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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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Dear Ali-Sue

Did you ever quit a linux distribution over some small, tiny detail of bad engineering, lack of human attention or a weird little bug? I'm not thinking about big, general stuff like bloat or systemd, but just tiny stuff you didn't have the patience to deal with and just ragequit instead. I'm sure there has been some hilarious ones, and perhaps someone else knows a fix!

I know some of you use Debian, and every time I get autumn Touhou feels I give it yet another try (in honor of I fetch an installer, dd it on a pendrive (they don't do easy uefi boot), and see what's new (the irony is thick). Yet every fucking time while I'm searching in firefox for some keyword in some article to fix/customize something, or when I press backspace for too long in a terminal, I hear it: a loud fucking beep. These are the only times when I am reminded that my laptop, in fact, has a buzzer. I absolutely hate it, and every OS I had ever tried had this piece of soykaf disabled, used the DE's sound, a flash, or did nothing instead. But Debian just has to keep these little landmines of annoying sound behind every auto-complete, and in every text field. Fuck Debian.


There is a certain stench in this thread .
Are they paying you anything at all ?


Yes, I am on IBM payroll trying to shill Fedora Silverblue and maybe get you to join the Red Hat Developer Program™ so you can use Red Hat products for free while they datamine you. Please do.

You dumb fuarrk.



He's right though, using the computer's bell instead of a virtual bell is pants-on-head retarded. It's a virtual terminal for god's sake, why does it try to use the real bell?

I used to be a major Arch ricer, then I found out that arch symlinks /bin/python with python 3.x, this isn't a big problem, it's usually what I want, except when I need to use python 2.x for a really old build script or something. It turns out Arch provides a handy `python2` symlink great! except _litterally_ no other distribution does this. Not Debian, not Fedora, noone. I pushed a commit using `#!/usr/bin/python2` and got yelled at by a bunch of users :(

Now I'm on Alpine. Using the musl libc is really nice: if it works on alpine, it works everywhere.


Oh yeah, Arch. This was a good while ago, but the first time I tried Arch was before I owned a smartphone, so I had no real way to look at their wiki other than from the system I was in the process of installing.

Things went okay for a while, until it was time to install some packages. To do that, I needed wifi, which meant I had to figure out how wpa supplicant works. The manual page wasn't really helpful, so I started looking around for some kind of howto on the installer. There were none, though there was a mention of the arch wiki - which obviously implied getting online and installing some command line browser first. This problem didn't really have a proper resolution, and so I had to abandon that install for a while. At this point I didn't feel like it was worth it either, as this was clearly a case of stupid elitism on their part.


assuming you have proper wifi drivers installed, wifi-menu can always be used to connect to wifi on arch.

This is in the install guide. If you didn't read the manual you are the dunce here.


This was before wifi-menu
>a good while ago
Seems like you didn't read my post, dunce.


Installing Arch over wifi seems like a mistake in the first place

though, the only two systems with wifi I've used had soykaf broadcom adapters from 2007-2009, so no matter the distro it would have been a bitch to get functional wifi drivers during the installation stage

how hard is it to just use ethernet for an hour?


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>linux distrbution
It might be shocking for you but Linux is just a kernel, and despite being the most important component of an operating system it is plain useless on its own; To get it in the context of a functional operating system, it needs to be used alongside an userspace, usually GNU, which is comprised of shell utilities and libraries and other programs necessary for the system to work. The combination between the two results in a complete operating system called GNU/Linux which is what you're referring to here. Please call it GNU/Linux to avoid confusion and to distinguish it from the kernel alone and to give GNU credit.



shut up


hilarious pasta


It's not pasta when I made it and posted it only once on 8ch


It's more of a principle issue. When you don't have a bunch of spare computers, install media or ethernet access around (this exists), fucking up an install means you'll have to go and find someone to help you out. It also didn't seem hard for distros to make an installer that allows you to support yourself even if all you have is a single flash drive, your laptop, and someone else's wifi. Distros that didn't care about this often felt lazy or incompetent, but arch was pretty much hostile. Might take a look at what they did in the last 6 or so years sometime later.

Funny meme. GNU is the least important part of any operating system, ever. Licenses are for people with delusions like lawyers and stallman. Yikies. Thanks for the free bite.


Try it in a lab first, to see if it's what you want, but
rmmod pcspkr
will get rid of any audio bells.


GNU was the first and has the biggest contributions - glibc, grub, gcc etc. which are vital. And without the philosophy you would have no fully-free OS, but lots of impostors who switch to Ubuntu and friends and get served the same proprietary crapware they did on Windows, incapable to realise why they switched in the first place.


I think the contribution of GNU is commonly misunderstood because people don't even compile their own soykaf anymore. When they hear GNU, they think userland applications.


>glibc, grub, gcc etc
These probably mattered in 1997, not today tho. Wake up.


They are still important, although Google, Microsoft, Apple etc. all work very hard to replace them with their spyware-able garbage.

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