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Let's say it is time for retirement.

If you were to pick a place where you could spend your retirement days in peace without being bothered, where would you pick and why?

>inb4 Belize


Oregon in the woods. It depends on what you are retiring from. I am more or less going go to a third world soykaf hole. Pay some cash for minor plastic surgery. Pay for a fake ID and join the FFL. Gain citizenship after 5 years. Past behind me. Worse case if the french country side doesn't agree with me I would fill out the proper paper work to move to the states.


social democracy land


Without being bothered by who?
I'd probably pick a place in Colorado. Somewhere not too far from a city but not too close either.
There I would probably grow some plants and just soykafpost on the internet.


Hell, I will be surprised if I make it that long. I know one thing, anywhere I pick now will not be where I end up when it comes time for retirement. All the places I once saw myself moving to have changed so much they are alien to me now. All the magic I once felt is gone.


What do you mean if you make it that long, lain?
What places did you once see yourself moving to?
Hang in there, lain! You'll make it.


The deserts of Sonora. I don't mind being bothered though.


South island of New Zealand

Small, bushie, i like it.


thats my plan damnit


Does not matter when you have enough ¥¥¥ to afford shelter and hobbies.

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