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Kalyx ######

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What is your opinion of this genre? Do you listen to lofi music whilst working or studying?


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Like all lofi/wave/vibe/techno-whatever-the-fuck music, it's low-effort, derivative, rambling soykaf. If you like it as background noise, that's good for you, but outside of that it has no merit. Any glitterboy with enough time can stitch together samples, fuck around with synthesizers, and add their whiny, falsetto mumbling. Listen to some prog or something.


Probably the same thing as with every other popular genre - forefathers had a good idea/songs, then everyone copied it. Or tried to anyway. Most of this soykaf sounds boring, derivative or uninspired anyway, so for studying I stick with ambient like Stellardrone or Arctica.


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I'm just gonna repeat what the melon said "lo-fi hip hop is millenial's version of ambient music". By that definition alone, I'd say the "creativity" behind it doesn't really matter since its music meant to be played in the background to add "ambience" to something, and for that, lo-fi hip hop does its job well!
And as for if I listen to it: yeah, but I prefer lo-fi house!


>Listen to some prog or something.

Sorry, I'm not a virgin.



lol, thanks for reminding me of that.

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