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Hey Alice, I'm going to Germany at the end of this month, planning to stop in France and the Netherlands as well. What cyber stuff can i find there durring that time? Any interesting places to visit?


>>1771 (OP)
Too bad that until now this is the only reply. In terms of Germany, I can only talk about Berlin. If you want to experience a gritty, multicultural, neonlight clusterfuck just give Kottbusser Tor at night and Hermannplatz at an early evening a shot while you watch your pockets. Nice mix of western oriential people, hipsters and slav bums. If you like quite walks in the early evening or night, cross the Monumentenbrücke (Monumentenstraße) and go through the Park am Gleisdreieck while heading towards the Potsdamer Platz, where you can also find the Sony Center. If you're into clubbing, check out Grießmühle and aboutblank. Take care that you have the event's name and the lineup somewhat in mind when you plan to attend an event. The door personnel might ask questions regarding that. Also, be prepared that the bouncers might reject you and that, if they allow you to enter, the admission might cost €15. Also check out the train station Görlitzer Park. Also check out Koepi 137 if you're into squat venues. The admission is significantly lower at such places. Sorry for not bringing up anything specific 'cyberpunk' but that's what came to my mind.


Germany has loads of hacker spaces, look into the chaos computer club


Germany has a lot to offer, I love Berlin but if you have the chance and the time, try to discover the countryside a bit. There are great places to hike and a lot of museums. If you're more interested into urban Germany, you should visit Hamburg and Munich too, especially Munich if you like a good Biergarten


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How's OP trip going? Have you made any cool experiences, yet?

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