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File: 1499427097662.jpg (760.89 KB, 1180x787, kim-jong-un-donald-trump.jpg)


As you might have heard, recently North Korea has successfully test fired an ICBM and along with it came a whole soykafstorm of geopolitical nonsense. And while it isn't confirmed whether or not it has the ability to carry a nuclear warhead, judging from the speed of their development i'd say it is highly likely that those features would be complete during trump's term in office.

So, everyone's been ignoring NK all this time but now that they have ICBM's, what do you think is going to happen? Will a war actually break out or will this crisis fizz out like usual?


They keep downplaying this soykaf but the nukes are going to drop first on SK. This time, the burgers won't be playing world police as it fits nicely under the guise of "nationalism". Eventually, this will lead into nuclear world war to finally end it all with a nice apocalypse. Don't worry, death will be quick and painless.


Media is already getting filled with this propaganda bullsoykaf about north korea in effort of getting popular support for invading it I am getting sick of it that much that i really don't mind that burgers get nuked, NK never invaded or bombed other countries in contrast to USA that always had politics based on power and exploitation of their "feudal subjects" and those that will become its subjects. Now they are loosing almost all of their allies and if this advances I don't think there will be any tactical possibility of proper retaliation since their only significant allie in that region left will be SK. And never mind that they fucked up every war they got into, Vietnam war was won by armed peasants, burgers have no chance. Getting into fight with NK would be mistake, changing attitude and stoping bullying of the world is only way out.


File: 1499438338028.jpg (23.21 KB, 221x259, 1466812064235.jpg)

Honestly, getting rid of North Korea would probably be one of the best things we could do in our time.

It is the absolute worst example of a fucked up nation we have, and I'd gladly volunteer to help get rid of it.

Its a vestige of a world that's moved in, its only been allowed to continue because of the threat that weapons of mass destruction will be used on Seoul.

North Korea is a sickening mess that has been allowed to go on for far too long.


What the fuck is wrong with you?



Nato bombed my hometown killed my friend, since then I don't have any sympathy for freedom land.

After you get nuked I will shed some tears for small minority that are intelligent individuals and respect sovereignty of other countries but besides that I don't care.

US is real threat to the world, and this is obvious with all soykaf that is happening lately which is direct product of US politics that completely destabilized middle east region.


>NK never invaded or bombed other countries
I don't disagree with your view but this is wrong. See Korean War.


does 'getting rid of' involve killing massive numbers of civilians (who already are adversely affected by the trade policies of the West) in a hyped effort to 'liberate' them so that they can have a heavily propped up government backed as a US/NATO police state for the next 5-10 years?

sounds like a great idea

i don't want to support the government of kim and friends, but to be honest, a us/nato/un intervention is probably going to turn out rather badly for an awful lot of people who have simply been born on the 'wrong' side of an arbitrarily drawn line. its sickening that the us can talk seriously about instigating such actions, sickening but unsurprising.


Your right, but division of korea is product of cold war between United States and Soviet union.

And now we have US supporting SK and China supporting NK, and because of this political agendas there is no chance of genuine national movement that could give people right for self determination. Although I would rather support China meddling in their politics because they have more interest in making this region stable.

This is what it says in wikipedia article on division of korea:
>On 8 September 1945, U.S. Lt. Gen. John R. Hodge arrived in Incheon to accept the Japanese surrender south of the 38th parallel.[64] Appointed as military governor, General Hodge directly controlled South Korea as head of the United States Army Military Government in Korea (USAMGIK 1945–48).[67] He attempted to establish control by restoring Japanese colonial administrators to power, but in the face of Korean protests he quickly reversed this decision.[68] The USAMGIK refused to recognize the provisional government of the short-lived People's Republic of Korea (PRK) due to its suspected Communist sympathies.

It is kind of ironic that US had to employ repressive strategies of baning certain political parties, and now they are pointing fingers to NK for exact same reason.


I get you dislike the US empire, but to downplay the atrocities that occur in North Korea is plain dumb.



I am not downplaying anything. NK is a hellhole, I would rather live in US then NK. But painting the problem black and white is stupidity, and that is what media is trying to do.

Like NK ultimate goal is world domination or some soykaf, while they can barely provide enough food and power for normal reproduction of life.

But ok, lets say that NK which has one of largest army in the world gets annexed and joined with SK.
1. you have mass immigration in the south which is caused by economic disparity between south and north (solution - forbid emigration in north); 2. you need to prop up economy that was destroyed by war and is even without that falling behind, which means massive investments in infrastructure , developing of private sector by foreign enterprises which would probably use cheap labor that population is so used to provide; 3. massive political censorship and repression because you have renments of old regime ideology

Congratulations you have north korea 2.0, now just shower it with money for next 20 years and hope it turns to normal.

IMO just shower it with money from beginning they would not have political freedom but at least there would be no starvation and maybe with better living condition it should gradually develop some freedom; and avoid war that would probably include millions in death and maybe more if we take into account size of the conflict considering their massive military.

People like >>310 are manipulated idiots with simplistic view of the world and cant see bigger picture.


As an American I feel for you. I swear not everybody here is bad theres just a lot of bigoted nationalistic xenophobic mother fuckers. but There are still some good people.


>After you get nuked
Why the fuck would my country get nuked you fucking lunatic? Just fucking kill yourself so we don't have to read your stupid fucking drivel anymore.


File: 1499611860002.jpg (117.39 KB, 848x700, nemesis.jpg)

>Why the fuck would my country get nuked you fucking lunatic?
Because it showed arrogance before gods. On serious note your right it is an asshole thing for me to say.

There is no individual fault, it is stupid for me to blame you guys I over reacted. During summer I work at festivals and I get some irrational hatred toward drugged up kids from America or richer parts of Europe (Brits are worse then Americans actually) that come to party and act like idiots. I don't really blame you for your government that practices soykaf external politics since this is something that ordinary people cant change, I wrote it as rebuttal to reply cause I honestly couldn't explain what I wrote, things are more complex then your country hurt the ones I love - you are my enemy. Wishing that someone gets killed is wrong no matter how bad that person is. I would have deleted my post if I could but it is to late now.


>you are my enemy
This brings up an interesting topic of discussion. During a WWIII scenario, what would the general populus do with the internet? It would be drastically different than any previous world wars, as people now have friends across the globe. Would people completely disavow and sever any and all ties toward those people, or would they still remain in contact? How will this affect the general populus' opinion on the war? Will it become governments against governments against the people?


>governments against the people
this is what is happening now but I hope we would realize this and unite under one banner… but I know we are infinitely corruptible beings.



>During a WWIII scenario, what would the general populus do with the internet?

First, peering arrangements between backbone networks on opposite sides of a conflict would be severed. The populus would have no say in the matter. About the only way to communicate over the internet to someone in a enemy country would be by two-way satellite links, operated by a company in a neutral country or completely autonomously by the satellites themselves.

And you can bet your ass that the authorities in such warring countries would spend a whole lot of time and effort tracking down such satellite-internet users, because satellite links would quickly become a favourite tool of spies.


How come ISIS can communicate with the outside world?



Because insurgencies are completely different situations from traditional international wars between nation-states with well-defined borders.

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