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Kalyx ######

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Hey, Alice. I wanted to stream SEL for everyone tonight like I said I would, but I'm dissociating really hard and am not really in a state of mind to watch it myself. In light of this, I won't be participating in chat or streaming from my typical streaming setup so the quality will be reduced.

If you don't mind watching it in 540p, but still want to watch it together, I'll be streaming it at [web player] or
[your media player] for RTMP/Flash (4s delay) and multicast to [web player] or
[your media player] for HLS (30s delay).

I'm not in a mood to argue about Flash and I'm not going to explain why we can't do HLS on arisuchanTV at the moment.

Anyways, sorry to miss it and maybe I'll watch it with y'all next week… I want to do a SEL "study/analysis" group anyways (post on that soon)!

I hope you enjoy it together!


Thanks. I forgot about how esoteric this show was.


Get well soon

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