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Kalyx ######

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On a scale of 1~10, with 1 being "absolute sperg" and 10 being "loudmouthed chad and his goons", where would you put yourself?

>To clarify, by autism I mean the kind of personality that is introverted and geeky while punk is the alpha chad bro kind of guy..


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>punks are alpha chads

ngl, that's sometimes true, but why did you pick punks as the representative inner circle of the broader chad group? Is this some kind of early 1980s high school drama film?


2, two, dos, zwei, 二, duo.


5 Probs, in the middle, still total looser IRL


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Come to think of it, I'm probably around 3 myself.

Well I wouldn't know exactly what's on the other end of the spectrum, I can only speculate it's a bunch of airhead chads with ridiculous mohawks doing hardcore drugs.


the modern airhead chad thinks mohawks are for glitterboys anyway. He would probably sport a Richard Spencer haircut and a poor imitation of trashy ghettowear. The drugs are a big part of it, but the vibe is totally different.

a lot of punks were basically art-school types, you know


I'm a 2 or 3, but I'm working on developing the skills to be more respectable in normal person society. I would say I'm a 1, because I'm literally autistic, but seeing as there are other high-functioning autists far dorkier than me I'd put myself a little bit higher.




I think your metric is all wrong. Punk's all about the underdog, it's the kids who don't care about their popularity or social status, or acting appropriately. Punk was about the losers before it was about anything else.

"Chads" are basically preps circa 10-15 years ago. The only difference is they now dress differently, and a lot more of them are mark zuckerburg, silicon valley types.


File: 1533607220996.jpg (611.38 KB, 1903x2543, IMG_20180722_2302463372.jpg)

you tell me, my dude


File: 1533621861638.png (706.63 KB, 752x620, 1512154969456.png)

Same here, but I don't work on skills or something, I just don't give enough soykaf.


Jokes on you, I'm an autistic punk.


Within punk rock even, there's a massive scale of big and small "personalities" from the people in bands to that one guy who shouts funny heckling remarks from the pit to the nerd behind a table selling zines to that one person in the corner staring into their pint who nods their head to the music and never speaks to anyone.

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