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I like to have a projector running in the background with something playing while I'm doing work. I usually put it on mute and play some chill music.

Anyone else have visualizations they like to leave on? What kinds of things do you like to have playing in the background? Slideshow of art? Video playlists? Randomized glitch art?

I like having longplays of really old games, demoscene and of course, SEL.


File: 1552552818864.jpg (57.68 KB, 760x504, notre_dame_montage.jpg)

At times, I do the same. It's nice to hear that there are others who like to mix media in this way. I will usually pick a movie from my collection that I have seen before and find visually interesting yet, maybe not so engaging otherwise. Federico Fellini or Kenneth Anger for instance. Lately, I've been looping Guy Maddin films in a semi-transparent terminal, tiled in a corner of my monitor, and playing various instrumental pieces with them just to see what syncs up best. Sometimes, I will settle on an old silent film and pair it with a random album or playlist to see if anything interesting comes from the mix. A while ago, I was in the habit of pulling up random live streams from public places, security or surveillance camera footage. It was amusing, as I had a long day of editing work ahead of me, to have had a window open and streaming a busy intersection in Tokyo. It was the visual equivalent of white noise for the most part but every so often something interesting would happen such as, a pedestrian dropping a bag of groceries in the crosswalk. I remember pausing for a moment, curious to see if they could recover everything that had spilled from the bag before the traffic signal changed. I recall breaking from my work then, to send a silent prayer to the anon in hopes that they made it safely across the street in their frantic moment of IRL Frogger. If I had been recording the stream, I could have made an amusing remix out of it. I'll have to add video game longplays to the mix as you suggested. I have a hard drive full of random old midi music files, that I never listen to, but they might pair nicely with media like that.


I have a collection sizing around 5TB of music videos and visual art mixes for just this purpose, but yet to get the hardware set up. About half of the space is from YouTube rips, the other are music video ISOs from a now-defunct website. The site below is similar, maybe it is of interest to you? If you want demoscene stuff, I suggest you search for the Mindcandy series DVDs.
Probably just want to queue a download list in JDownloader and pay for the 30 days once your list is complete.

God, doing this is so fun. So far my favorite mashup is Savant's Overworld with S1+S2 of Off The Air (around +18 seconds on audio). Takes a little bit to pick up, but some of the matching is mindblowing…esp that I discovered this combo on acid. :)


File: 1552680658565.jpg (8.68 KB, 229x72, synclogo3.jpg)

Here's a link that might be of interest to those who like to mix media in this way. Some of the content at The Sync Book covers audio-visual mashups and poetic interpretations of the results. The podcast Always Record, hosted there, often contained long discussions about the speculative philosophical driftwork that would arise from trying to interpret or deconstruct the results of mixed media experiments. Below is a direct link to the SYNCFLIX section of the website and the accompanying text describing the archive.

Research in Synchronicity Occurring in Multi-Media

Welcome to SYNCFLIX, brought to you by David Charles Plate. What you have stumbled upon is the largest collection of experiments exploring profound synchronicity between albums and films you will find on the net. If you click on any one of the 100+ images below it will take you to said album/film pairing for instant streaming and/or download. Each experiment is 100% repeatable…


Oops, I meant Season 02 with +18sec on audio. It synchronizes fantastically until about halfway through ep 204-205, after which it loses all steam. Check it out, Alice.

Wow! Thanks for posting this. I watched The Sacred Magi of Abramelin the Mage with Aphex Twin's Drukqs. Fantastic film and the matchup did better than I could have expected. This site is for the collection.

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