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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

File: 1565055958280.png (210.74 KB, 600x2400, 08chan.png)


8chan is down, uncensorable p2p 08chan get stronger than ever.
Download the zero net client (np installation needed) :
Go there :

No ads, no bans, no bullsoykafs.
And it's fast and works very well, everyone can create his own board.


It won't let me get the content.json file. Other sites on zeronet seem to work fine.


File: 1565079934481.jpg (72.42 KB, 560x560, 1365625537994.jpg)

>stronger than ever
lmao great for you, please stay on your soykafpost slum forever


File: 1565127614554.png (24.62 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20190806-143835.png)

Unfortunately I can't get the experimental Android client to install. Will try later on my Laptop.


You know it's funny but have you ever wondered if comments like that are why some people do the things they do? If you don't like it why comment at all Lain, just move on and post somewhere else.


because we don't need that soykaf stain of a website ANYWHERE ON THIS PLACE. There's a good fucking reason that the place got taken down by Cloudfare. Don't bring that mess here.

Mods, please, when major places like that get shut down, the incels have to go somewhere, so they tend to flock to other boards and ruin them with their garbage. I'm genuinely afraid that will happen here.
My opinion might not mean much, but I've seen it happen time and time again. Dragonchan is one example.
Don't let that happen here.


I understand your concern Lain my point was that fighting what happened on 8chan with harsh words here isn't the way. I understand how communities migrate, I came here when lainchan was sold to appleman because he messed with the community too much but I still browse and post on both because even though we split communities theirs still different topics being discussed on both. What happened on 8Chan was bad, what happened in Texas and New Zealand was bad but consider a perspective Lain that's not immediate aggression when someone mentions another chan despite the past. We have rules here against what happened there, we don't encourage hate speech and in my opinion we shouldn't allow such negative comments in threads and I made a post on /x/ about the negative slurs being used by our already existing Lains here. Yes I agree with you on keeping hate speech and major violence away from our community but responding to violence with hate is a double negative Lain and we should know better. I responded because I have an interest in chans, I'm no gun toting shootem-up Lain but I enjoy communities and different perspectives. If we want to continue to keep our community clean from hate and senseless violence we should start with what already exists here. No matter where you are, everyone is always connected. Peace, Love, Unity and Respect.



Literally read >>3279
This melodramatic call to flood and retarded trolling gives me enough perspective to know what to do. Cancerous cells and stomach worms won't make my life more colorful, no matter how much
they add. You may think that being at the mercy of /pol/tard trolling because of a retarded admin makes you more open-minded but really it doesn't change anything. You're wasting your own time.


Wasting my time by wanting to see what the 08Chan is about or by talking about perspective? I go everywhere Lain, if I don't like it then I leave. I don't comment and say I don't like it I just leave and that's how I believe others should act towards subjects they find offensive.
>3279 Yeah I read that, doesn't sound like anything that interests me but I still stand by my words of dealing with the issues we have at hand here already.


File: 1565169538389.jpg (8.41 KB, 254x198, 51561.jpg)

>don't like it then I leave. I don't comment and say I don't like it I just leave and that's how I believe others should act towards subjects they find offensive
Don't worry, your never-faltering support for neonazi/mass shooter dens will give us a new, safe Internet infrastructure where you will finally be free not to go anywhere
What's with those wealthy kids who believe freedom is magically granted? You could say anything on the internet before because no one gave of a fuck about ranting turbovirgins. Now that they are a security threat and that they "embrace infamy" don't worry about the future of the www.


Assumptions Lain. tbh I work in a warehouse, am poor as fuck, love nature and technology, do psychedelics and just want people to get along. Life is to short to be mad at each other. I believe we as a society both online and offline in communities should share information, be self sustainable and teach each other to support themselves, gain higher knowledge and be an agriculturally positive community without censorship and hate. Everyone benefits. nobody is "Rich", we care about each other, the environment, our future as a civilization and our freedoms. Pretty simple but nobody is going to allow me to do that easily, the world is run by jerks and communism is everything. Frawk money, hate and violence in humanity, video game violence is ok, gimme the gor gor. Get along Lains, don't bully, help each other out and spread wealthy knowledge. The girl in the pic looks dumb af, the police are soykaf.


Oh wow , now I have to put in extra effort for someone to call me a glitterboy.


File: 1565173579357.jpg (78.94 KB, 640x564, 4ogXsoGJj6mUY3GchaeB3ZaW.jpg)

>The girl in the pic looks dumb af, the police are soykaf.
She is. That's after the Boston bombings, where the military were marching on the city with SUVs. Those people are dumb and are the majority. Give them one good reason to stomp on you (for instance, promoting mass shootings) and they will.
4chan would have been killed off no matter how large its userbase is if that stylish mall shooter and Elliot Rodgers did what they did today.

