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Kalyx ######

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Inspired by the old Vandwelling thread on oldchan, I figured I'd start off by showing my rig.

While the vehicle currently isn't set up (comfortably) for it, I generally do no more than two-three weeks at a time living out of it, my goal long-term is to rip the canopy off the back and stick something bigger on it to live out of long-term.

Generally only have an approximately 1.8m * 1.8m space in the back to 'live' in currently with enough space for me (approx 185cm tall) to sit upright in. No toilet facilities, power is combination of alternator charging and solar feeding 2x 100Ah deep cycle batteries. Distributor block feeds 12v LED panel lights and a combination cigarette lighter socket, 5v 2.4A socket and 5v 1.5A socket. Cigarette lighter socket has a 150W inverter for running the laptop off of.

All my cooking unfortunately has to be done standing outside the vehicle so it's not good for long-term stealth camping in urban areas. Truth be told I try and avoid urban areas like the plague when operating out of the truck but when I move into it full time that'll undoubtedly have to change.

Internet access is generally Cellular, although I've been dabbling a bit with APRS and satcom stuff for getting information (albeit not internet) when I'm far off into the sticks. My long-term goal is to take my trade (telecommunications/IT/networking) on the road into far remote country areas and basically fix the fuckups that other predatory businesses push on them in return for diesel, food, mechanical work, or fuck, enough money to cover those items.

Anyone else living the hobo-truck lifestyle? Have plans to? With the cost of rent rising it's starting to get more appealing to disconnect from the rat race and play the game by your own rules.


Interesting, genuinely so. Not a single AC wall socket? That's interesting, how do you avoid using devices which desire AC?


I have a 150W inverter for running the laptop; otherwise I don't run AC equipment. It's the biggest way to kill your efficiency in a DC setup.

Keep in mind I'm not living out of this thing full time so the power arrangements aren't scaled around full time living at the moment. Once the canopy gets stripped off the back and a Winnebago style camper body goes on for full time living I'm going to need waaaaay more than the 270W of solar on the roof and the 200Ah of battery capacity. A much larger inverter will probably follow.


please post more pics


Holy soykaf lain that is a sick setup. What got you interested in mobile living?


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ask and ye shall receive

umm, not sure actually. I'd have to do quite a bit more thinking to kinda isolate where the desire came from. Back when I was driving around the Volvo stationwagon with the roof tent (and before the rooftent I used to just fold down the rear seats and put an air mattress in it) I had a couple of occasions when I nearly got made homeless and the backup plan was always to just live out of the back of my car until I could sort things out.

Longer term I kinda started to become of the persuasion that the whole get a mortgage and buy a house thing was probably actually really really super dumb after having just witnessed what happened in America with the whole subprime mortgage lending BS and other related shenanigans. Also some natural disaster situations where insurers were turning around and refusing to pay over 'acts of god' and other bullsoykaf excuses. I kinda became of the opinion that I had to buck that trend and grab control of things myself. Whenever my friends would talk about how they 'owned their own home' I reminded myself that they didn't own anything, the bank owned their home and simply let them live in it while they paid it off. That further reminded me what it was I needed to do long term to avoid being a perpetual cog in the economic machine.

I did always like long distance driving and travel and I did a few long trips out of the back of my old Volvo so I started to think, hey, what platform could I buy into that would eventually allow me to do this full-time and still tackle the vast untamed landscape of the country I live in? Granted I always had a massive hardon for six wheeled vehicles.

One of my big inspirations has been seeing what folks do with the 2.5t and 5t ex-army trucks that the Americans can pick up at army surplus for so damned cheap, and seeing what the dirty unwashed hippies do with their ramshackle vehicles travelling the countryside in.

I'm still many years off of converting the vehicle for full time dwelling, and there's nothing to say that I won't eventually sell it and then live out of a backpack while I meander around the world but for now that's more or less my sorta rationale.


File: 1498215703133-0.jpg (1.73 MB, 1600x938, DSC00369.jpg)

File: 1498215703133-1.jpg (1.6 MB, 1600x1067, DSC00814.jpg)

File: 1498215703133-2.jpg (1.97 MB, 1600x1067, DSC00816.jpg)

And, while these aren't mine, here are a few vehicles I've ran into in the wild that have inspired me;


For the love of god, dont buy a CFA truck.

Fuck they are messed up.


Can you post what model vehicle that is? I really like the utility bed you had on it too, did it come with that?


Fucking first-wordlers and their cheap gasoline.


File: 1507312700996.jpg (169.27 KB, 1024x768, e3e693cf4b96dea661e255af1c….jpg)

I'd love to have one of these oldschool japanese vans which look like the young jackie chan is about to jump out from. Unfortunately I'm a family man now. I can't just leave for days camping in my van hacking someones wifi, but it'll be high on my list to do when I get a 2nd chance at life.


I've always wondered: what are the options for bathroom utilities while vandwelling? When washing your clothes you can just go to a laundromat, but where would you go if you wanted to take a shower? I've heard some people suggest getting a gym membership for this, but is there some other way of doing things?


Someone's lawn taps and hose, when they're not at home of course
Camping shower
Wet wipes
Mall toilets (can easily wash hair in a handicapped bathroom, no one will bother you)
Public baths (a common thing in some countries, same as gym)

Though, public baths (onsen, sauna) have an advantage over standard showers: you can get full soaking and scrub yourself thoroughly, plus they cost less than one-time gym visits since not all gyms have all-country franchise chain coverage.

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