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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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Ask me about any problem in the world & I'll explain how it could best be fixed and how you could best help to do so.

you can try to dispute my assertions but if you take that line of action in most cases your commentary will be useless.

I fully expect this thread to end with you all fallowing my directions like some cult, because my arguments are so astonishing insightful and convincing, we will save the world. pls be courteous to one another, you may now ask your questions.


Still watching this thread if anyone wants to participate, and will be checking back regulary.


How do we make Houston livable?


how to stop google


how make everyone happy


How do we end suffering?


how do i make friends?
how do i become the best programmer?


How do we fix this thread? I am somewhat surprised that nobody was salty about it yet.


OP here Btw, just on a different wifi.

the fallowing is entirely satire pls abide by the rule of law (:

pt 1:
Start a t-soykaf brand called "Houston is a rancid soykaf hole" and sell t shirts that criticize Houston, just simple white text on black background t-shirts, e.g. "Houston's a dirty hobos bum hole" "Houston's the anus of the anus"
"Houston's Garbage, period"

pt 2:
Use proceeds to buy multiple
and rent a small space to create a hacker-space focused on guns. price membership at a rate only enough to cover operational costs as to keep it accessible as possible.

pt 3:
Pose as a false opposition gun control group and advocate that your Hacker-space be shut down as it is a threat to the safety of the community. use controversy to further advertise your establishment while meanwhile bringing your opposition under your control.

pt 4:
As your position of owning and leading your hacker space grants you respect and admiration from your peers, use it to develop a close knit group of Crypto anarchists.

pt 5:
treat Houston as your playground and lead your group in a variety of anti authority acts still within the realms of law though. continue to escalate public tension over organization with increasing aggression and PR acts between your group and your controlled Opposition. Houston should be viewed as a hot bed of a growing movement of Crypto anarchism.

pt 6:
orchestrate a "war" between the two sides ending if the defeat and humiliation of your controlled opposition thus shifting public opinion towards the legitimacy and significance of the crypto anarchism movement.

pt 7:
Playing off your position as leader of this movement move to target the youth as young as possible, through online media, PR stunts, and urban legends and rumors. the next generation must belong to you!

pt 8:
use your movement to get elected to the position of mayor, from there bring Houston's current establishment to its knees destroying it from within.

pt 9:
In the excitement and sense of purpose you find from this this movement, Houston will become livable to you and many others, and you'll have helped raise the next generation of intelligent and free thinking individuals your impact on society will echo throughout the eons.


I'll get to your problem next but it may take little while.


that's an easy one! by following the eight fold path! or by epicurean communal living, next question?


>how do i make friends?
by posting your telegram/discord

>how do i become the best programmer?

that sounds like a rather vague goal, why not just try to be a good one in a specific field


>how to stop google
individually: by not using google
politically: by voting for politicians who will regulate its data collection and stuff, think a GDPR but for the United States and other non-European countries


Not saying this is retarded, but it's Texas- a place full of retards and Chads. If OP tried to do any of this he'd get the soykaf kicked out of him.


Sorry this ones not possible, in most cases the best you can do is just make the people around you happy.

Also for yourself just eat healthy, exercise, socialize, and live with variety (a enriched environment)

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