream via YT and Facebook.
Sure we've seen it some months ago, but it's only now that the masses actually got it.

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