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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

File: 1497396032943.png (81.73 KB, 960x1047, 2017-06-14-011828_960x1047….png)


Here is mine.

Any critics ?

It is a mix between the css from and this : .

You can get it here :


Looks, great! Would it work on Opera?


yes with every browser.

i found [this]( to make the new tab to a custom page in opera


Pretty Shmick.

I dont have one, bit of an old fart who got used to remembering everything by name, but I may start using one.


Awesome, Lain.

I need to get around to making one of these someday.


Any other interesting templates out there? This soykaf isn't the easiest thing to search for for whatever reason


File: 1500315901129.png (646.77 KB, 784x805, firefox_2017-07-17_13-46-4….png)

There's a site out there somewhere that has tons of really good startpages collected together. I saw it a few months ago on either 8chan or some other tiny imageboard. I wish I bookmarked it; it's driving me crazy.

Personally, I've been messing with animuPHP ( for a couple years now. It's simple, easily expandable, and fits any color scheme. An idea I used to use and still like is using Javascript to change the style of the page depending on the time. I would start the day with a pastel blue/yellow scheme, which would turn to a fuller color at noon, and become a night sky color purple/yellow at 6PM. You could even have it check for exact sunset times if you care to. I had it follow my desktop background, which changed every 6 hours anyway.





Your furry is showing there


I'm curious what you see. It must be pretty glaring to be showing through despite the fact I'm not a furry.


My bad, for some reason I thought that sad panda was a nsfw furry site.


File: 1506856832589.png (70.02 KB, 1280x800, homepage1.png)

Reviving this thread
just noticed the favicon isn't working in this screenshot I should fix that


File: 1509351118662.png (274.62 KB, 1600x900, 2017-10-30_11-10-22.png)

nothing fancy, just a static page with no links because everything is handled with vimperator (R.I.P.)


is this firefox?
if so how?

also, is this a gtk theme?
if so what is it?


File: 1509367242621.png (351.26 KB, 1600x900, 2017-10-30_15-38-44.png)

>is this firefox?
Yes, it is. FF55.0.2
>if so how?
this combinded with userChrome.css or Stylish
>also, is this a gtk theme?
No, just a userstyle. I'm on the dark version of Adwaita if it matters to you


vimperator (the vim-like interface for firefox) is officially dead because FF57 will move to WebExtensions and drop XUL and stuff like that.


oh, forgot to mention that the vimperator itself should be also configured to look like this


File: 1509437366832.webm (605.58 KB, 1350x754, 17-10-31_19-08-50.webm)

I work on startpages every few months

although I've been using them less and less.
I have gotten used to Mozilla's URL autocomplete. Most URLs I traverse to are available from one to three keypresses.

best it serves is it's command line input that performs simple tasks, such as reverse image searches, qr code decoding, and a search function for many sites


o man, i didn't know stylish could style the actual browser.
It's a shame developer already switched to 57, so it's too late for me :(


is there really no hope of webextensions ever being able to handle somethnig like that?


File: 1510036287331.png (306.13 KB, 1600x900, 2017-11-07_09-27-46.png)

There is a very promising Vim-emulating addon in development

As for Stylish, I'm not sure if you can use userChrome.css anymore but there is an addon called "Stylus" that aims to replace Stylish

Haven't tested them out yet but I have high hopes. These are the only options we have left.

I personally don't want to abandon FF just yet but if I will be left without my current workflow, I'd switch to qutebrowser or Pale Moon.

Actually, working on making qutebrowser usable rn.


Pretty awesome. Going to steal some stuff from you :3


I'm using stylus now.

It's not as good as stylish; e.g.:
* You can't modify userChrome.css.
* You can't install from url or disk.


File: 1510668495005.jpg (270.58 KB, 1920x1080, arisuchan.jpg)


Yeah, webext. cannot touch userChrome.css
If you're not using Firefox 57, you can downgrade stylish to it's 2016 release (before it sold user data, and webextension), and disable autoupdate
Trust that link as much as you trust me


How do you set qutebrowser's start page to load from a file? I cant find anywhere how to properly format the "url" to find my startpage html file




File: 1513437097387.png (44.95 KB, 1032x648, sha2dsw2jhu832w2ejjw.png)


Bump for interest.

I've been thinking about making an internal domain that hosts a webpage like that. I want it to link to a variety of chans I use as well as my tech links on Pastebin. I plan on making this in HTML/CSS without any javascript for now.

I assume I can also just set Firefox to open the HTML file when I hope it by default. I'll probably do that then get a Linux domain up. I have a couple of PC's and two laptops that would be fun to manage from just one server.



Alice pls post code these all look pretty cool.



Just to get you started, I use for my home cluster (1 nas, 1 linux server, 2 laptops, 1 rpi) and it's worked pretty well. You really have to get into bash scripting everything though.


this is amazing


File: 1565267124082.jpg (60.38 KB, 650x434, krindž.jpg)


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