Even the lolbertarian Hotwheels himself is on the news proclaming he regretted making 8chan, that's how far that trainwreck went.


lol i saw that. And who would promote mass shootings that sick.


Why is gun control still a debate in your country? I assume it is your country.


(Im the one you responded to)
I believe there is time and place for everything. There is a place in our society for places like 8chan and 4chan.
But now is NOT the time to be allowing them to come here. Not after what happened. Now is not the time to be toying with their ideas, with their altchans, with their methods of communication while their place of refuge is gone.
We need to guard ourselves.

We KNOW what 8chan is about. That's why we're so vehemently against letting them anywhere near this site. We've seen what they can do, and no I'm not talking about their stupid Anonymous bullsoykaf that lost meaning LONG LONG ago.


I agree with you keeping hate out of here is important and Lainchan is already dealing with a thread of (let's call this our new home bullsoykaf). Arisuchan is also a target "refugee" place and I don't want the hate and low intellectual posts to come here because I enjoy most of the topics engaged here. I just want people to be nice to each other. I got my own dreams in the real world but my digital freedoms are also being threatened both by idiots using the www for the wrong purpose and now media black sheeping image boards. Arisuchan isn't the place, never will it be the time and I understand that. I don't know anyone here personally but that doesn't mean I can't respect you as a human being and attempt to be nice. We fight for our own board to keep the keyboard warriors from 8chan flooding here and it looks like they have a space already in the dark web which is better than coming here or Lainchan.


File: 1565201990548.jpg (94.34 KB, 352x500, 1564659310867.jpg)

The op isn't even about staying on here, just trying to get the word out so there community can migrate to there new site, and understand 8ch had boards with sizable communitys for many topics, not just /pol/, 8chan and /pol/ are not the same thing.




Your not very observant are you?


i’ve been thinking about this for a while and though i support the use of anti-censorship networks like tor and zeronet i’ve come to the conclusion that a website which frequently gets in trouble for hosting cp and terrorist manifestos isn’t worth saving, the only advice i can give to 8chan users is to find another chan


File: 1565257262740.png (321.53 KB, 418x552, 1488873.png)

>the only advice i can give to 8chan users is to find another chan
Let them stay on their ever-shrinking containment chan, now 2000% slower


>pic related
this should be illegal.


If you're talking about fake testimonies, yeah.
If you're talking about burning people alive, it's all fair and square according to the 40s rules about how you make war.


Crazily enough, 8ch had a pretty good photography board. Lots of non-gearheads posting about composition and lighting techniques rather than arguing over technical specs.


You are assuming all of 8ch was /pol/ and nothing else. What about all those small boards dedicated to obscure interests? Were they also hotbeds of nazi extremism?


Naw, there were lots of creepy voyeurs and pedos there too.


File: 1565303164014.jpg (128 KB, 1717x994, 1r1wn5.jpg)

Everyone seems to be tripping over what happened on one sub section of 8chan and lumping everything into /pol/ . Sound like the Lains who are complaining aren't think very hard past what they know from popular media. smh Lains, you're on this chan for a community just like other are in different places. Not everything outside of Lainchan and Arisuchan is /pol/. And I want to bring attention back to others arguments about
> LeTs KeEp ThE hAtE oUtSiDe Of AiRsUcHaN fUcK /pOl/ NaZis !!111
when we already have users here acting like they never matured past the age of 16 insulting each other.


Pedophilia should just be derezzed, we have rules here you know. It's not like Lainchan or Arisuchan is going to burn in CP and mass shooting if people come to our boards. I can probably guarantee if something tasteless like that subject matter ever shows up here mods with Nuke that off the page immediately. We still ban users you know.


> LeTs KeEp ThE hAtE oUtSiDe Of AiRsUcHaN fUcK /pOl/ NaZis !!111

Good plan. I'm tired of those idiots polluting every community on the internet because they think it's thiers. If it was some other political movement I'd still object but wherever I go to online it's always those chumps and never anyone else to anywhere near the same degree.


I appreciate friendly /pol/ debate but senseless violence toward your fellow humans is garbage. If people can't get along then keep it out of our community.
>For the other Lains seemingly spouting aggressive nonsense like the "other" 8chan thread
Friendly progressive arguments are OK but once you start attempting to object violence with…. well, violence then you begin to contradict yourself.


Okay, I'll be frank. I like 8chan, and it's not because of /pol/. /cyber/ was my most visited, so I find this place a good fit for me. I'm also very split minded when it comes to /pol/, but that's a long story for another time. Suffice to say this seems very much like throwing the baby out with the bath water, and yeah I'm a bit pissed since taking it out on a very small section of /pol/ meant that the treasure on /prog/ went along with it.

