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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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Terminal 00 may be traversed by way of probes. Current [probe] classification: 00. Penetrate the depths of our pain with that, dear traveler.

Do you guy want to help [ENJOY] ? It's attracted some attention in the Fauux thread, but there's a lot here and I think it deserves it's own discussion.


He is so far as I can tell, this site is in no small part to connect to the owner's book (

While I would feign to say that preculdes it from having interesting easter eggs and messages as the fauxx site, it seems to server a highly different purpose. Its interesting, I must say–had a bit of fun digging through it a while ago–but its pure and simple a different niche. Fauxx is an alter, this is a homepage.

Nevertheless it seems probable that Nicneven is a part of this region of the Internet, he probably looked at fauxx and had partial inspiration from it, and his twitter suggests he's a fan of Lain and Yume Nikki.


What do you make of this ?
It is accessed by blog -> Archive -> Message. The post it is linked from gives some information:
A  mysterious  message  has  recently  reverberated 

throughout  the  Terminals.

Sender  /  Creator  is  [UNKNOWN]

Possibility  it  created  itself  is  0.0004% 

(Investigations  will  be  done,  and  dead  ARMs  are  now  being 
retrieved  to  pinpoint  the  message's  origin. Contents  were 
mostly  Class  D-^k{(Q)},  with  several  lines  of  outdated 
[Redacted]  as  well. A  pattern  was  found  repeating  within  the 
HEAD  of  the  message.  5,111,730  passes  were  required  to 
translate  it  into  RAW  data.)
Uploading  file  here:  [Message] 


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hello there, do you need help with this?
If your still doing it…


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