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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

File: 1494339807828-0.png (20.03 KB, 146x242, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1494339807828-1.png (41.16 KB, 400x521, ClipboardImage.png)


Hey lain, do you know what these symbols might mean? Is it japanese?


The top one looks japanese


top looks like it's supposed to be 女 (woman)the other one has a 全 in the top-right radical spot, and there's definitely a 宀 over there on the left, but can't tell what the whole character's supposed to be; kinda messy…so yeh, could be japanse or chinese who knowsalso, looks like it was probably written by somebody who doesn't actually know whichever language, as the shape all weird and the stroke order is wrong for 女


hmm, and i guess, if you squint, looks like 含 in the left one, but that would mean whoever did it wrote one of the chars backwards, depending on which is the correct way.

and also a 无 in there maybe

but yeh, my japanese dictionary doesn't have any compounds starting with 女 that look anything remotely like that, and some radical searching fruitless as well, though am admittedly bad at that.


Images are not quite clear, but this is the best i can do. Also there is a missing part that can not be seen in this images. Maybe if we can see the whole image and symbols together it has some meaning.
Thanks for your help!

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