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Kalyx ######

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Happy Birthday Dick, prepare your anus.


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People always say being a weeb is bad because it's disrespectful to Japanese culture, but Japanese people are constantly making a mockery of other cultures without giving two fucks. What's up with that? Double standards everywhere. Maybe notions of cultural respect are just a bunch of bullsoykaf propagated in the west that they think everyone cares and should care about, but only exists in their closed off bubble version of reality.


No, being a weeb is bad because it's annoying as hell to listen to grown men ramble on about anime constantly.


That's only one thing i've heard from people. I'm not trying to justify annoying behavior, i'm just pointing out a double standard.


Weebs aren't "making a mockery" of anything, they are trying to worship something they don't understand. I can't think of an example of a Japanese person saying weebs are offensive, it's usually white people sick of listening to other white people, not because it's offensive either.

When it comes up in Japanese movies or something, their attitude seems to be to just make fun of the concept. Watch the series Planetes for example and the episode where unemployed workers on the moon spend their days playing ninja in the 1/6 gravity while knowing nothing about Japanese culture or history. The writers of that series don't seem "offended" so much as amused, and wanting to share the joke.


File: 1554870895409.jpg (210.01 KB, 850x885, 7CEACE00-B3A6-431A-A8D3-C2….jpg)

>not because it's offensive either
Maybe you haven't seen it before, but in my experience, usually when white people discuss the concept of a weeb, offesivness comes up.
>their attitude seems to be to just make fun of the concept
That's supports my argument that it's all in westerners' head.

What I find even more interesting is the disconnect between some American born Asians and native ones. They're embued with western mindsets while still having false pretenses about their identity. They're the ones who get offended when they see white people in a kimono making a peace sign or something. People in the states lack the concept of cultural saturation. They think blood alone makes you one thing or another without understanding the us vs them mentality many foreigners have. Living your whole life among your own and absorbing that culture is all part of their larger sense of "identity". To be considered Japanese, you have to have the blood, nationality, language and culture. Otherwise, they don't consider you be one of them. Same goes for Italians to some extent. Despite that, you still see people getting mad or trying to act as "representatives" without understanding this. Meanwhile, there's Japanese people dressing up as Nazis for fun and not giving a soykaf.


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low iq , cringe, and bluepilled

high iq, based, and redpilled




Yep, looks like they found us. Alice it's been swell, but the swelling's gone done.



This is such a cute picture does anyone know what it is from?

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