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Kalyx ######

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Hello Arisu, my name is Autumn-ten first post for me.

I ended up deleting all of my social media because I had enough of my life.
I want to focus on stuff anyways ;\ also I use Linux for 8 months now using Void Linux. Spending my time learning stuff like C.
I'm suprised that Arisu-chan can run Browsers Like Netsurf very well.
I also moved to Icecat because It seemed to have a better reading Javascript.
Well, I'm a nerd into computers. I fix alot of old stuff like PCs, Laptops, PS2, & other stuff, but not a washing machine..
I just wanna to say was whoever made Arisuchan well thanks for making it able to read some really not known browsers.
I'm really not into the outside world alot. I'm more of an indoor person anyways.
well nice to meet you Arisu.


> holds up spork

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