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Kalyx ######

File: 1561329174308.png (573.23 KB, 651x488, pileofstickers3.png)


What stickers do Alice have on their laptop/desktop? What do they mean to you?


I don't have any. I wanted some with Nazrin on them but the shop told me they can't do Touhou.


None also, there's actually something that always bothered me about the idea of my computer being sticky with sticker glue if I ever wanted to take them off.


File: 1561506767862.jpg (19.87 KB, 1000x1000, s-l1000.jpg)

Just this one.

No one is safe. ;)


I used to feel that way about my guitar. And what if I needed to sell it one day? Then I decided to put stickers on it for exactly that reason, to reduce the temptation.





I'm not very flamboyant or otherwise "obvious" in my preferences. So a discreet little laptop lid sticker that's not nearly as well-known as other pride symbols is how I signal.


Ronsonol lighter fluid will remove any residual adhesive from a sticker. Will not work on a guitar though, as it could damage the varnish


I have some weed stickers, grinch stickers, and a cute cat on my tower. I wanna get some stickers for my thinkpads tho

My desktop isn't what's interesting though. My door is covered in a variety of philosophical, technical and related terms, and political slogans. I would post pics but it's all hand written.


I have no stickers. I don't like displaying stuff I like to other people.

Besides, I don't really care about what the computer I'm currently using looks like, as long as I can work with it.


I used to be like that too. then one day I woke up and I was putting some stickers on. With that once clean surface marred, my inhibitions nolonger carried any weight with my conscious and more stickers found their way to be stuck.

Mine are all pretty generic. an old lainchan, fsf, serial number stuff. its fun. One day I'll get a new laptop and wonder whether I'll hold out.


Depends on what the interest is. If you see someone with a Johnny Cash or Slayer sticker and even though that's your favourite artist, it's not mentionable because lots of people have that interest. If I saw someone with a Lain sticker or t-shirt that's something a lot more specific. It could be a starting point for a conversation, and a conversation could lead to something more.

> I woke up and I was putting some stickers on
So I know what you meant there but that sounds like you have a sleepwalking problem d:

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