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Kalyx ######

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This is a thread for anyone who has a job recommendation for Seph, I'll start:
Seph if you live in the U.S. (and maybe if you live elsewhere) I can personally attest that selling boffer weapons ( at Renaissance fairs can be very lucrative; their easy to make and the cost of materials (where just talking PVC and pool noodles and duck tape here) and booking fees (50$ to 300$ usually) for smaller shows is generally cheap.
since you sell it yourself, and most of the income is in cash I'm sure you'll realize certain implications apply.

all in all, you can usually net around 500$ to 2000$ profit per show, not bad for around a week of work.

if you're not from the U.S it might still work but you'de have to look into the particulars.


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I think she's looking for web design or front-end web development work.


The above job should still provide a fair bit of off time.

Btw what's arisuchan.jps affiliation with The Tsuki project? both have awesome web design; so I'm wondering who made them.


Hey Seph, why not do a military reserve? It's part-time (1 weekend a month and 2 weeks out of the summer where you'll be flown somewhere else for that time,)
That's what I'm doing, it's fun


Going full kalyx here ay?


scam normal people with ethereum giveaways


>both have awesome web design
tsuki has great style.
arisuchan is not terrible.


Just don't try the boffer thing in Europe. The scene is very different, very segregated between steel fighters and LARPers, and very quality minded. The usual EU boffer is GRP rod core, EVA foam, and a dyed latex coating.


Go to Syria and work as a mercenary.


What do you mean?
(btw i should have noted i havent done it yet, but im most likely goint to btc this summer)

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