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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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my pc is infected, ad tabs open up every now and then, how can i clean them? i think i tried reinstalling firefox and deleting the original program that gave me this ad aids.


THE TIME has come.


File: 1515521291875.png (107.28 KB, 482x483, sweats.png)


Install gentoo


uninstall system.exe32::crypto and patch your own uclibc


wtf is arisu becoming, why has no one given a serious answer?

what OS are you running? I'm guessing it's windows since you have this issue. I recommend you format your computer. If you don't want to do that install since it most likely not your browser that is the issue but you have malware thats messing with firefox. It might be some extension being installed even when you reinstall firefox so maybe try another browser just to see if it keeps happening.

You should really format the computer though I wouldn't trust it with anything sensitive without formatting it and even then I'd still not trust it with anything too sensitive like cryptocurrency wallets or signing in to any email that doesn't have 2FA enabled.

best of luck to you arisu


Not OP, but thank you for being helpful. ^_^


I had a similar issue. Even after deleting recent installs, general foolery continued.

Keep searching or do a factory reset. You’ll lose everything, but it’s an immediate solution.


You didn't get on 4chan did you?
They're going through those issues currently.


Sure thing anon, I'm going to need you to install team viewer, then I will connect you to our secure microsoft windows certified server


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Guide to get rid of viruses:
1. Grab testicles
2. Install GNU/Linux
3. ???


File: 1516202766124.jpg (559.38 KB, 794x800, czar.jpg)

5. GNU/SystemD overwrites EFI partition and bricks the board completely


buy a computer that respects your freedoms


GRUB2 supports EFI. So no.


Alice I…


Just do a factory restore on your computer and that will cure everything on there like you just bought the computer

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