To those of you capable of learning a lesson; generally you get hate from fear combined with ignorance. For those of you who can't learn, well, you're no better than the edgelords at /pol/


Thank you for this Anon and welcome.


>once you start attempting to object violence with…. well, violence then you begin to contradict yourself.

1) internet arguments aren't violent, this is not relevant and merely bringing up a false "both sides" equivalence.
2) uhm… violence is sometimes justified, that is contradictory at all. We don't dislike fash because they're violent, we dislike fash because they want to murder people. Even if fash were perfectly peaceful they deserve to get fucked.


What? No I meant violence as in people using racial slurs on the boards when trying to attack someones opinion. I encourage healthy debate but decreasing ones intelligence in attempts to undermine someone else isn't a perfect strategy.
> I feel like there is some missed translation in this thread from my responses.


File: 1565337859531.jpg (152.48 KB, 640x480, 1491154270010.jpg)


I don't care about your basement-locked so-called exceptions to the rule and your 2019 meme doesn't make the argument look better. The internet is an incredibly vast place yet they choose to live under
>t-the internet is not so vast!!
Oh yes I totally love the whole "I am cyberpunk yet I can't build my own website just install gentoo"

Ohhhh I'm totally sure they are good guys, totally fine


Just want to leave this out there, in 8chan i lurked and posted in /argentina/, im pretty sad for 8chans closure because it was p comfy there and i want to reunite all the choris scattered around, if you see any argentinian posting in your imageboard of choice do me a favor and tell them to come home, thanks :)


I used ZeroNet a year or two ago and decided to check it out again due to the 8chan fiasco. It still has some technical issues that need ironing out but it seems better now, if only because there's considerably less Chinese spam and that one schizo Kiwi who treated ZeroTalk like a personal blog appears to have left.

I do believe networks like ZeroNet are an inevitable necessity, given that the corporation-dominated clearnet is becoming increasingly hostile to ANY speech or thoughts which don't fall in line with their officially sanctioned McOpinions®.

It amazes me how many people erroneously equate 8chan with just /pol/. While there's no denying that /pol/ was one of 8chan's largest boards, there was a myriad of boards dedicated to other subjects that were full of content which are now also lost. Destroying 8chan just to get rid of /pol/ is like burning an entire forest to flush out a single bandit.


there's a lot of cp on this zeronet 8chan, and the way zeronet works means you have to actually download it. So unless you want a visit from the feds i'd recomend probably don't use this site. 8ch soykaf anyway.


ITT there is no easy recpie for a high quality, friendly, wild, free, fast, comfy, popular, underground, funny imageboard. Who knew!


Man I always thought /baph/ would be the death of 8ch, instead it was the board that goes on about da joos all the time, who knew.


Im working on affinityboard, a 8ch-like ib working on a pentium d and a gig of ram, ill check back when i get it working


oncve i had an -prototy[e board that didnt even needed a gig - a file based one. 256mb system+mmap cache ftw.


>decentralized = slow
>privacy protection = slow
>decentralized plus privacy protection = super slow
>you need both because the software makes you automatically cache illegal content like child porn
Why not just make your epic hacktivist cyber-elite darknet brewing soykaf board text-only?


I think the reason 8chan went sour was because the mods of the two most popular boards, /v/ and /pol/, decided to heavily censor everything and promote neetsoc ideas.


I think some people in this thread have assumed a certain demographic of users of 8ch to be the culture of the general whole of the site. To which I think is quite an irresponsible statement to make.

I liked 8ch for its obscure boards, some of which might be dead now, as for some reason or another that site was the only place of congregation for those individuals with similar interests.


>>3497 8ch NS on /pol/ was 98% larpy, with several examples of known posters being teenaged jews.


Shalom, I'm not-a-jew please assist us in enslaving the (western) (and the rest-ern) world by helping us censor the noazis who resist us.

We don't need that resistance to global slavery garbage over here. (matter of fact we don't need it anywhere - only approved thoughts, and the thoughts that are approved are those that do not resist slavery)

What we need is more censorship, so only our voice is heard via the mass media, and thoroughly censored internet.

Those who don't agree with our slavery are evil haters.

Also know that hate (resistance to slavery) is responsible for censorship, not the slavers effort to enslave. We wouldn't enslave your free speech, if only you did not see us enslaving you, and say things about it….

And massed immigration (not-an-invasion), political correctness (not-slavery), and racemixing (not-taking-all-your-women-youre-just-an-incel) have nothing to do with mass shootings, it's all a bunch of evil haters who do these horrible things in the perfect and happy, sunny, and fair world we live in, which is totally free (not-jew-slavery) and fair and wonderful.

And anyone who does not think so is a noazi.m (oh and that's not extortion/PC terrorism/blackmail)

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