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Kalyx ######

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New user here and i have no idea as to what's going on. I have been scrolling through /all/ for a minute and can't make out a shred of sense from this place. I came here after i watched Blade Runner (Which was great mind you) and was looking to meet like-minded people.
So can some direct me to the guide of this site or something cause i'm pretty lost.


could you explain in more detail what is confusing to you?


Read Neuromancer.
Watch Serial Experiments Lain.




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How did you find this site? Just from [your search engine/s here]ing around for cyberpunk communities? What's your experience with imageboards?


same, i came here after starting serial experiments lain


>Read Neuromancer.
>Watch Serial Experiments Lain.
This is always good advice regardless of context.


Lurk for three years before posting.
Don't post normalfag 3dpd as reaction images.
Read Asimov and Gibson.
Pretend to be a girl while posting here.

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