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assange did nothing wrong


Amen. At least we can have the comfort of knowing that he and his Wikileaks colleagues will go down in history as some of the greatest investigative journalists of all time, and have served as an inspiration for a new generation of journalists.

It really is disgusting how so many of my otherwise-intelligent fellow anti-war leftists have gone into full-scale "smear Assange and Wikileaks" mode because they're suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. By relentlessly slandering Wikileaks, they've simply become useful idiots for those in the military-industrial complex who are furious with Wikileaks for exposing their war crimes.


I was called a terrorist at my Job for supporting Assange.


File: 1555253481485.png (292.84 KB, 610x412, WaPo-July-1-1971.png)

I've sometimes wondered about the anti-Wikileaks backlash from a lot of baby boomers. That generation seems to be obsessed with dismissing current events that overshadow any event from their past that seems vaguely similar, because it reminds them of their old age - and boomers hate being reminded that they're no longer young. Being an old fuck who was a teen in the 90's, I first noticed it when I would mention Lollapalooza. Any boomers around me would instantly start talking about how Woodstock was more important. A decade of Wikileaks releases are, by any reasonable measure, far more impactful on geopolitics than the one-time relatively-small-scale Pentagon Papers release. Yet the same boomers, especially senior journalists who practically worship the ground that Daniel Ellsberg walks on, are instantly hostile to all that Wikileaks (and similar groups) do.

It's everywhere. The next time you're stuck in a group of old boomers, deliberately start a topic of conversation where there was a major event in a similar category in their youth. Instead of them talking about the new event, they'll likely try to instantly pivot the conversation to how much more important the old event was.


I really have lost all respect for Manning because of these recent indictments thought, I really had no idea that she was that much of a screwup. This whole mess and all his potential charges are literally all her fault.

>doesn't encrypt the files she took

>doesn't use full disk encryption on her laptop
>uses her real name on jabber
>users OTR, but KEEPS LOGS
>takes the files with wget, but not over a secure connection
>when it comes time to purge and delete everything, she only did the normal person recycle bin, and everything she deleted was still in the unallocated portions of her HD.

All this despite ample evidence that people told her the proper way to do all these things, and she lazily ignored them and put all of the people she was working with in danger.

Almost all of this I would write off as a mistake or whatever except logging the conversation. That is unforgivable in my opinion. Anyone that does that is a dry-snitch.


damn, Manning really fucked up.

Guess this just goes to show: don't assume other people are competent.


For sure, but at the same time. I hate that she is being heralded as a hero just because she was dumb enough to get caught. The fame and notoriety of people who fail and get caught never ceases to amaze me.

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