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Let's share details of our mundane existences. It might make someone feel better :)

“The first step in solving a problem is to recognize that it does exist.”

Through Mon-Fri, I wake up at 5AM everyday. If it's raining, I'll drive my wife to the station at 5:20AM, so she can catch her 2hr train to work.

When I get back, I turn on the coffee machine and make the bed.

My wife loves her plush toys being used as decorative throw pillows. I arrange
her Tokidoki Mermicorno, Pokemon Haunter, Pokemon Gengar and Klepto Cat on the doona(.au).

I then hit the switches on the rack mounted power-boards, and hear the whirl of
the fan inside the Netgear GS724T switch. I then start up my little servers, a
HP Thin Client and a 10 year old ITX 1RU custom build, both running Slackware

I then feed the cats and make my coffee: 1 part hot water; 2 parts coffee; 1 part heated skim milk; no sugar.
I drink 2 mugs every morning. 3 if I was boozing the night before. My caffeine tolerance is getting out of hand.

I start up my workstation and enter my key for dm-crypt and auto-login.

I start mocp & put on some ambient/drone or psychill(currently listening to CELL - Hanging Masses). I check my mail & RSS feeds. Here, I usually spend about an hour reading through articles and renewing my disdain for humanity.

By the time I reach the end of my RSS feeds, my saved job searches hit my Inbox. I spend about 30mins sifting, adjusting cover letters/resumes and applying. If there is a phone number listed, I’ll make a note to myself to give them a call during business hours.

I’ll then do my usual single-pass web circuit of arisuchan, 4chan and YouTube.

At 8AM, I’ll eat if it’s a workout day. 2 fried eggs, sun-dried tomatoes on homemade dark rye toast with Trinidad scorpion chilli sauce, followed by a small bowl of muesli with skim milk.
If it’s an off day, I will fast until midday.

If I have found any job leads or phone numbers, I follow them to see if they lead anywhere.

I will then do general up-keep & maintenance around the house. Clean the kitchen & bathroom, tend to our vegetable garden. Apply any security updates to servers & workstations.

11AM hits, and I begin my workout, which mainly consists of body weight work & compound movements with dumbbells.

I then eat again: 200g tuna with coleslaw, mayo & Tapatio hot sauce.

Afterwards, I’ll head to our living area and play a game. Depending on my mood, I’ll practice my religion: Wipeout(Feisar & Piranha), or play a game from our backlog. I’m currently working through Skies of Arcadia on the Gamecube and Trickstyle on the Dreamcast.

It’s now 2-3PM. I make a cup of tea & either read an eBook(atm: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius), work on my boring static website or do some tech work (mainly service configuration and networking with Cisco & F5 appliances).

5PM hits. I begin preparing dinner. I pick my wife up from the station just after 6pm. We eat while watching YouTube videos or Netflix. I then feed the cats again, and make preparations for the next working day, if applicable. Then sleep.


If it’s a Friday, we go out instead. I check the wheels on our blades to see if they need rotating. I pack our skate kits(knee pads, wrist guards, and a helmet (only if we’ll be getting air or practicing a new trick)), and load them in the boot of my car. I leave shortly thereafter, and pick her up from the station.

We then go get dinner. Afterwards, we go to the arcade. I always boom hard & play Outrun 2012 and Daytona. My wife works her way through the claw machines, searching for payout, and almost always walks away with a plush toy to add to the horde.

At this point, it’s nearly 7PM, so we head to the skate rink. We skate on average an hour. Then we drive home, sometimes dropping in to the bottle shop to grab some booze.

Friday nights usually end around 10PM. It’s funny how the older you get, the earlier you tend to sleep and the earlier you rise.


Is the two hour train ride both ways? Having to spend four hours a day for work sounds horrible.


up at 0600 weekdays for work, though i'll chill in bed for about 20 minutes or so. my wife will never be awake at this time. breakfast, scrub up, dress, and I'm out the door just before 0700. commute is 15 minutes by bus which i choose because I prefer to be driven rather than drive myself and some are good to chat soykaf with. very rarely I'll bring my car/motorbike if I have errands to run during or after work.

