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Hey /cyb/ is Macau cyberpunk? Kind or reminds me of kowloon with all the clutter, but then there are also those buildings in the background


What a nice place, let's talk about Macau, share infos, I like the aesthetics. I read a little about it in Wikipedia, I don't have much time now to read more.
Anyway, I just had a sudden affection for this place. Imagine having a minimalist lifestyle in this place.


Overcrowded poor areas are 'punk' in their own right, specially if near or bordering rich areas but i don't see much cyber there.


Sorry to burst your bubble friend, but the more you learn about it the less it will probably match with what you are imagining in your head tbh. Having gone there, I can say, the place is literally just a giant resort zone with some slums surrounding it for the workers. The resort areas were constantly flooded with thousands of Chinese tourists, it was hard to even walk there. A lot of people were coming to look at the older colonial architecture also (the slummier areas) so even those areas with all their little narrow roads like the one in your picture were sardine-packed with pushy Chinese mainland tourists taking selfies.

It would maybe be a cool town during some off season maybe, but I was under the impression that I was there offseason-ish? So idk.


>the place is literally just a giant resort zone with some slums surrounding it for the workers
Neuromancer's Chiba could probably fit that description, though even in the story, it's not really a good place to look if you're trying to start some kind of cybernetics adventure, as seen by how Case only lived there while his nervous system was too messed up to inteface with a deck.


Macau is Chinas version of Las Vegas. You can gamble there and that is what people do. A friend of mine went there and basically just lost all the money he took along, while I went skateboarding in Shenzhen.

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