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Trying to look for lainshrines, specifically one which had a similar homepage aesthetic to Neocities, but had a warning to turn back. Clicking the link would take you to a spoopy page. But asides that, it had some good links, and the creator liked Yume nikki,so that's a plus. I can't remember the name of that site.


The word "lainshrine" has inspired me to make one. She is my personal deity of choice after all, might as well find a way to honor her.

 No.1573, maybe?


Ya, I'm pretty sure its, which is actually how I found this place. When in a proccess of trying to 'consume the truth' finding anything to understand the site better, I eventually found the Tuski website thorugh the authors twitter, then later found myself here after trying to find out how to get my soul back after the site shut down for the first time. Yeesh, why do I have to try prepare myself for every possiblity… dam open mind.

So yeah… also aparently the author of has posted here a few times, so theres that too…


Instead of a website why not print off pictures and make a little altar out of a table in the corner of your room? By "room" of course I mean storage container, 'cuz it's cyberpunk.

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