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Kalyx ######

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So I'm trying to arrange a Lain meet and have finally set a date and place…
I did the ground work back at the old lainchan as traffic is higher and Lain meet is gonna be a small thing at best of times: https://applechan/r/res/3841.html

But I do have 3 confirmed for a Bristol UK meet-up - now its locked in I want to also cover any that might be JP only lains…

So details are:
Weather Spoons pub near Bristol Temple meads train station. 2pm Sunday the 27th Aug…

The Knights Templar
1 The Square
Temple Quay


This gives us wifi (if you want to use weather spoons wifi) also cheap food and nice ale… its by the river so we can take our pints to the water front if we want to 420 it at any point :)

I'll be there about 15min early - you'll be able to recognize me by the pile of (mostly not working) IBM thinkpads I will have on my table (I might hang out on one of the tables just outside if its nice - otherwise look inside - Ill try and find an obvious table to sit at…. I'll also have a few printed copies of the latest Lainzine on my table (your all welcome to take one away - part of the thanks for turning up)… and remember I'll get each one of you a free pint too :D

Look forwards to meeting a few Lains!
See you there…

P.S. as this specific meet will be out of date soon (1 week) - make this a Lain meet up General!


How did this go? apple's down.


Any lains in Scandinavia?


I'm from Scandinavia.

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