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How does Lainchan feel about Tron? Either the original, or Legacy.


Ah, well, arisuchan. Apologies, I'm new.


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Tron is one of my favourites. When my dad died I did a big marathon of 80s movies that he either took us to see or brought home on rental. This was one of the important ones to remember.

I compare it a lot to The Wizard of Oz. Both films wanted to showcase a technology that was still in its infancy (Technicolor, CGI), both are "portal fantasy" and both feature the same actors in double roles; one in the mundane world and one in the other marvelous realm.

Didn't see Legacy for some reason but there were a ton of video games. Discs of Tron had an ingenious design. You were actually playing via a reflection in a pane of glass at 45º while the real monitor was below, the readout backwards. The reflection was cast before a background cyberscape, giving it a 3D vibe I never saw in any other coinop game.


There was a game called Tron 2.0 released in the early 2000's ( It's got an interesting storyline, and a very clever weapon and upgrade combat system. Best of all, the disc combat is intuitive, effective, and fun ( For a licensed game made decades after the movie it's based on, it's surprisingly good.

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