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Kalyx ######

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if the free internet dies, does Lain lose power/die???


Her mind will be cleansed of toxins as the americans seclude themselves from the global consciousness


it's not over yet, it still has to goto court!

keep fighting fellow Lains!



Seriously what's the game plan?
If net neutrality is really gone we need a way to keep arisuchan alive


Nobody is going to take your fringe imageboards away. Only thing that's going to change is large service providers are going to have to start paying for the infrastructure they use, and ISPs will be able to milk them instead of milking you.


they're going to milk both, they're (ISP's) are going to turn the internet into a cable package.

If skype wanted to knock discord of the market they could just pay ISP's to kill them so your only alternative is skype.

it's pay2win, internet with transactions.


>arguing in defense of another corporation that benefits from your data
maybe they should pay the troll toll as well then huh?

When the government leaves all companies undisturbed, they either merge (where the antitrust laws should kick in) or fight for scraps and bank on each others mistakes, and you eventually end up getting a better deal because they're fighting for your wallet. Have fun getting zucced if that's what you wish though.


>internet with transactions
arguments > buzzwords


Every website I visit these days is filled with everyone crying "the sky is falling!" and they don't realize that Net Neutrality didn't do soykaf in the first place. The federal government is the biggest corporation there is and they're being suckered into making farther government overreach acceptable.

I'm glad it's gone


>didn't do soykaf in the first place
Here's a list of some examples where net neutrality was violated. It has blocking of services, blocking of websites and even redirecting websites:


The new legislation will force transparency anyway. If someone doesn't like it they can tell their provider to screw themselves and just go to someone else. If a provider wants to let someone like Netflix pay for better service then they have every right to so.


>dont want cars without seat belts? just dont buy from that manufacturer


We need to move to ZeroNet
This is the only way to get rid of all the problems Lain


lolwhat no man. there is no "someone else" there is only comcast around here


File: 1513393207858.gif (968.43 KB, 499x374, 1513356136126.gif)

And if Comcast made customers unhappy Vorizon or CenturyLink is going to come and take all the money.

Corporations are just as corrupt as the government, but that doesn't mean you can't trust them. Unlike the government, we know what corrupts them - the cold and uncaring pursuit of hard cash. And that means we can predict them.

If the extortionist doomsday scenario was going to happen, it would have happened over the last 2 decades. But it didn't. So instead of playing into the hands of corporations who tell you that government regulation is the savior of mankind, take a deep breath - because the world will keep turning and nothing will change.

There's no new stimuli to influence the outcome that wasn't there two years ago. That means they won't due it because it's not profitable, and the result will be the same.

Just take it easy and don't get worked up about it. It's a waste of your breath. The internet apocalypse isn't in view, so everyone should pipe down and just relax. Keeping the internet free has been working for a long time and our lives are all the better for it. Phone services didn't have NN and they're competing and making better and cheaper services, even in areas with only one service.

So just calm down have a smoke or whatever you do to calm yourself down. You're not going to be dead tomorrow and the internet looks like it has a healthy future ahead.


>Phone services didn't have NN and they're competing and making better and cheaper services, even in areas with only one service.
Can't speak for amerifriends, but in my country, after some collusion scandals and new laws, these niggas have been eating each other for for the past 5 years. A fancy mobile package costs now 2-4 hours of minimum wage work, it used to cost a day+. (the 4 hour ones include international calls to some degree)



the net will always find a way. there are so many websites, there will be an outrage even if its just because people want to wank their willy. you really think they will block anything except zuck's soykafbook? even then we'll just use the messenger as a proxy like they do in africa with the zero rating. it's no problem for true cyber entities.


> even then we'll just use the messenger as a proxy like they do in africa with the zero rating. it's no problem for true cyber entities.
Sounds fascinating, do you know more of this?


>limiting collusion and increasing competition drives cost and prices down, increasing net social surplus
this is the only real solution - make the corporations eat each other.


As long as the general public is okay with it, corporations get their money. General public doesn't care about lainchan, and anything similar with few visitors, only big ones. That's what makes them big, the general public. Anything with many visitors takes time and is not underground anymore, thus prone to bots, surveillance, stuff engineering and stupidity.

We might loose small, nice places because nobody really cares other than a few of us. As long as the majority doesn't lose its favorite small place (or doesn't care enough), this might go on. RIP some stuff.


dystopic, taking into account typical anon's hard drive capacity
also it steel depends on the boundless and fastIP-network


The network is very strong. In many countries it exists in the open because it is allowed to; if there arent active obstacles to its operation then why hide it?

Changes like reductions to neutrality and freedom, are unarguably bad. But they will have trouble killing the free net–they may make some people have trouble accessing it, and they will make it harder to find–but they will not kill it so much as push it into the shadows.

If there were a huge concerted effort to destroy the free internet, things might be different. But most of the people trying to hurt it are not out to mess things up; they're out to make money. Perhaps they dont mind hurting people, or destroying beautiful things, but that is not their motive.

Of course, this does not mean they should not be fought. But it is important to understand your adversaries.


File: 1514836059794.png (721.65 KB, 1080x746, 20180101_163849.png)

I think she is feeling bad cause of NN, today i run into pic related by random browsing.
Fuck U.S. governement, that country always was a cancer but at least on the internet there were a few cool burgers that prevented me from hating them as a category.
I hope they're not going to completely disappear now.

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