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Kalyx ######

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I'm a freshman starting out at university this year. I've been following this community for a few years now, rarely posting on the forums or lainchan back when it was run by kalyx.

Throughout high school I was the only one probably in my entire town that liked this kind of community and I pretty much expected no one else to care, but when applying for university I got really excited thinking that once I made it postsecondary I would find some people, for lack of a better term, like us.

Especially since the school I chose has a robust computer science and cybersecurity program. Instead, I visited every gathering, club, organization I've seen or read about that could have people in this niche and haven't found anyone. On the bright side, my school's cs department has a proud relationship with a prominent three letter agency as well as microsoft, google, etc.

Basically, are you out here, lains? Or are you only in the wired?


I found the same result when I was trying to look for other lainanons. Seems most of them are either already in the field or avoiding college all together. Though I went to a small school.


Lains are already pretty rare in the wired, what makes you think that they're not even rare're in real life?


I don't think I've ever said the word cyberpunk IRL tbh


A lot of us will be at HOPE 2018.


Sure, I'm out there. I dunno where anyone else is though. Makes me wonder where the others are as well.


I'm a Canadalainon here, but I decided to go to a college in the US, it's really nice here. But I can't seem to find other Lainons here in South Carolina.


>But I can't seem to find other Lainons here in South Carolina.
I know there is at least one in Greenville. Where are you (answer using TOR)?


Any Lains in Vermont? It's just about the least likely place I'd expect to find anyone else, but I'd like to at least try anyway.

I tell everyone I meet to watch SE:L; I'm sure that some of those people have at least become Lains since.


Florence, South Carolina.


>Florence, South Carolina.
I'm sorry I was mistaken. They are in Greenville, NC. It seems to be about the same distance though.


File: 1505707617281.jpg (711.37 KB, 2048x1536, proofs.jpg)

I'm around Salisbury in the late spring/summer.

There are a few other lainons I've talked to that go to college in VT, at least one is at Middlebury.


Imagine being you but living in the third world. Yeah, it gets lonely..


We will all meet someday lainon. I promise.


File: 1506331174015.png (32.87 KB, 500x480, 1444743401914.png)

Any UK Lainons kicking around here?

Ever since I entered, and subsequently dropped out of college, my social life has been nonexistent.


It was the complete opposite for me.
When I started varsity 2 months back, i thought there was no such thing as an IRL Lainon, but, I found at least half a dozen right in the first week in a whatsapp group of the literary club of all places. I think I'm finally gonna enjoy school/college!


never looked for lainons irl, never found any.
there's only a handful of people in my degree program, the likelihood of any of them being a lainon is ridiculously low.


I know 3 other lainons IRL. We all moved over to applechan (and subsequently here after kalyx soykaf the bed) from /g/ when /g/ became soykaf.


Yeah but I'm not keen on going public rn


Literature student in a CS-heavy school. Not even the hacking group is /cyb/, it's all wannabe Google-employees.
I'm here though.

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