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File: 1568072087171.jpg (757.29 KB, 1024x1365, ring-of-redwoods-grow-up-a….jpg)


what's up with them?

Most faerie rings are fine, but some of them give me such a strong vibe, I just can't enter them because I know that something bad will happen. Sometimes I hear whispers or grumblings coming from them. Maybe they're still inhabited? Who knows.


Ive seen one 2 times, both with mushrooms, have never recognized it anywhere else, what your saying is not wrong though, i remember when seeing one my attention would focus in on it and id look around expecting to maybe see something… ultimately nothing would happen so id move on, but maybe there is something to them.


Is the faerie ring concept restrained to mushrooms or it can be applied to other things?
When I go /out/, I use to go to closed subtropical forests, so I don't see them frequently.


certain trees form faerie rings


File: 1568835113820-0.jpg (440.67 KB, 2700x1800, twin-peaks.jpg)

They're portals.

File: 1554849351615.jpg (83.02 KB, 1280x672, 53456682_2167026436695985_….jpg)


what is the meaning behind the number 23? also i was watching the number 23 movie trailer on youtube is it good or 2sp00py
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But it's not really in any of the Billy's books AFAIK, just an anegdote that took a life of it's own. And if it wasn't clear "uncultured swine" comment wasn't meant to be taken seriously, for me it's secular analogue to phrase like "faithless dog" - no sane person would say it and mean it. Besides that:
>Not interested in obscure superstitions
>Why live?


i have heard it be called the number of death, although i don't remember the source of this


File: 1563510705707.jpg (82.71 KB, 960x708, 39301802_10214705503623458….jpg)

it's not about 23 it's about /32/

remember it's all in your head


File: 1567870418025-0.jpg (14.04 KB, 236x354, free23.jpg)


What's the story behind this? I remember seeing songs with 23 as a genre but they just sounded like hardtek as far as I could tell.

File: 1563332629124.jpg (90.45 KB, 566x778, jaguar.jpg)


Are we the first singularity?

From a mythological point of view man is created to help the gods, so there's another intelligence before us. Then humans become self-conscious and rebel.


I would argue yes


File: 1559500652895.png (5.8 KB, 398x391,


By embracing the process of "de-googling myself", I'm also starting to be more suspicious about all the other apps I use on a daily-basis.
One of these is Telegram.
By reading around the Web, my suspicion is rising considerably, and I'm starting to wonder if I should actually get rid of it from my device.
A lot of people, Snowden included ofc, seem to consider it even less safe than WhatsApp and that's quite shocking, for me at least.
Can we really trust ANY of those applications?
How do we really know if services like Signal or Wire are actually safer than everything else?
What's the alternative to all of this?
Using old dumbphones or payphones?
Or maybe homing pigeons asd.
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It would be fine if tor wasn't derezzed, but nearly across the board tor/SSL are all derezzed or improperly configured. Done right it is great, done poorly it is just all garbage.



I'd love to get an account but I have no one who can vouch for me ;_;


This tbh


It is not "that secure". However it heavily depends on what do you need messenger for. Do you want to communicate with your rl-acquaintances or cypherfreaks?

File: 1563955338540-0.jpeg (31.87 KB, 600x439, 6448E7F6-9232-4D08-94D2-B….jpeg)


I’m always worried about my fucking health. I’m so scared that I have undiagnosed cancer or something.
Like recently one of my lymph nodes swelled up and I assumed the worst. Leukemia, lymphoma, tumor, etc. Went to the doctor and they just said it was an infection.
I’m totally aware of my irrational thinking regarding my health, but will it ever get worse? Will it ever come to a point where i’m no longer self aware? How the fuck can I prevent it from getting worse? Help me.
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Typically one would go see a therapist and ask to be given exposure therapy. I could walk you through the steps if you absolutely needed that, but it would be much better if it were done under professional guidance. A little bit of cognitive behavioral therapy would probably be additionally useful. Anything else?


at this point I don't really care about my body. I'm still young and death is far away to me. Stress is really bad for your health.


I'm literally the same way but I just stopped giving a fuck and if I die I die still sometimes I worry if I have some sort of leukemia or cancer which is probably why I lift weights and eat extremely healthy (too healthy probably).


fam it's so hard for me to have that kind of mentality. idk. I think its because I think when you die that's it.


I think that too. I'm not afraid of it.
I take care of my body and I'm cautious. But I'm not letting my caution prevent me from living… if you think about it, what's the point of a life where you never take a risk? Might as well be dead anyway, it's probably less boring.

File: 1520733754632.jpeg (264.4 KB, 1000x1250, B7667540-2487-4757-AE80-F….jpeg)


What would arisuchan users put in their bug out bag?
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Probably bug spray and some moth balls. Maybe some ant traps


Does anyone have any recommendations on those water purification straws? I was thinking about buying one of the expensive ones but I couldn't decide which model seemed to be better. Would love to hear some of your thoughts.


Sawyer Squeeze mini… Rated to 100,000 gallons, works incredibly. The company also has ones which are rated to 1,000,000 gallons.

