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How many lain cults are their?


>Google Play
CIA disinfo.


danger/u/ isn't a lain cult you fucking autist
can you do even a bit of research

op is a glitterboy


what is a laincult?

are we at arisuchan a cult? is lainchan a cult? club cyberia?

there are many people about who love lain, but large groups who actually worship her, seem far fewer. I am not sure which class you refference.


I'm just surprised on the number of lain sites there is.


Fair, of course, and I am, too.

Often I feel the world is too small, though. Full with people whom I already know, or know of, and little else. I look at interesting blog posts, and not that long ago I encountered an interesting blog, which suspicion soon revealed to be written by a lain (related to tech, but not at all to anime/lain directly at least). Such discoveries are less uncommon than I feel they ought to be.

Its slightly frightening, and I fear I may know already many of the people who I would find interesting enough to form deep friendships with.


all lain themed sites have gone full larp


how in the world are the clubs cyberia larp?


poor discordfgs


le based lain from da interwebz


There are more /cyb/ boards and sites out there, but I wouldn't describe them as lainist.



File: 1563894136623.png (1.31 MB, 635x872, 1563761759202.png)

Lain's phenomenon as a deity is tremendously interesting. Nowadays it is very similar to a highly sectarian homebrew cult, where you go to the forest, light a couple of candles, sip dirty water with unnamed mushrooms and dance naked until you fall to the exhaustion. It is faith to the lowest common denominator, where you have the image of someone attractive enough to desire it, false enough so that your conscience does not sink into fanaticism with enough will power and real enough to believe as individual and collective. Having a website anywhere is all you need as a temple and everyone does what they want indoors.

There is no unified universal system, due to the tremendous level of symbolism and hermeticism of the series, a Japanese trend that can be seen in From Software's video games, no one can have the last word of what Lain stands for. It is like a second discordant renaissance without Eris but the image of a near mute little girl from a japanese animation series from the 90s. What does Lain represent? Whatever the sectarian wants. There are people who orbit around her image to create underground societies and discuss the modern world, the technological advance of the 21st century and the promises of the future, using its tender image as a beacon in the storm to find each other in the darkness, others use her to create ponzi schemes that allow them to amass tremendous amounts of money at the expense of people's belief and faith, others simply like aesthetics. It is the hacker cult par excellence, in the same way that McKenzie says in "A Hacker Manifesto" it is impossible to define something that struggles not to be definable, so there can only exist an arrangement of narratives tending towards that touch with infinity looking for the best possible approximation to a truth.

We are entitled to do whatever we want with reality. Knowledge is for the taking. Beware of wolves.


>so there can only exist an arrangement of narratives tending towards that touch with infinity looking for the best possible approximation to a truth.

Well said, lain. Anti-dogmatic religions are the only way to really apprehend this universe.

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