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Kalyx ######

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does anyone here know about It's a similar cozy forum with cyberpunk and futuristic elements. It has links to this game



They are pretty neat. Good people run it.


Hosting anything *punk behind cloud furaking flairy fence is hypocrisy


I followed the site for a short period. I too was led to it through the game which it was inspired by. The threads were mostly trolling and non-serious talk though. Endless threads about whether traps were gay and Windows vs Linux. I realized that for lots of people that that site must've been their first "image board" as they were utterly unaware of the usual lingo you'd find on them ("botnet", etc.). They made their own community, which is great ofcourse. But you'll find most of them are the "Discord"-type of user.


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yea found it while looking through the game files.
Saw some odd pics, & wanted to search for a code (second pic) & found an old thread of people talking about the code


seems to be my impression too
They say hosting your own website takes weeks of work. If this is the level of competence there, I'll stay away.

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