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Kalyx ######

File: 1565149470771.png (105.06 KB, 600x993, Altchan Convention.png)


Pic says it all. Take care.


what if 8chan comes back in a couple days? I feel like we may be panicking over nothing. We don't know what will happen yet.


i doubt anyone will remember your post till 8th of october



I don't want any website to replace these cesspools of idiocy and murderer's breeding. Blind yourself and go play on your nearest highway, you'll do everyone a favor


rude and cringe


rude and cringe
not nice


File: 1565184649253.jpg (9.53 KB, 342x337, 1559700179436.jpg)

You mean… just like Long Dong??


Imagine thinking that hatechan was relevant for anything other than promoting retarded crime


>no other can take their place



>not giving shooters, pedos, racists, nazis, etc a platform is """"""""censorship""""""""

my god, they absolutely love to make hyper-objective spins on things to turn "racist pedo forum got taken down" into "free speech is being censored!!!!!!!!"


File: 1565202728972.gif (144.86 KB, 362x74, 1518714197887.gif)

> Being this concerned.
Even if there was decent intentions behind 8chan the actual site had gone to soykaf long ago, and was inherently flawed because of it was a centralized platform. There is many new technologies out there that can, are, and will be used to for freedom of speech supporting communities, and allow for greater privacy and security for the users.

And yes organixing to establish such communitys Is exactly what your doing, and that's great.

But this issue just isn't any where as dire as you make it out to be, 8chan shutting down was a good thing, it's an opportunity for new better sites to take its place.


The real problem isn't that these abohorent ideas are censored it's that, whoever's does the censoring nearly always abuses the power and let's there own biases affect there moderation, whether consciously or not. and its positions that allow for such censorship that often attract exactly the power hungry control freaks that shoudent have them.

Also the further you get away from true free speech the more difficult the argument for free speech becomes because of the divergence in what should and what shouldn't be allowed as free speech.

There is many powerful people who'd love to censor many of the topics related to this community, cyberpunk, cryptoanarchy, hacking.

They dont because right now they have bigger fish to fry. And there whole strategy is based around censororing different communities one by one.

I have things that I think shouldn't be allowed under free speech too, but when it comes to what is acceptable to censor I think there needs to be an extreme amount of caution.


File: 1565204433797.jpeg (797.68 KB, 3200x1800, vo vota no pt.jpeg)

>posting this soykaf on a cyberpunk themed forum


No the real problem here is that all these people talking about "free speech" and cencorship are missing the entire point.

8chan wasn't taken down because of censorship. It was taken down because it was a platform for neo-nazis and pedos, and Cloudflare couldn't have that on their servers. Why?
Because it's BAD for BUSINESS.

But, oh, if you start bringing up the first amendment, suddenly people start taking things seriously. Suddenly y'all have something to fight for. Forget the fact that this is a FREE service that they were using to share these ideas.

Try to look at it from Cloudflares perspective: if their servers are known for hosting white supremacist ideals, rape-lists, and other awful soykaf, they wont sell ad-space. They won't make money. That's what this is about: money. Not free speech.
You could easily write this off as a marketing move, a publicity stunt, what ever you want.

Remember, the users of 8chan were the product, no the customer. They never were the customer. They had no rights on 8chan.


well yeah, but then all that's left is half-reddit platforms like this one. so it's all good imo


damn bud calm down


File: 1565213734636.png (141.57 KB, 292x300, 22d1dbf63071246b_feels-goo….png)

>whoever's does the censoring nearly always abuses the power and let's there own biases affect there moderation, whether consciously or not. and its positions that allow for such censorship that often attract exactly the power hungry control freaks that shoudnt have them
Oh fuck off.
First, PRIVATE ACTORS not listening to you is not censorship. Nobody has to put with your bullsoykaf or give you a platform for free.
Second, that burgertard freedumb dream is a joke. All power is already in the hands of the state in every society. That freedom that is given to you is always conditional, and always given for the common good. Act like a nuisance, get treated like a nuisance.
Third, these people whining about muh "censorship" are the same who are calling and rejoicing for the murder of people who don't think like them, so the hypocrisy is astounding, they should be glad "politically incorrect" solutions are finally starting to get applied (to them)

>more free stuff or else it's censorship!!!! listen to my propaganda and that one who didn't like it got shot, ebin XDDD Race War Now make Nuremberg great again

When you realize the "Red Menace" were the redneck Way of Life™ all along


>implying the average plebchan user's attention span lasts a whole month


> inherently flawed because of it was a centralized platform
what do you mean by this


It means it was vulnerable to what Cloudflare just did, but it's irrelevant anyway

Let's put it this way, if I'm not the one in control of everything, I'm just unable to define all the rules.

So my vision of making a place free for worthless sheeple manipulated into thinking going out with a "high score" is funny doesn't matter, I'm at the mercy of a lot of external things as soon as I grow big enough, like it happened to hatechan


> he still uses the open internet


if you want a platform for your community then fucking build one instead of crying in a cyberpunk site which users tend to be left-wing, holly soykaf.




>cyberpunk site which users tend to be left-wing
Speak for yourself.


Im just seeing this.
I use /po/. Please dont fucking do this to my board guys please.


8fugees not welcome, fuck off.


I'm not a leftist, I remember a couple of nonpolitical threads being derailed by anona crying that everything they don't like is reactionary and thus bad. I'm just talling fron my short experience lurking this site for some months.
It can been seen in this thread, their userbade is not liked here so they should fuck off and build a website instead of begging for it in a place where they are not liked.


based quads now if only i could get dudwheels off my home ib and to stop flooding it with fugging freddit

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