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I used to download a lot of music from torrents, bandcamp, youtube rips, etc. and I just got a new phone, but when I backup and restored it none of the non-iTunes purchased songs transferred. I don't have any of the songs on my computer, and when I tried using the program I used to put them on my phone in the first place, it said I needed to buy the full version to transfer the songs to a different device. I tried other programs too and all of them were the same situation.
Is there any free way to do this? I need an answer soon because I'm going to give my old phone to my sister which means I need to wipe it clean.


Can you be a little more detailed? Are you saying you had itunes on your computer and your phone then.. is what? iphone.. android? I think it may be possible to transfer files manually from your phone to computer unless the app you are talking about encrypted your music just bcuz the people who made it are dicks which i doubt.


Just use a windows phone, you don't even need programs for this stuff.
I'm trolling but without saying anything untrue.


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Sounds like a classic case of someone using both software and hardware that doesn't respect their basic freedoms. Unfortunately I have no advice other than to smarten up. Why are you using disgusting technology like this in the first place. Not only are you using nonfree hardware that won't allow you to transfer your data off of it, but you're using nonfree software that keeps vital functionality behind a paywall. Even though I think you probably deserve to lose your music, I suggest trying to jailbreak the phone, and using ssh or some other tool to transfer your files off of apple's phone.

Considering the prediciment you're in though, I'm going to take a wild guess that that isn't an option for you. Better luck (judgement?) next time.


this might sound batsoykaf to you since your used to downloading music off torrents but. I recently started paying for apple music and it synced all the music i've torrented and lets me listen to them all and all the music on apple music on all my devices. I think if you just pay for a month you can sync your music and then on your desktop download the music you've torrented to your desktop and then stop paying for it

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