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Kalyx ######

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I want to stop playing vidya and watching YT so that I can exclusively focus on my ECs and academics. As someone who has generally led an extroverted and distracted life up until now, how can I do this?


Dumping options off the top of my head. Not necessarily mutually exclusive. All easier said than done.

>Go cold turkey.

Keep yourself from using YT or vidya for a set amount of time. Set a realistic goal for that time (a day? a week?).

>Set limits.

Keep a timer right in front of you while you use YT or vidya. Make up and convince yourself that you can only spend a set time until you need to quit.

>Do the work first.

Try rewarding yourself with a single, small piece of candy for every homework problem or milestone achieved (20 minutes of focused work). Do not use a 5 minute YT video, it will lead to more videos.
Then watch YT once all of your work is done.

>Self analysis.

Work on being aware of what you're doing at all times. If awareness or focus lapses, analyze why.
Analyze why you spend so much time on YT. (Habit? Addiction? Lack of self control? Time killer? Procrastination anxiety [that's what I get]?)

If you share more thoughts on why you might spend so much time on YT and vidya, and how it interferes with school work, I can try comparing it to my own experience.


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I agree with >>992 I think you should also add
>Set up subsitutes
If you're only trying to get the vidya away, you're going to get increasily frustrated and it's only a matter of time before you break down. Do not forget you're an adult now (this really sucks, I know) and you'll have to define yourself by your talents and not by your tastes.
Force yourself to get interested by the domain you're studying, experience freely with it as a form of leisure. If you're studying it that way, you could be able to link it to the themes you actually like and you'll be able to define you better as a future creator of content.

Also I'm going to shill some piece of bullsoykaf but which I find kind of interesting
>pic related
Superman by Habit has some pretty nice tips to set up the habits you want to get and conserve your mental energy. When I put away the fucking creatine reference and anecdotal Im-a-demigod made up bullsoykaf of the book, it helped me a lot. Now I hate those American gurus so I got it on


File: 1508933891347.epub (119.32 KB, [Tynan]_Superhuman_by_Hab….epub)

Here it is for whoever is curious. Ignore the bullsoykaf and just get to the tips, do them your own way.


File: 1508965831465.jpg (955.08 KB, 1500x1500, 906d65cab66b81d8f54a9abe6e….jpg)

This has some good ideas that helped me, be sure to take notes while watching it:
These are also very helpful for studying better:

Good luck Alice, you can do it!


OP here.
To be honest, I have taken care of vidya. Haven't touched steam account in 3 months. YT is the real problem.


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What kinds of videos do you watch? If you watch a bunch of meme-y soykafposts or gaming channels then time will fly faster than Astro Boy on diesel fuel. Narrow down your subscriptions to things that aren't unproductive time-wasters that actually improve your life in a manner outside of a two-second chuckle. By all means , keep things you enjoy, but just try and avoid 40 minute let's plays or Shrek/TF2 SFMs, y'know?

Once you narrow it down to what's most important to you, force yourself to stick to only those things. That way you can enjoy the things you enjoy most while cutting back how much time you spend on it in general


Make a new Google account. Only watch intellectual content on there like Gregory B Sadler, Philosophytube, Cuck Philosophy, a variety news stations, lowkey news anchors, and news youtubers, etc.

Purchase yourself some readers or collections of text. Start slow and instead of watching tons of Youtube or only taking in academic content, reward/break up studying with going for a walk or watching normal youtube or playing vidya. Just take notes and track your progress so that you can get a sense of accomplishment.

Also, don't just study but make things. Write essays, poems, stories, make a website to host your content. Maybe host it on Neocities or instead build your own webserver.

It takes time and you need to go slow to avoid burnout. Spending time with others or forming study groups is also incredibly helpful.


>intellectual content on there like Gregory B Sadler, Philosophytube, Cuck Philosophy, a variety news stations, lowkey news anchors, and news youtubers, etc.
Except those are also a complete waste of time. Delete your youtube/google accounts and only watch videos when you actually need to, on a different front end.


I'd suggest using an RSS feed that opens links to a frontend like if you want comments, or just plain mpv for a comfy experience.


*RSS feed application


Theres a soykaf load of self help info out there but so much advice you'll get is just to complicated.

Keep it simple,
Just keep trying no matter what.
Even if you give up just stop giving up and try again.

Focus exclusively on spending your time productivley.

Variety is the spice of life and many old habits can be be replaced with healthier new ones:

Vidya > airsoft (good exercise and socializing)
YT > studying what ever topic interests you.
Pointless wired browsing > flashcards.

Not necessarily exactly what's above but you get the idea.

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