0725 start with planning minutiae and going over reports from the evening prior, all things being normal this will be done within an hour. from there the regular day routine will be a mixture of meetings, planning, emails, and calls/teleconferences. lunch at 1200, we have a cafe in our building that puts together solid meals for excellent prices. occasionally the missus will pop in to eat with me. winding up my work day starts at 1445 which is basically setting all the wheels in motion for the next day and i'm out at 1530.

Home by 1600 where I just loaf about talking with my wife, now that the weather is improving i'll do some stuff outside. I will occasionally be roped into helping her with dinner which I am all to happy to oblige, of course I'm always on dishes duty. Dinner will be done and dusted by 1800, after which more often than not some friend/family member will show up to visit so we keep them company. If not I'll muck about on the computer (like now) for an hour or two. We keep television, movies, and such for the weekends. I keep off the devices an hour before bed so I'll normally have some physical thing(s) to read which will usually follow me into bed at 2200 and I have no idea what time I actually sleep but it happens quickly and painlessly.

Weekends definitely have more variety but I'll save that for another post.


File: 1539707083060.jpg (82.12 KB, 547x796, tumblr_nvxblm9Q2I1qa2t6ho1….jpg)

my life is pretty irregular due to homelessness however these things are pretty constant lately
wake up at 4:00 and roll over/snooze or shower until 4:30 and meditate on Goddess until ~5:30 or 6
then I make breakfast & my lunch, I have to leave my squat before the sunrise so I'm not spotted, it wasn't always like this but this is a new factor and I actually kind of enjoy it, though I wish my stuff wasn't so exposed & I'll likely build a little cabinet or something incase someone snoops my area while I'm out
then I ride my bike 1000000000 miles to wherever I have to go, usually 2 towns away
then I soykafpost on mastodon and browse the chons for hours at an open public wifi space during most of the day
then I usually steal something to eat and wait until sunset while dancing/listening to music behind the abandoned $LETTER_mart
then after dark I climb on top of this one storage container no one knows about (on my family's land, but they refuse to house me so one day I will come in with a gang or a civil suit and demand my rightful heritage) and where I keep my important stuff, organize my things, pass out for a while, then carry stuff to my main squat which is not that far away and make food or sleep around 9/10/11 pm
really I spend a lot of time in transit, I hope to get a scooter or something with a motor cause while my legs are RIPPED it's really tiring and embarrassing to be riding my bike everywhere as an adult. I used to live in my van and just keep it parked in an unnoticed place for years at a time so that was easier but recently moved so I have very little. Picking up the pieces slowly though so I should have some actual money next month, right now I'm just scraping by with $0.00 and the lousy pittance da gubbamint hands out
as far as loops what I eat is generally something called 'kitchari' which can be eaten for every meal, just rice and lentils boiled with tumeric & w/e veggies you want to throw in, peas n karrots gud. also this bagel place has free dive open can all day every day so I live off those lol, again with the living dead?
really I'm just hustling for a while and avoiding paying rent until I can buy a plot of land to homestead on & lain it out with solar panels and all that jazz, as it stands my squat is awesome and seems like if I play it right I won't get caught and can easily overwinter in it. by then I hope to be able to change my schedule to more around programming, because of this poverty junk I haven't been able to work on what I like, which is figuring out aarch64 assembly and C for vulkan on rpis. Right now I run guixSD in a VM and tinker around with it, but not having a stable place, and being limited to one measily thinkpad is depressing and I can't keep up with my idea of where I should be at. I just wanna work on gfx shaders man, that's all I've wanted to accomplish for years, but all this running around and shuffling from one gubbamint building to the next is some dostoyevsky soykaf. I refuse to ask for money via gofundme or patreon because of all the proprietary javascript and links to facebook is a huge invasion of privacy, and also because the patrician model of getting things done disgusts me because it's from the 1300s and reinforces feudalistic thought. Having seen the view from below, it's so similar to the top. I think like a billionare, because I know how the world actually works. It's not about hard work, it's about being at the right place at the right time, so I just try to situate myself so I will end up there and do whatever until the stars align in my favor.

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