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Has anybody ever made a good discord for transhumanism, cyberpunk, ect? Every one I join is either dead or completely off topic crap.


> discord
> good
Sorry but that's impossible.


The problem isn't that these chats don't exist, it is that they don't exist on discord.


Fuck. If /cyb/ tier communities start to embrace surveilling proprietary services, we're fucked.


I think it’s true that discord is, at this point, pretty unsalvageable. I’ve been clinging to the awful service way too long, not wanting to change. Where do you actually recommend for valuable discussion?


Literally anywhere else. The main problem that kills discord, aside from obvious security issues is that only zoomers and children use it.

Try Riot/Matrix, try GNU Social, try Tox, try Telegram, try Signal groupchats, Ricochet, Retroshare, etc etc etc. I could list alternatives all night.


Which of those services have people worth talking to?


Would be cool if there were one


A cyberpunk themed chatroom. Gets chaotic at times, but among visitors and members there are people worth talking to.


That is really for you to decide, in my experience there arent any people who spend significant amounts of time in internet chatrooms that are worth talking to. Go outside.


This is actually really cool, thanks man.


stop right there and reconsider your life choices


So they're all just as bad as discord, got it.



There are different levels of bad, Discord is all normal people who suck. All those other choices are all weirdos who suck. The distinction is important to some people.


I'd say on IRC.

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