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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

File: 1547660478770.gif (61.39 KB, 400x400, 00probevoice5.gif)


Might as well, anyways, this site has 301 pages in total, I wanna search it.



You can also use the wayback machine.*/


i have a doc full of most of the pages on the site if ur interested. >>2348


Oh, thanks! Please show me that.


File: 1547759848855.txt (8.8 KB, My Attement To Complete te….txt)

i could only save it as plain text some stuff is most likely missing

Dude is into some wired stuff.


I find it pretty cute though. Not a doll fan myself but he has good taste in waifus. Like you said. Very wired.


Angus Nicneven is an author. some of the phrases and sentences in are from his writing called Stars Bleed. I bought the book from amazon last week and im currently on chapter 6.

 No.2362 he answered most of our questions here. most of them.


This site literally won't stop growing, when you least expect it there's more to find. it's crazy.
Anyways, there is a hell lot more there…
Maybe use google or something?


File: 1547845064616.jpeg (6.88 KB, 225x225, uwu.jpeg)

the site has only 303 pages, an easy way to find the links is to go into the source code and type href. trust me its easy.


File: 1548162468716.gif (1.52 KB, 110x20, 000retreaterr.gif)


That took me to " no good. "


>>2369 Where in the source code?

 No.2393 its a lot of 1's and 0's but i translated this whole page. " the gate will be opened, dear traveler". Only a few words got translated. The rest is garbage and it doesn't turn into anything.


ctrl + u


im aya btw just on another computer lol>>2392


I have talked to the guy that made this …
We have very differant ideas on what “cute” is but he refuses to discuss these in detail sadly


thats interesting


What does he consider cute?


should we use the wayback machine?


i need this background a gif.




If I could get a list of the background GIFs, I'd appreciate it.
Also, I found something in terminal 111.


There are 2 links in the " truth " page, but it just leads to 2 large images.


Does anyone have a file with all the images/gifs on terminal 00?


i found a discord server for terminal 00. Angus was in that server but he recently left.
ive heard Angus is working on an update for the website


Yea, I heard about that, he was going to release the link soon, but I guess he abandoned it.


why the hell are you giving me a link to a porn website?


obviously that's spam



I'm surprised there isn't much more spam on the site honestly. I rarely see comments like this here despite the fact that there is no captcha. It has remained hidden pretty well.


File: 1563657133933.jpeg (168.9 KB, 750x780, D87E24A5-9CD8-4388-A2C0-B….jpeg)

Angus is back in the discord server


this site had a ton of binary too, which has the same pattern of it not all being decryptable at a glance, especially considering all the repeating sequence and random 3's thrown in. Managed to sort through the stuff and obtain this so far, with some holes in what appears to be a one-sided dialogue:

"Do you think they can hear us?

There's a chance… Albeit one that's as improbable as they can get. An echo of an echo of an echo of a song, if you would.

Say no more. If there's any hope of getting through, I'll take it.Now, where to start…Her song… Finally, I can hear it completely. As the Tower is battered, while my blood runs pale, over the screams of my sisters… Yes, I can hear it… even now! And in doing so I've heard the echos of Their voices as well… It's all so much. There's too much to say, and none of its truth can be shared without hearing it. The vibrations must be felt yourself. Each word must fall through you. Eternities all compounded into a melody, the Cosmos given a voice all its own! Ah, yes, I can hear it… Which is why I'm taking this chance.

You may not hear Her song, and you may never hear our own, yet I'm going to sing it all the same.

Even if this voice of mine is warped and disfigured, even if nothing reaches you and I forget what I'm singing for, who I am!"

apologies for reviving a dead thread my guys, but I'm trying to figure this out mostly on my own without joining the discord server yet. I'm worried I'll get spoiled from most of the fun.
Here's the page I got this binary from, lmk if you want the raw info for the decoded binary ->


the second gibberish part could be run through a binary decoder twice over to give you:
"Revel in this holy, scarlet night.
Eat all beneath this starlight.
Taste blood, and grant us a Key.
Reveal the Gate, answer this plea.
Erase the ONE with your soul.
And ne'er allow it to be whole.
Tress un ellass, sol onset."

I wonder what the last verse means, if it's even a verse at that


OMG OMG that is like SO AMAZING
Can I please please pweaseeee get the invite link to your discord ? :3 :3


unfortunately, i have to tell you that angus left again.

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