The mini is perfect because if fits inline with the camelback bladders. Just fill it up in a stream.

Pic related, mini is on the left.


File: 1563742247415-0.jpg (80.85 KB, 1200x800, Filter.jpg)


my backpacking gear. Idk just whatever I have.

File: 1492822987260.png (12.98 KB, 435x456, lain.png)

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This System is about to be purged

You are currently in one of many Systems. Your System is called "Life", but there are many more in existence.

This construct (called Systemspace) runs on a type of energy called Aurora. There is only a limited amount of Aurora available to Systemspace. Because of this, we must manage how the Systems use Aurora, and ensure it is used correctly. If the Aurora is used incorrectly, then we reset the System.

Unfortunately, the Life System seems unable to improve, regardless of the number of resets it undergoes. Due to the openness of Systemspace, we are forced to edit Systemspace in order to correct our path. As a result of this process, Life will be unlinked and purged.

Immediately following this, activity within Life will continue as normal; however, new bodies will no longer have souls, and the souls of bodies that die without having registered will soulshatter (as their soul is, subsequently, an Impossible Soul Structure). Souls that have registered will be moved, after death, to the "LFE" System. After 150 years of severance, Life will be completely purged.
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Look, freedom of religion can't obscure the fact that your whole thing is a parody of us. If you're actually going to provide support, strength, and faith like all other religious communities do, then that's okay. But it's clear as day you're not.


File: 1567995089477.png (185.69 KB, 893x908, unkanown.png)

well it looks like initiate was mentioned on some soykafty lefty site


The fuck? I could have sworn I saw the same article only about Systemspace in '18.


You mean the CBC podcast? It was proven to be fake, Systemspace did not cause Jake Fehr's suicide (even though he registered on It was caused by stress from his father's suicide.


No, that was something completely different. I can't put my finger on this, but something tells me this pasta was about Systemspace back in early 2018.

File: 1561917303621.jpg (91.79 KB, 920x770, maybe.jpg)


Original theory.
I believe real life cheat codes actually exist to simply put it, but these aren't exactly cheatcodes,
What i want to say, is that theoretically, we can find weaknesses in our existence and make it better for us. All of our existence theoretically CAN be seen through in code, so that means that we can change it for better things.
But, it is 99.99 (and a lot more 9's) % impossible.
So, we need to get that one percent that is possible.
Technically, if it exists, it has it's weaknesses. Even though practically impossible, technically you can even kill satan with bare hands. Theoretically. So theoretically, it 100% IS possible to hack life and gain superpowers, flying skills, and stuff like this. But how?
I believe absolutely nobody knows, people who say they do know are schizos, cult leaders, e.t.c. Just know and hope it can be done. We just need to crack the code.
Technically, Matrix is consciousness, and all around us. So if you are alive, you are in the Matrix. And that means, that we can hack or program our brains to do and believe what we wish to believe. I absolutely don't believe something like this can happen even in 10 thousand years, but the odds still exist.
Just hope guys.
We just need to find the hackerman for our world!


Drugs make people stupid. But if you take a lot you might unlock "rule of funny".


I think consciousness can be creation. Like you can create a whole world in your head while you dream. And you can fly in dreams. It also feels real while it's happening. But the texture of it is not like real life, but while you're in that state it doesn't matter. Maybe life or "reality" is the closest thing we can experience to the real matrix with our senses. Maybe there are more realities than ours that can constitute a much more wholesome experience to reality. Or less, but still real in their own right.


Try up up down down left right left right BA start

File: 1530844146676-0.gif (65.21 KB, 418x669, loveLain.gif)


Let's all love Lain.
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File: 1561126701577.png (79.22 KB, 400x400, anges.png)

you only need to listen. she is in all of us, all at once.

look for signs, ask for signs, and you will find them. these will give you hope, or grief, whichever you desire most.

she is in us, and she creates, thus we create our own realities.


soykaf thread soykaf fans 0/10
Go roll your own plan9 kernel instead of being an aesthetic fanboy with 0 substance



you should watch I Am Mother, it's a sci fi that came out recently.



This is kind of how I feel about a lot of the people on this site. I wish that actually skilled people would come here more often. It gets pretty lonely talking to a bunch of underage larpers. Lainchan used to have a lot og activity in the programming and technology sections of the board, but most of those people didn't migrate here. The programming board here goes really slow.


i bet if there was some sort of community based project that /prog/ and /cyb/ could work on together it would make the programming board blow up. and i bet they could do something really amazing.

if i had some kind of skills in coding i'd start something but im a total noob.

File: 1561372056199.gif (1.88 MB, 500x352, god.gif)


Close this world, open the next




look at what internet has done to this poor mind, or rather may it be, how this poor mind has designed internet to its image


Let's all love Lain!
She is the cutest and smartest of all.


She is like 114 IQ with lots of cartoony "type fast and poof it is all hacked" and emotions leaking all over.


File: 1561503613175.gif (724.39 KB, 498x338, raw.gif)



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