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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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Any others lains at SHA? currently 8 and counting.


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Who's the memester advertising on the barflood wall?


that's me + OP
we're using a Golang program to generate the commands ("PX x y color"), which is then piped into netcat.
We planned on optimising a lot but we never got around to it. It sends around 200mbit/s at peak, resulting in a decent coverage.


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>not using syscalls to let the kernel doing the werk for you
>creating over 9001 context switches
Are you even trying?


Oh my fucking me I'm so jealous.
Wish I was there.
I really need to get out more what the fuck am I doing to myself? I've essentially isolated myself from any possible contact with like-minded people due to a self-imposed security-model bordering on clinical paranoia.
That place looks like my dreams.

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