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Kalyx ######

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How cyberpunk is Alice's current life?

Me: live in car, work manual labor, do tech stuff as hobby, live somewhere rural.

So I've got the poverty part down but thats about it, you guys?


File: 1564261360976.jpg (1.17 MB, 2576x1932, 20190403_183903.jpg)

> no job
> no internet at home
> various 2nd and 3rd hand devices in various states of disfunction I have to drag to library or mall to get online
> practically no friends in this area
> alcoholic

Mostly punk, little cyber.


> I am 3D printing AR parts as we speak
> I sleep with a gun under my pillow
> I social engineered my way into a job I am not even remotely qualified for
> I posting from my corebooted laptop running OpenBSD
> In my closet is a gigantic WiFi Antenna for Wifi cracking
> Take noots


"social engineering" literally the standard method of lying on your CV and being able to hold a conversation.

Otherwise noice.


Yeah but calling it "social engineering" makes it sound like something new and elite. Other "social engineering" tactics used to fall under "being nice to people".




>permanent depression, frequent conflicts with someone's ambitions and social intrigues
>everyday coming from work from bustling neon raving district to old dilapidating suburbs, grandmas smoking on the porch in robes
>abuse of alcohol
>high-end deck that is unused
>eating the mix of high cuisine and cheap soykafy junk food


>Tens of thousands of downloads queued with no end in sight.
>Managing multiple aliases and profiles with over a half of dozen active proxy connections.
>Electronic devices used for consumed drugs.
>Cash only irl, obfuscated payment methods online.
>No physical contact with irl friends.
>Only trusted transaction with society is work, since the money comes every week. Actively avoiding everything else.
Too bad living in a VR world won't be /cyb/ since you'll be tracked down to how tight your sphincter is.


My life is not cyberpunk at all, but I know some things about cyberpunk. I suppose this is as low as lowlife gets.

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