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Not sure if this is the right board but let's discuss and share stuff about stoicism. I like the concept of thinking and dwelling on the worst possible future and not being fazed by whatever happens in life. Which philosopher should I start with?


HI, start here:

More info will be provided when you're done.


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Not OP but I passed by this thread while pissing away time at work tonight never expecting to stumble onto something that may very well change my entire outlook on life and how I live. I don't need you to point me to any more since I'm basically awash with the Stoics and their philosophy right now but I'll gladly read anything else you post here.

Basically I just wanted to thank you for linking that because it might have just given me a new perspective on a three year long existential crisis and the way I handle my depression in general. I had always heard of stoicism but for whatever reason failed to look beyond the modern definition in all of my research into existentialism, absurdism etc. In short, thank you.


For Stoic philosophy, Plutarch has always been a favorite of mine. Particularly the confluence of Stoicism and Middle Platonism we see in his Moralia.


Start with yourself.


Moved the thread from /cult/ to /r/. The title "miscellaneous" should not be taken to mean low-quality.


It's good to read Seneca if you, like myself, like stoicism. I would add, that stoicism is not pessimism, but you already know that. Do not dwell too much in the worst case scenario. The usual human is stoic when confronted with a bad reality, and epicurean or edonist when the pleasure is right next to him. Casanova was really stoic in prison, and I admire him for that, he never gave up. Then, when he was free, he was edonism made human, without letting his underlying stoicism take over his life, making him live with no pleasures etc. But I'm digressing now.
I'm now living in my house for at least one year and a half cause my family and I have no money for a trasportation and I can't see my friends and girls like that,. I miss everything. I miss sex so much, I miss beer, I miss laughing with my friends, but I have found little pleasure even in my home. Thank god I can steal wi-fi. I'm hoarding PDF and books so I don't have to rely on wi-fi. See? a little part of stoicism. Enjoy philosophy my friend!


I'm also interested in Stoicism. Decided to buy "Meditations" by Marcus Aurelius yesterday and I'm enjoying it so far!

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